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Something weird has happened. Maybe it isn’t weird. Maybe it’s normal. I don’t know. In any case, it used to be if you searched the internet for Pure Med Spa, Brite Smile, et al, my blog would come up and people could see the number of people harmed by this company. There are hundreds of comments on my posts from people who have been robbed or injured by them. Now you search these terms and my blog doesn’t show. In fact, it brings up all the current locations where these thieves are still operating. Want a burned face? How about some severe skin damage on your legs? Better yet, how about having a lot of your money stolen? If you do, head on down to your local Pure Med Spa/Brite Smile,GRF Medspa et al. Free pain and stealing awaits you!

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11 thoughts on “Pure Med Spa/Brite Smile

      IORCP, LLC
      8687 N. CENTRAL EXPY, SUITE 2220
      DALLAS, TX 75225

      *** Please report any new claims of theft to Ken Paxton, Texas Atty. General

  1. Replying to above post:

    Yes, reading this “RESUME” just makes people laugh! It is truly amazing to see the lengths people will go to clean their past. Well, it is clear that Louise Talbot has a reason to change her identity. Oh and does anyone know if any of these jobs are true?

    “Her most recent experience includes successfully growing operations of a medical aesthetics company from start up to over 50 locations throughout the United States and Canada.”

    Why don’t you put the names of your glorious past, Louise? Pure Med Spa, BrightSmile BriteSkin, Renew Beauty etc. Louise Proulx is a another Louise Talbot’s SCAM! Louise is now hiding behind a fake identity. At least you know how she looks like. Louise Talbot has changed her name to Louise Proulx.

    Everybody be warned!!

She uses her brother Jeff and Debbie Proulx to buy and register different stuff. She operates in Dallas and Seattle. Louise is trying to lease new properties in Toronto, silent partnering with Doctors.

    Louise Talbot is known for:

    -bankrupting and then renaming the companies to cover her “thief-tracks

    -stealing expensive equipment from the spas

    -laundering money to unknown locations

    -bouncing staff and vendor’s payroll

    -Customers don’t get their treatments as the equipment is either not working or she does not have it

    We urge and warn everyone who has been burned by this fraudulent person to stay away from her and her locations!


  2. Louise Talbot AKA Lou Proulx is up to her old tricks again in the Toronto Area but with new faces to hide behind. Louise Talbot AKA Lou Proulx recently legally changed her name from Louise Talbot to Lou Proulx. Why? In her warped sense of reality people wont know who she is!!!! Umm… WRONG!! Louise Talbot AKA Lou Proulx needs to be reminded that everything done in the dark comes to the light and we are trying to raise the public’s awareness of your newest scams because we genuinely care about our community as well as our rights as consumers.

    In the Toronto Market Place Louise Talbot AKA Lou Proulx is known as a scam artist, manipulator, renounced CROOK!! With this being said, she would not be able to hide behind an illegal structured LLC like she is able to in both Seattle and Dallas. People that have been victims of Louise Talbot’s AKA Lou Proulx’s ponzi scams would eat her alive and go for blood.

    So Louise Talbot AKA Lou Proulx has found a way to manipulate herself back into the Toronto Market Place in case Renew Beauty Tukwila or Renew Beauty Dallas go belly up she has a nest egg building in Toronto as her safety net.

    Louise Talbot AKA Lou Proulx is using decoys that she delegates “tasks” or AKA “scams” from across the border, as she is currently stuck in the United States because if she tries to re-gain entry back in to Toronto she will be IMMEDIATELY arrested by Canadian Custom Agents. She currently has two felony warrants for breaking into spas and stealing over a half of a million dollars worth of equipment in the Toronto Marketplace.

    Louise Talbot AKA Lou Proulx’s latest decoys are: Dr. Anwar Morgan and Leslie Street. Dr. Anwar Morgan is the Medical Director for Med Spa Toronto. He also has a pain management clinic called Skinology Med Spa Richmond Hill.

    Both The Med Spa Toronto and the pain management clinic Skinology Med Spa Richmond Hill are REALLY owned by Louise Talbot AKA Lou Proulx and are operated by Dr. Anwar Morgan and Leslie Street.

    Dr. Anwar Morgan and Leslie Street post pictures online claiming the spa is “theirs” when in actuality they rent a room to do injectables only. They claim it is there spa with pictures of the interior. In reality they are renting a room there and doing injectables ONLY.

    Dr. Anwar Morgan and Leslie Street recently have been featured on a variety of online deals in the Toronto Marketplace. Groupon as well as other Online Deals are taking a HUGE liability because there are NO ASSETS, long term lease, high over head expenses and NO INSURANCE!!! What does this mean?? That Louise Talbot AKA Lou Proulx, Dr. Anwar Morgan and Leslie Street can collect thousands of UP FRONT cash for services not rendered for up to as long as 6 months, pack a few belongings and disappear…. Clients will never get their treatments done.

    In fact… In fact, that’s exactly what they did in July. They closed for 3 weeks and Dr. Anwar Morgan and Leslie Street both went on vacation!! They need to be STOPPED and exposed before they have another trail of destruction left behind.

    It is our job to stand as a community and society to stop LOUISE TALBOT AKA LOU PROULX for once and put her behind bars or in a straight jacket where she can stare at white walls all day long and contemplate on all the people she has hurt, lives she has negatively impacted as well as monies she has stolen.

    Some of Louise Talbot’s AKA Lou Proulx’s finest past con artist characteristics are: equipment laundering, meaning the equipment has been sold and another re-bought so the serial numbers cant be traced bc the equipment is an asset owned from a different med spa that had filed for bankruptcy and the equipment is an asset of the bankruptcy trustee. she has stolen and embezzled from, tax evasion, tax fraud, embezzlement and money laundering.

    Louise Talbot AKA Lou Proulx is most famous for accruing large un-paid balances from vendors for products/goods she has already received, collecting as much up front money as she can from clients for unpaid services, not paying her employees rightful wages and expenses that they have rightfully worked for as well as: DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. STEALING AND PLOTTING AS MUCH MONEY AS SHE CAN OBTAIN FROM ALL SOURCES, SKIMP ON MONTHLY EXPENSES AND THEN BANKRUPT THE COMPANY!!!



    • I’m the owner of Skinology clinic and I have never met Louise (or whatever is her name) in my entire life.
      Skinology operates by extreamly professional people and we do take liability and responsibility for every single service we provide.
      If you need more info please do not hesitate to contact us at info@skinology.ca

    • These lies need to stop and the true culprits need to be reprimanded for these despicable acts. The owners of Pure Med Spa, Bright Smile, California Laser, Renew Beauty Med Spa, and New You Med Spa are the ones who need to answer to all the above. Hiding behind name changes and fake blogs like this to try and pass the blame on to their competitors is certainly not a solution. I am Co-owner of Skinology Med Spa in Richmond Hill. We are an independent practice completely separate from of the above listed spas and have no affiliation to Louise Talbot or Louise Proulx or to any of the above listed clinics or owners. We intend to keep it this way. We service all our clients whole-heartedly.

      • Excuse me, but my blog isn’t fake, and these criminals are not hiding behind anything I’VE written. Perhaps you should read past the end of your nose and see that just because one commentator may have listed the name for your company doesn’t mean I have anything to do with it. I also state that I will post all comments that aren’t abusive, which means all readers have to read in an educated manner and not simply take something at face value just because it’s on the internet. Above all, I encourage those using med spas to do their homework and never pay for anything in advance. If you have a problem with this approach, maybe customers should avoid your facility. Sincerely, Lara Gardner, a real person who writes for a REAL blog.

  3. *****BREAKING NEWS JUST IN********

    Louise Talbot, Lou Proulx AND now Louise Proulx has signed up for “Google Alerts” so EVERY time she is written about on the InterNet she is alerted. She is that desperate to try to change her identity so that people DO NOT know what kind of person she is or shed light on the trail of destruction she has left behind.

    What’s even more comical is: Louise Talbot was Lou Proulx YESTERDAY and TODAY she is Louise Proulx. I wonder what she will be tomorrow. Click the links below to see:


    Even more mind boggling and entertaining is that she has set up Fake Smoke Screen accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Canadian Profiles and YouTube. These obviously have none of her AMAZING accomplishments (total sarcasm) on them and each one has different profiles. You’re probably wondering why this benefits Louise Talbot, Lou Proulx or Louise Proulx. It’s simple: It allows the “fake people” with the same name as she has chosen it to be for the day to rank before the NEGATIVE websites, Blogs, Posts, Reviews etc etc. BUT: The names on these profiles change when Louise Talbot, Lou Proulx or Louise Proulx changes HER name trying to run from our posts!!!

    This is the main profile she wants everyone to know and to view bc it hers, all made up LIES, and basically a very curtailed bio of herself. Notice there is NO WHERE to comment, professionally rate or even a button to share the link. Hmmm!


    To find out what kind of person or affiliations she has click any one of these hundreds of thousands that are on the InterNet about her different medi spas.





    What is so SCARY is that she is getting more and more brilliant. She is now having PEOPLE placed as her pawns running Med Spas in the local Toronto Area that she directs as to what manipulation moves they will do to scheme and conjure up next.

    Louise Talbot, Lou Proulx and Louise Proulx’s NEWEST additions to the Family are: Dr. Anwar Morgan and Leslie Street. We also look forward to tying the three of you together. To read full details about the three click on:


    If you are truly looking to read the most amazing things that ONE person can do to so many people, imagine what THREE people can do under the coaxing of criminal master mind Louise Talbot, Lou Proulx and Louise Proulx .

    We HAVE TO STOP HER!!!!!

    We want ALL consumers and prospective consumers to be AWARE of your latest ponsy schemes and to protect more people from getting hurt.

  4. To any Landlords that would want to lease their property to LOUISE TALBOT( Proulx) or Natasha and Carolyna Rayo from Skinful Med Spa, DONT!!! They are thieves and good ones at that! Do a background checks on them. You will see for yourself!

    • Melinda, you’re very poorly informed.
      Natasha and Carolyna from Skinful have NOTHING to do with a Louise Talbot. The business is owned by Carolyna, its soley hers. I would stop spreading lies — They are honest people, and you need to move on with your life.

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