Good Riddance, Pure Med Spa

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Last summer, I stopped into a local spa to inquire about Botox treatments.  After being told the price, I asked to schedule an appointment.  I was informed that I would need to provide a $50 deposit to hold the appointment, and that if I did not cancel within twenty-four hours of the appointment, I would forfeit the deposit.  Seeing no problem with this policy, I scheduled an appointment for the following week.  The company was Pure Med Spa, also known as GRF Medspa.

That afternoon, I decided I no longer wanted the appointment.  I called to cancel the appointment and to request a refund of my deposit.  I was informed that Pure Med Spa does not provide refunds.  I asked to speak with the manager who was not available.  I left a message and waited angrily for her to contact me.

In the meantime, I did a little statutory research and discovered that my state has an act to protect consumers from shady spa practices.  Among other things, the act allows for full refunds of any procedures if they are cancelled within 72 hours of making an appointment.  To comply with the statute, it is necessary to send a letter stating the intent to cancel and requesting a full refund.  I immediately wrote such a letter and sent it to Pure Med Spa.

That afternoon I spoke with the manager.  After haggling for twenty minutes, I informed her that I had written her company in compliance with the statute and that if I did not receive a refund, I would be filing suit in small claims court.  I also told her I was a writer and would write about my experience on my blog.  I did not think Pure Med Spa would like the negative publicity.

The manager said she would try to get me a refund.  After another wait, she called me back to tell me the fifty dollars would be refunded to my debit card.  I thanked her and hung up.  I did not stop payment on my debit card because I thought the matter would be handled and the cost to stop payment would have been twenty-five dollars.  It seemed a steep price to pay.

Twenty-five dollars would have been better than the nothing I have ever received from Pure Med Spa.  I honestly believe the manager in the store thought her company would refund the money.  Every time I spoke to her she was even more apologetic and her apologies were genuine.

The timing of this situation was not great for me.  I left to move to Hawaii a month afterwards.  I was tracking to see if the refund arrived, and would call to speak to the manager, but because I was not in Portland where the spa was located, I could not go in and work something out in person.

In September, frustrated by the entire situation, I wrote a blog post about my experience.  I stated my intent to sue in small claims court.  I received a lot of responses from other people who had much worse situations than mine.

Through my blog I am able to track the searches people use to find my blog and to see which posts are read the most.  By far the posts on Pure Med Spa get the most attention.  Dozens of people read these posts every day.  I have gotten several comments from readers whose experiences were terrible.  One woman has a droopy face from improperly administered Botox.  Another was an employee who spoke of their terrible treatment of her and other employees.  A graduate student writing on Pure Med Spa contacted me to see if I would forward her information to people who contacted me.  The posts continue to get tons of attention.

I was planning on suing Pure Med Spa in small claims court when I returned to Portland next week.  Unfortunately, I heard the company filed for bankruptcy under the name GRF Medspa.  I looked up their case.  They filed chapter 11 in the district of Georgia.  Their case number is 08-85038-crm.  Their filing date was December 4, 2008.  Also unfortunately, they have not yet filed all the required paperwork.  It is not due until December 19, so I could not view the details of their case.  If they do not file the necessary paperwork within the alloted time, their case will be dismissed.

If you have a potential claim against Pure Med Spa, I urge you to contact the Bankruptcy Court and ask to be listed as a creditor.  When you are notified to file a claim, do so.  It is not difficult to file the claim paperwork.  In some districts it can even be done online.

Also contact the bankruptcy trustee assigned to the case and tell your story.  His name and address are:  Thomas Wayne Dworschak, Office of the U. S. Trustee, Room 362, 75 Spring Street, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303, (404) 331-4437 – ext. 145

Write clearly and concisely.  Be sure to him all the information related to your case including dates and the amounts you paid.  Maybe if enough people provide this information, the trustee will pursue a class action claim against these crooks.  In this way perhaps the trustee can collect more to distribute to all their creditors.

Pure Med Spa should be put out of business.  Its CEO and any other associated with ripping people off should go to jail.  I am going to be here writing anything I can to work towards that end.  If you have a story you would like me to post for you, I would be happy to.  A company like Pure Med Spa does not need to be in business.  Let’s do what we can to get rid of them.


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  1. I paid PURE MED SPA $3,050 for chemical peels/microdermabrasion and Velashape. I pre-paid them, booked all my appointments and they called me the day before my appointment to tell me that they were closing and would not be re-opening.

    I called numerous numbers demanding for a refund since I paid them hadn’t received any treatments. I was told by a Lori Karris to send a fax that my packages were paid. (Lucky I demanded a receipt of invoice. They don’t issue invoices of proof of payment). I sent my proof of payment by fax and she called weeks later stating I had to wait 90 days for a refund.

    2 months after the call from her, I received a letter dated: January 5,2009

    Thank you for your patience while we have been reviewing your request for a refund. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate your request at this time.

    Pure Med Spa
    Customer Service

    I received NO EXPLANATION why it was okay for them to take my money, book my appointments, close their locations in my home area and not issue me my money back!? They’re messing with the wrong person. I’ll bring their whole company down! Gods Child Vs. Demons

    • Lara: My earlier post, when I feared PURE had gone out of business, was unfortunate. PURE has been a reliable, high-quality provider since they made various business adjustments.

      I’m sorry that the location close to your home was closed; that’s a big bummer. I actually live 45 min. north of PURE, but I like it so much I can always find other errands to run in San Jose when I have a PURE appointment.

      I hope you get your various issues worked out with them. It sounds like we both invest a lot in our vanity. 🙂

  2. Lara,
    Thanks a LOT for this post. In order to receive a low unit price on Botox, I bought $5,000 worth of the stuff (I’m an idiot) last year. I also have a couple thou more in a Perlane account. What can I say–desperation sets in when you’re 50 and you work in a 30-something world.

    PURE Santa Clara, CA has been “out” of Botox for a month or so now. At first, their line was that they were negotiating for a price with Allergan. Now there’s a new story: They’re negotiating with someone to buy the company. The new owner should be announced “soon.”

    Best wishes, and thanks again–

    • They are lying to you, Jeff and Louise are not paying any employees and finally getting the Karma they both deserve!

      Sorry it affected you financially but it’s just money, you at least still have your integrity, they have nothing. Just empy ugly souls!

  3. Hello all,

    Just like you Leslie, I prepaid for 100 units of botox on Dec 30th and booked an appointment for Jan 3rd at their Valley Fair Mall facility. They gave me the same excuses they gave you.
    I asked for a refund, after all, is not like I change my mind, but they cancelled my appointment 1 month ago promising to resched within a couple of days.
    It’s very frustrating not being able to do anything.

  4. I have been SOOOO upset with this joke of a company for so many years and feel the need to finally tell my story with the hopes that someone out there can help me and everyone else they have hurt and ripped off. I decided to start going to Pure Med Spa in Chicago over 5 years ago. I was in my early 20’s at the time and decided to see if they would be able to help me with my minor sun damage on my face. I have always been told that I have lovely skin, but after years of living in the Arizona and Florida sun, I noticed some sun spots. I went there and was quickly pushed into purchasing a large package of IPL laser treatments and green peels. As time went on they continually pushed me to do more and more treatments that were very harsh on my skin and they suggested Botox to a 23 who had no wrinkles whatsoever. After sometime, I realized I had spent close to $10,000 in treatments and started to notice that my skin was extremely worse than when I started. I visited my dermatologist after noticing these awful white spots all over my face. My Doctor informed me that the people that had been working on my skin at Pure had over-lazered and over worked my skin and that I should stop all treatments immediately to avoid even more future damage. I am now cursed with these awful white spots that will NEVER go away. I stopped going there several years ago. I called last July before my wedding to see how much money I still left in my account. The woman informed me that I had a little over $1,800 left. I informed her of my situation that my doctor informed me that I can no longer have anymore treatments on my skin. I first asked for a refund on my remaining balance since I couldn’t use them. She became very rude and told me that they have a no refunds policy. I said ok; well would it be possible to use the remaining money to purchase products within their store. Again getting more and more rude she started yelling at me and finally said, you purchased IPL’s and you have to use them on IPL’s period, if not you do not use them then you will just loose your money! I was appalled that I was being talked to in this way after being a customer for so long and spending thousands and thousands of dollars with them. I asked to speak to the manager and she informed me that she was the new manager. I asked to speak to her boss and she would not give me anyone’s name or number. I was so upset I ended up calling the other Pure at Old Orchard Mall. I was very nice and explained the situation and the woman told me that she would have to talk to her boss…which of course was the same woman that was so rude to me. I tried calling corporate numbers for months and months and finally realized that I didn’t have time to waste on this. But after reading all of these reviews, I felt it necessary to tell my story. If there is anyone out there that can help, please do. This place is getting away with murder and it needs to stop. Let’s all work together to give this place what is deserves and hopefully help some of us if not all of us our money back, since we know we can’t get our healthy skin back.

  5. Greetings,

    I would like to give you folks some perspective regarding Puremed and the future it faces. Firstly, to all those who lost money from shady business practices, I hope everything gets resolved in your favor and that things work out for you. Secondly, I hope that such an experience doesn’t happen again.

    Puremed spa filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for many of its locations in December of 2008. From what I understand, the problems this company has had can be traced directly to a greedy CEO that was stealing money from the company. To make matters worse, the CEO hired several incompetent people. The combination of incompetence and poor management have directly resulted in the deserved reputation and, unfortunately, the issues that you all have suffered from because of this company.

    Now, Puremed will no longer exist in its current format. Part of the company has already been sold off to Brite Smile, and as of February 9th, there will be one of two competitors that will be purchasing the remaining assets. This merger and aquisition will result in a different business perspective and attitude. There is indeed a very dedicated effort to stop all the bad and unethical business practices from going on in the future. I know this because I know a bunch of employees that work for Puremed.

    • I wish I could believe that this company had changed, but it has not. I have spent over $10000 with this company. I was electrically shocked SEVERAL times by their Velashape machine and permanently scarred by a Perlane injection. I had previously received Botox and REstylane injections with no adverse side effects. The manager of the Tukwila, WA location (Toni) acted if it wouldn’t be a problem to refund the money. I asked specifically if I would need to contact any one ‘higher up’ for a refund. She said that she would just need to put in a request. I finally spoke with the Northwest manager, Shay, who said that I probably would not receive a refund because they had a no refund policy, but she would put in a request. I said I had lost confidence and I wasn’t interested in having any one touch me again. I also questioned the company’s integrity and ethics (none) if they couldn’t be transparent about a no refund policy, especially if injury was involved. I asked if the only way to receive a refund was to sue, and she said if I felt that was the right thing to do. I’ve never sued before, I’ve never been a complainer, I hate confrontation, and I have high pain tolerance (so I know I was really hurt when the machine shocked me, and when I reacted to Perlane), but I’m ready to sue. I was going to contact the CEO, but I think that is a waste of time. If you would like to split attorney fees and join me, please contact Linda at (253)278-4733 or
      Let’s stop them.

      • DearLinda,
        I too was a victim at Pure med spa and had an extremely uncomfortable Vela shape service that has caused me to have blood clots on my legs now.The process I was told does not hurt and the pain was so intense that i returned i more time)since I had paid for 5 treatments) it was unbearable,and consiquiently I now have blood clots and awful scarred legs,
        If it’s not to late I would like to be involved in a class action law suit. This happened in 09 and I recently was told that this treatment caused my blood clots. I have scarred legs from this treatment and take 6 blood thinners a day and still have ulcers all over my lower legs,it’s painful and ugly.
        Thank you,

  6. We’ll I know for a fact that all of Pure Med Spa has been bought by BriteSmile. The CEO of BriteSmile is Jeff Nourse who was the former CEO of Pure Med Spa and bought it off Nuvo when they filed bankruptcy. They have had problems for many years and will continue to have problems… lack of money, no supplies and idiots running the company. Louise Talbot is the COO of the Company and a right b*%^h. Good luck to you all. No one should buy from this poor excuse of a company, whatever the name may now be.

  7. Tiffany…. I agree 100% with you that Louise Talbot is a right b*%^h. She fires people if they don’t look the part (ie attractive) The push all employees to SELL SELL SELL even when they know they cannot provide the services or products. Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbot did this at Pure and will now do it again under Brite Smile. No one should buy from these shaddy individuals. Do you homework and go to a reputable place. They are complete scam artists.

  8. Louise talbot is a coccaine addict along with her sidekick jeff nourse-How they are able to continue to do business is beyond me- I do not know anyone in the medspa industry that will touch these to two fools. They cannot help themselves when it comes to screwing over their employees, their customers, and their vendors- Britesmile is a desperate company-Nourse and louise work for free- nobody in their right mind would actually pay them- Britesmile took them on because it was either that, or just close their doors- with the “help” of louise and nourse not paying anyone, they have been able to keep the doors open- Pure medspa, which nourse and talbot personally raped, is losing $400k/ mo- now do the math- you take two loser companies, Britesmile and puremedspa, put them together and let two idiot scam artists run them, what do you get?

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  10. If anyone wants a refund call your credit card and fight it say they charged you for services that you never agreed on or you have not recied the service care credit and your regular credit card should reimburse you I have been working for these shady people for years

  11. We unfortunately work for pure med spa. Its executive management has recently changed. They threw a good guy out that was trying to turn the business around and brought the notorious Jeff Nourse and Louis Talbot back to get in bed with their uneithical CFO a guy by the name of Winters and counsel Ken Gary. These people are crooks and just trying to line their own pockets. Their ain is to sell at any price and forget about service. Just get the cash and run. Stay far away. By the way they haven’t paid anybody including employees for weeks.

  12. Check out this blog everyone:

    Pure was bought by BriteSmile… Jeff Nourse was the former CEO of Pure and now is the CEO of BriteSmile and Louise Talbot was the VP of Sales at Pure and is now the COO at BriteSmile. Same old story…. not paying employees, they are owed over a few weeks of pay, vendors not being payed, products not being ordered or delivered… and so on.

    I would advise everyone to stay away from these people!!!

  13. Lara,

    Thank you for your time covering this issue. I just found your blog and will call Mr. Dworschak on the way into the office tomorrow.

    If you have any updates please keep me posted. Sedona owes me nearly $2000. We have a baby on the way in five weeks and I’m sure I can find a good use for it.

    Thank you,

  14. These people should be in jail! They have pushy and unethical sales practices, lasers are old and shabby, they threaten employees that they will get fired if don’t reach goal for the month, cockroach in the treatment rooms and lack of supervision for the medical staff which is not safe for clients/patients.

    Pure Med Spa is now BriteSmile with the same unqualified/untrained sales consultants and is managed by the same CEO that drove the first company to bankruptcy. They just presell their treatments with a no refund policy and they don’t provide proper service. Please think twice before giving them your credit card number!!

  15. As a former Manager of Britesmile, I can honestly say all of the above is true. I was recently fired for reporting unethical practices and what a relief to no longer be working there. Louise Talbot has got the be the most psychotic b$@!* on the planet. The truth is not in her. Unbeliveable. Here’s an interesting fact…she is actually homeless and parks her car at the apartment complex of the call center manager. She also lives in a different hotel every couple of nights so that she cannot be traced. Eventually all crooks are caught. Louise I will be at your trial with bells on….you fu*&% crook.

    • Please contact me with information on the unethical practices of Pure Med Spa/Brite Smith/Jeff Nourse. I plan on suing, and I need information that they are using specific unethical strategies. Thanks. Linda

      • I was recently let go from Pure and they had no reason except one they couldn’t actually tell me. I would not lie to sell. All this company cares about is making themselves money. They don;t give a shit about the clients and whether they are providing good service. Pass the work along….they do not provide effective treatments…machines are old and broken down…staff is not trained…pay checks bounce and we are told we are not selling therefore we will not get paid…..STAY AWAY from this place. P.S. the ceo is screwing the regional manager and she is MARRIED.

  16. I worked for Pure and cannot believe anyone would invest in a company run by Nourse and Talbot, who both ran Pure into the ground! I experienced firsthand late payroll and frozen accounts with vendors (pretty much all of them). Where is the logic here?

    • Please send information on the ways that the company is unethical. Were you ever asked to lie regarding sales policy, or whether something was defective, or something went wrong in a treatment?

      I was shocked by a Velashape machine, and now that I don’t want to continue with any more sessions, they won’t refund. The Northwest manager stated that I first needed to file an incident report, and there was none. Plus, the manager didn’t say anything about it! She was in the front of the store when it happened, and helped change the head on the machine! The manager said that she was “overly honest”, yet she said she only needed to fill out a request for a refund. Now, the Northwest manager tells me that only SHE can do that. I didn’t misunderstand… the manager lied. The area manager said I might receive a refund on my Perlane purchase, but only because I had a reaction. I told her I wanted a refund on my Botox and my Chem Peel/microderm package for sessions not used. She said no. These people are nuts…why does anyone work for them?! How can they stand to be around themselves?

  17. I would like to tell a little story of my own, regarding Pure Med, Brite Skin, Thieves In Disguise… Whatever you would like to address the company by.

    I started getting laser hair removal in January 2009 on my back, shoulders, back and front neckline, chest and stomach(yes… very hairy, lol!)

    My first visit was decent. The tech did a thorough job and I went home happy. Well… 8 sessions later, each with it’s own unique flare of disgust to it.

    During my drawn-out, ineffective waste of money and time, the following events took place;

    My technician was in the process of a bad divorce and just entered her mid 40’s. I guess she felt the need to ask (verbatim) “If you could possibly point me in the right direction, I would be willing to… laser your lower region, free of cost”

    I’m not going to lie… I have a very hard time saying no when I really don’t want to do something and feel uncomfortable. She insists I remove my pants and underwear… well… while I’m stark naked with my genitalia in her hand, the receptionist, without knocking, just walks in the room. not that it matters, but i was told by the tech he’s into men.

    very uncomfortable environment.

    as i keep attending these treatments, the quality get’s worse and worse. Missing 30-40% of the areas that were supposed to be treated. And their “policy states” no touch up treatments within a 6 week time frame… makes no sense at all to me if they missed areas. That just results in more painful procedures/waste of time/money/ disappointment.

    In the lobby, The manager somehow knew I get a prescription to Valium for extreme anxiety… asked if she could purchase some. Of course i declined her offer and was appalled.

    I payed in cash each session. My account was down to $390 out of $2,500. Well one day before my next appointment I get a call from the NEW manager, stating I owe $1,390 and I would need to pay that to finish my treatments.

    So I thought to myself, the Tech witnessed my payments EVERY TIME. She also filled me in on the reason the last manager (who coincidentally received my last two payments of $500) got fired. Because she was a drug addict.

    It’s obvious she had taken my money since it’s pretty much not traceable, to purchase drugs I assume.

    The next day, i go in for my appointment and the new manager wants to have a meeting about the “sexual engagement” between my tech and I and my payments she can’t seem to track down.

    I think she was referring to my penis being lasered and not payed for.

    I told her I was uncomfortable and I was going to consult an attorney. She responded in a tone similar to someone from South Central, LA and told me I was “popping off at the mouth”

    … I left, they washed their hands of me and sent me to another location after refusing to give me any higher ups contact info.

    I relentlessly gave the new location in Clackamas town center in the portland area a chance. This time I had my girlfriend come in the room with me. the laser technician burnt my shoulder so bad in two, 1.6”x1” areas that I could barely wear a shirt for a week and had to drain the burn/infection ten times a day or so. Thank god i documented pictures.

    She was very apologetic and offered free treatments of other kinds. i declined.

    about 3 weeks ago they called me and said they weren’t going to be treating me anymore due to too many complications. whatever that means… so I threatened to get legal consult and she hung up on me.

    WHAT DO I DO??

  18. I have worked for Pure Med Spa and now Pure featuring BriteSmile for 3 years. I am the admin/ast.manager for one of the locations. I understand everybody is frustrated with things that have been going on. The refund issue has nothing to do with us, it is a cooporate policy, and we have to follow their rules. Also, Jeff Nourse and Louis Talbot are NOT bad people WHATSOEVER! They are working soooo sooo hard at what they do, and they can only do so much! Please leave them alone, they have nothing to do with your personal issues. I am happy to be employed with this company, and even when things are difficult, in the end we are all taken care of. I am sorry if you are upset by this post, but I stick up for people who take care of us.

    • Krisbritesmile,

      Are you on crack? Seriously. Not only are these people running a scam with Britesmile, Louise Talbot is running her own scam down in Dallas.

      She just closed down RenewBeauty in Austin due to failure to pay rent, leaving customers with no notice and no refund of unused services. But wait! There’s she is running the same scam with RenewBeauty in Dallas.

      I spoke with a former manager of Pure Med Spa and they acknowledge all the testimonials of people being scammed and lied to.

      Get your head out of the sand you moron!

      • This must be Talbot, Nourse, or one of there cronies posting this nonsense. PURE has a horrible reputation, and unfortunately it is also destroying Britesmile’s rep as well. Britesmile was a reputable company that was created and ran by good people. PURE is a shit show that Louise Talbot personally destroyed. She is possibly THE worst business executive I have ever dealt with. What a joke.

      • Krisbritesmile is on crack!!! I was an employee with Pure and know Talbott and Nourse well. They are crooks all across the country. If you asked Kris today I know she has not been paid for two pay periods at least! She is loyal to a company that doesn’t give a shit about her or their clients. I do commend you for living in a wonderful imaginative world. If all the employees really banded together and told the truth Louise and Jeff would go down. They are crooks and liars just ask all their vendors and clients.

    • Hi…I live in Vancouver BC Canada and had teeth whitening at Beauty Med (same company) at Coquitlam Centre BC. My teeth turned out beautiful..I was 57 yrs at the time. The store was always empty & I told the employee I was worried they wouldn’t be there long with not enough customers. She said she didn’t think they would make it by Xmas. January they were gone. Two years later I found a beauty salon in Port Moody BC…(we are all municipalities outside of Vancouver BC) where a chair was being rented for Beauty Med. I again had my teeth whitened and again was pleased with the outcome. I have spent 1/2 day today trying to find them. I even phoned our neighbour US state of Washington..Bellis Fair and the directory clerk told me they were gone but she gets people phoning her really mad because they are owed money and nobody knows where they are…I called South Centre in Seattle where it was stated on the internet Brite-Smile had a location. Same response from the Directory Clerk. The 1-800 numbers on their websites ring busy…mailbox full…no longer in the directory..I have just read all the bad news on this site, but it’s the best teeth cleaning work I’ve had done. Are they still in business in Vancouver Canada or Bellingham or Seattle Washington? I feel sorry for everybody who lost money..really sorry for them..all of you. I cannot afford to lose money so I feel bad for you…so are they still in business somewhere under another name? Do they have a dental chair rented out again in a beauty salon? Where are they and what is their name now if they are in business..
      Thank you..Donna

      • Donna,

        I had a similar experience in Canada and was able to get my money back, not through Pure Med Spa, but through my credit card company. I spoke to PMS employees (including Jeff Nourse who told me I would get my money back, and never gave it back) and was promised a check was being cut with no result. If you want you money back and report them here is what you can do:

        1. Go to your credit card right away and file a dispute. I got my money back within a month.

        2. Call Consumer Protections to file a complaint **this is very important because if they get enough complaints, the government will open an investigation and can shut them down.

        Ministry of Consumer Services
        Consumer Protection Branch
        5775 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
        Toronto ON M7A 2E5

        Phone:| 416-326-8800| 1-800-889-9768
        Fax:| 416-326-8665
        Tty:| 416-229-6086 | 1-877-666-6545

        3. Better business bureau – – open a complaint
        This will likely not help to get your money back but it is good to add to their bad history.

  19. I have worked and am ashamed to even know I sat next to the LOUISE…so called COO…YEAH right!!!! SHE SUCKS… Oh yeah and Jeff, so called CEO….can bite me. They expect you to work for free and the people blogging good things are either them sitting in their hotel room snorting more cocaine ALONE and truely wrong if they think that the employee’s are going to work harder and not get paid. We can’t sell services when don’t pay vendors and then the providers won’t do the services we just sold a client……snowball effect!!!!!! U stupid lame ass excuse of people..It’s funny to hear louise has no home but she obviously has money for hotels, drugs, and plane tickets….ect…. and people working for these sad ass losers are the very people that have allowed them to survive with a lavish life style while the hard working employees have scraped by and hurt their credit and lost their homes..ect or for the new dentists that are paying on school loans that they can’t pay them and that their credit is going down the drain because the company doesn’t pay the vendors and it is in the providers name. Oh yeah and the commission and goal crap is such a scam!!!!! They have some of the greatest people working for them but I know they will run and run fast!!! (I HOPE) I did and will help those I know and trust. I don’t feel sorry for L or J because they know what they are doing and can sleep at night thinking they are GODS but, they are alone cuz that’s what druggies do and who they are married to…I am glad to have a great family and friends and patients that I hope read this and learn the SECRET and they will always come out ahead…and far far away from this company..BRITESMILE/PURE…What is sad is that it’s such a great concept, if only>>>

    • I just read the following letter. I am so sorry. I did not mention all the employees that got hurt in their business..what I was trying to say was …yes it was a great concept for the teeth whitening…so I can’t say anything bad about it…there was pressure to make my appts or I would lose my money…but I paid the full amount in cash and made sure I was there for the 2nd on time..however..they had just started in BC and only opened 2 shops…so in BC we did not get the exposure of this company at all. When I mentioned their location..nobody knew it was there and when I shopped at the mall it was always empty..The lovely lady working there looked unhappy so maybe she was having trouble getting paid too…She looked leary and she was a Professional…probably had kids at home trying to make extra money…for that reason too it is so sad..I am so sorry again for everybody who worked for them that got scammed. Also cocaine addicts will steal from their own Mother..what a shame so many good people got stung by people who are supposed to be Professional and you put your trust into them..But sad..such a good product for teeth whitening and if the business was in the right hands…well we wouldn’t be down this road would we..Donna

    • Hello Kate,

      I spent about $2,700.00 with BriteSmile Tukwila, WA location. I only received 2 out of 7 laser treatments and the Velashape treatments, which yielded no results whatsoever, so they were going to provide me 2 more treatments at no additional charge.

      I’m not sure how much I’m out at this point, I would say at least $1,500.00.

      Please let me know if you are taking legal action against them.

      Thank you, DJP

  20. Please let me know if anybody is doing a class action lawsuit. I have a large credit which I wanted to use for injectibles. I was a customer at the Sherman Oaks, CA branch for a number of years.

    Thanks so much

  21. I just went to small claims court. Britesmile sent back the service. They said they were no longer at the address. I called, they picked up and walked by and they were in there. Can you imagine – they refused a service and lied and said “not at this address”.

    Further, I called Talbot on the two cell numbers she gave me — and they are disconnected.

    If there is a class action, please let me know. Also, Talbot one called me from 425.673.5304. Haven’t called yet.

    Last, their main company (and who I am going to try and send service to this time) is
    301 Yamato Rd
    Suite 31310
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    Phone 561.988.9046

  22. I paid $300 for a photo facial and the Santa Clara office closed with no notice. After calling around and reading online – I see there is a big mess.

    please fill me in on any new information

    beachmichelle at

  23. When I called, I learned that Mr. Dworshak is not handling the case. I was referred to the chapter 7 trustee and encouraged to seek the advice of a bankruptcy attorney. To the extent you wish to know more about the status of the case, you are welcome to contact the Chapter 7 trustee assigned to administer the case. The Chapter 7 Trustee is Ed Palmer. His contact information is:

    Edwin K. Palmer
    P.O. Box 1284
    Decatur, GA 30031
    (404) 479-4449

  24. It seems that Louise Talbot is practicing again here in Dallas at Northpark Mall. I had a terrible experience as well. Paid for microderm abrasion in full. The appt. was a few days before my bridal portraits and they left me a voicemail and cancelled on me about 3 hours before my appt. When I tried calling to get my money back, no repsonse. This went on for weeks. Finally I went in the store when Louise was there (which is only on Sundays) and she told me she would be happy to give me the refund, but didn’t know how to use the credit card machine. So, she took me cc# and told me she would do it later. Never happened. So, after calling and not getting responses again, I went in to the store again. By this time, I had done a little research on her and was very angry, made a bit of a scene and got my money back in cash. I was not taken for as much money as some of the above people were, but it still is not right and I don’t want it to happen to other people. How they are able to operate at this nice, high end mall is beyond me. I intend to complain at the mall.

    Jenna Staggs Wertz

  25. My wife spent about $5000.00 with BriteSmile Walnut Creek, CA location. She only received 2 out of 10 laser treatments and the which had no positive results. But since March 2010, this office has been canceling all her appointment until we found out that they closed down this location.

    Please let me know if any one else is in the same boat in California and what you have done so far.

    I filed a complaint with BBB and still doing some more research since never had to deal with any thing like this before.


    7777 GLADES ROAD, SUITE 400
    TELEPHONE: 561-477-7800


    7777 GLADES ROAD, SUITE 400
    TELEPHONE: 561-477-7800

  28. The company owes me over $3000 is back wages. It would be worth the lost money if I could see Louise scrubbing out smelly toilets in prison where she belongs.

  29. I am another Pure Med Spa Victim. I paid $3,225.00 for a Package “10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks.” I’m an Esthetician, and I should have known better. However, my brother had just committed Suicide and I think I was in a state of shock when I signed up for this package, because being in the Business, I would normally have never done something like this. However, I think because of my grief, I thought doing something like this would help me look better and maybe feel better. I ended up not even going to get the treatments for almost 2 years because I so in grief over the situation of my Brother.

    Last year, I contacted them and I started my treatments. I had 2, and when I went for my 3rd in April, “No More Pure Med Spa.”

    I am so pissed at myself for dropping that kind of money to begin with, and now to top it off, these people are gone, and it’s way past the time frame to do a dispute with my CC company.

    I’ve basically done what everyone else has done. Filed a Complaint with the DA, BBB, etc., however, until and unless they file for Bankruptcy, from my understanding there’s nothing that can be done.

    What I don’t understand is why (the location I was going to was in the Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, California), the Mall can’t at least enter the location to give people their files, so we have proof of what we paid for, how much, how many treatments we received and what is owed to us.

    I am glad I came across this Blog, because I will definitely be involved in anything to bring this Company to Action, i.e., maybe a Class Action Law Suit?

    Any Suggestions are welcome, and people can feel free to email me at

  30. I just quite renew med spa with my gf brittney. She hired us on spot for our looks. Louis Talbot is the worst kind of bitch a fake bitch. She didn’t train us… SHE OVERBOOKS PEOPLE and they are never in the system…. SHE FORCED me to do a brite smile treatment on a girl when i have not done teeth whitening in two years. IF YOU CALL TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK SHE WONT CREDIT YOUR MONEY BACK ON YOUR CARD. LOUIS TALBOT NEVER CLEANS THE SPA AND IS OPERATING ANCIENT MACHINES AND WILL FUCK UP YOUR SKIN. SHE TRAVELS ALL OVER UNTIL SHE GETS SHUT DOWN.


    Sincerely your former employee,


    • Megan,
      I got an IPL Photofacial at Renew last Thursday and my entire face is burned with grid marks. Louise keeps telling me it will be okay and even though it looks bad now, the results will be great in a few weeks. Have you seen this before? Renee did the treatment and it was, by her admission, very aggressive. I didn’t ask for this and cannot leave my house because my face looks like I have been in a fire! I have contacted a lawyer but need to know if this is commonly seen at this location.

      • Kelly you could call the news stations. If nothing can stop these two from running unsafe, unethical and fraudulent institutions…. at lease new stories can warn others from suffering like the rest of us.

  31. I have contacted the Lawfirm SHAPIRO, BLASI, WASSERMAN & GORA, P.A. CORPORATE CENTRE AT BOCA RATON, and I can never get through to the “right person.” The first time I called and left a message, no one returned my call. The second time I called, the Receptionist told me it was a certain individual handling the case so I left a voicemeail and did not receive a call back. A coule of days later, I called again and the receptionist told me it was a different individual who was taking care of the case, again I left a voicemail, and I have not received a return call.

  32. Louise Talbot is a ice hearted scum dog whore who will do anything for money. This is of course my personal opinion.
    Renew med spa , radiance medspa , pinnacle, pure, britesmile are just a few of her cons. She is a pathological liar, and will not hesitate to inject you with old pharmaceuticals, burn you with defective lasers, steal your money. This bitch needs to be stopped. I worked for her and am ashamed to say she threatened me and manipulated me into doing some of the most appalling things. This train wreck bitch is now in dallas at renew medspa, threatening the lives of innocent customers.
    It is only a matter of time before someone dies from an infection. I would not put it past her to re use a needle and inject you with axle grease if she could sell you the treatment for $20.00.
    This is, of course, all my opinion and based on my getting to know you Louise. Your whole energy reminds me of the thick disgusting grease destroying the southern coastline. You are the most grotesque person I have ever met .

  33. The following represents my opinion of what happened to britesmiles. It may not be true so just consider this a hypothesis that fits my observations while working for them. Jeff NOURSE and Louise TALBOT previously were executives of Pure Med Spa which was bankrupted through mis management and fraud. They were squeezed out by other parties. The 2 lonely execs took up roost with Britesmiles… another company near bankruptcy.
    They made an offer on PURE MED SPA when it was in bankruptcy and obtained control of the company again ( thanks to the diligent trustee) and set about converting them to britesmiles brand name. They had to pay the 25 million dollar sale price some how, probably on a payment plan using sales revenue. They then looked for investors but no one wants to deal with known scumbags so they hatched a plan. They picked the best locations and set about remodelling them using money obtained by selling services they never intended to deliver. General Growth properties evicted them so they had to relocate a few stores. Money got tighter due to the unplanned relocations and they had to stop paying employees and vendors but the kept dumping as much money as they could into the locations they wanted to keep and of course Renew Beauty Med Spa in Dallas Texas ( Louise Talbots personal store) was also paid for with sales revenue from Britesmiles or BSML, INC. These locations in Chicago Washington and Oregon were sold to Altima Dental Group of Toronto with Jeff and Louise as silent partners. The stores were renamed Pinnacle Med spas and continued to operate. They recently changed names again and are now called Ibody Medspas. Apparently Jeff NOURSE works for Ibody as a sales consultant.
    Britesmile was forced into bankruptcy by unpaid vendors who will recover nothing. Louise operates her salon and Jeff operates Ibody.
    All paid for with the sales made to customers at too good to be true prices. They knew they would never deliver the services when they were selling you these products in 2009.

    Here is my personal opinion of these two.

    They are train wrecks. Beware of JEFF NOURSE and LOUISE TALBOT. They are pathological liars and cheats. The worst kind of lowlife. who will take your money and burn, scar and maim you, with their low quality service.

  34. The Pure Med Spa on 1920 Yonge Street that offers $9.99/unit Botox, is an “offer” designed to lure you in, but neglects to tell you that you have to buy advance purchases of 100 units to get the discount. Of course if you have a face that warrants that much Botox (or like paying for stuff in advance with the looming possibility that the company may go out of business), it’s a great offer. As well, unlike other spas, you won’t see the results in less than 3 days. You will leave after a Botox treatment feeling like you just threw your money away. Having gone to this place twice now (because of the location), I won’t be back. The heavy handed schmoozing done by sales people like Louise are designed to test the limits of an insecure woman or man. Louise will attempt to complement you, then tell you that you have something on your face that is “fixable”. It can be very amusing to listen to, and it works for some people when they leave to come back with more money! As well, if you have gone to other clinic’s and know what you require in terms of Botox or injectable filler, the two different Nurses we’ve seen at Pure Med Spa (1920 Yonge Street) will tell you that you need up to three times the amount of stuff in your face without having taken any before or after pictures, or even asking you to smile! Ridiculous at best. Not everybody wants to walk around with a face like a mannequin. Just do yourself a favour and go to the McLean Clinic in Mississauga (do a Google search) no heavy-handed sales techniques, they take before-and after pictures, and genuinely care to keep your face looking human.

  35. If you are in Ontario and have gotten ripped off by this company there are a few ways you can get you money back.

    1. Go to your credit card right away and file a dispute. I got my money back within a month.

    2. Call Consumer Protections to file a complaint **this is very important because if they get enough complaints, the government will open an investigation and can shut them down.

    Ministry of Consumer Services
    Consumer Protection Branch
    5775 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
    Toronto ON M7A 2E5

    Phone:| 416-326-8800| 1-800-889-9768
    Fax:| 416-326-8665
    Tty:| 416-229-6086 | 1-877-666-6545

    3. Better business bureau – – open a complaint
    This will likely not help to get your money back but it is good to add to their bad history.

  36. Just came across this online from public health service. Way to go Pure Med!

    Pure Med Spa 4/6/10

    Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service
    Food and Drug Administration
    Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002


    April 6, 2010


    Mr. Jeff Nourse
    301 Yamato Road
    Boca Raton, FL 33431

    Dear Mr. Nourse:

    The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed your website, As explained below, your website contains false or misleading claims related to your LipoDissolve products, causing them to be misbranded in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), 21 U.S.C. §§ 352(a), 352(n), and 321(n), and FDA’s implementing regulations. See 21 CFR 202.1(e)(5)(i) and (e)(6)(i).

    Your LipoDissolve products are intended to cure, treat, mitigate, or prevent disease in humans or to affect the structure or function of the body. Statements on your websites that document these intended uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • “The medications used in the LipoDissolve causes [sic] lysis of the fat cell wall. This allows the fat that is being stored in the cell to be released, and is taken by the lymphatic system to the liver where it is metabolized and excreted in the urine.”

    • “The main ingredient is Phosphatidylcholine, which is actually what causes the fat cell to break down.”

    • “LipoDissolve can also aid in the treatment of various medical conditions in both men and women. This includes fat deposits on the face and body, cellulite, lipomas, help with skin retraction, and more.”

    Because these LipoDissolve products are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in humans, or to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals, they are drugs, as defined by section 201(g)(1) of the FDCA [21 U.S.C. § 321(g)(1)]. In addition, your firm’s injectable Lipodissolve products are prescription drugs, as defined in section 503(b)(1) of the FDCA [21 U.S.C. § 353(b)(1)], because the method of their use is not safe for use except under the supervision of a practitioner licensed by law to administer such drugs. Under sections 502(a) and 502(n) of the FDCA and FDA’s implementing regulations, a drug is misbranded if its labeling or advertising is false or misleading. Section 201(n) of the FDCA [21 U.S.C. § 321(n)] provides that, in determining whether a drug’s labeling or advertising “is misleading, there shall be taken into account . . . not only representations made or suggested . . . but also the extent to which the labeling or advertising . . . fails to reveal facts material in light of such representations . . . . ” Advertisements that contain a representation or suggestion that a drug is better, more effective, or safer than has been demonstrated by substantial evidence or substantial clinical experience are false or misleading.

    Pure Med Spa’s website contains unsubstantiated efficacy and safety claims concerning LipoDissolve products for the following reasons:

    1. Unsubstantiated Efficacy Claims

    Your website contains unsubstantiated efficacy claims concerning LipoDissolve products, including:

    • “Its [sic] not a question of whether Lipodissolve will work, but rather how many treatments it will take to attain a goal in reduction.”

    • “Generally, the average patient requires approximately 2-4 treatments with the goal of losing AT LEAST 1 inch of fat with each treatment.”

    • “The results from Lipodissolve will last permanently in the area treated.”

    FDA regards these claims as false or misleading. FDA is not aware of evidence that supports these claims.

    2. Unsubstantiated Safety Claims

    Your website contains unsubstantiated safety claims concerning LipoDissolve products, including:

    • “The main ingredient used to cause the fat cells to break down is not a synthetic medication, but rather a natural homeopathic ingredient, which has been used intravenously in Europe over 30 years to treat plaques in blood vessels with extensive research showing safety. In Lipodissolve, this same medication is just being used for a new purpose.”

    These claims imply that these products have been proven safe. Although intravenous phosphatidylcholine has been approved in some countries for the treatment of a variety of conditions, it has not been approved in the U.S. FDA is unaware of evidence to support the safety claims for your LipoDissolve products.

    As explained above, the claims made for your LipoDissolve products are false or misleading in that they are not supported by substantial evidence or substantial clinical experience. These claims cause your LipoDissolve products to be misbranded under the FDCA [21 U.S.C. §§ 352(a), 352(n), and 321(n)].


    The issues and violations cited in this letter are not intended to be an all-inclusive statement of violations that exist at your facility. You are responsible for investigating and determining the causes of the violations identified above and for preventing their recurrence or the occurrence of other violations. It is your responsibility to assure that your firm complies with all requirements of federal law and FDA regulations.

    You should take prompt action to correct the violations cited in this letter. Failure to promptly correct these violations may result in legal action without further notice, including, without limitation, seizure and injunction. Other federal agencies may take this Warning Letter into account when considering the award of contracts.

    Within fifteen working days of receipt of this letter, please notify this office in writing of the specific steps that you have taken to correct violations. Include an explanation of each step being taken to prevent the recurrence of violations, as well as copies of related documentation. If you cannot complete corrective action within fifteen working days, state the reason for the delay and the time within which you will complete the correction.

    Your written response should be addressed to:

    Sudha Shukla, PharmD
    Consumer Safety Officer
    FDA/CDER/Office of Compliance
    10903 New Hampshire Avenue, WO51-5238
    Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002


    /Michael M. Levy, Jr./
    Michael M. Levy, Jr., Esq.
    Division of New Drugs and Labeling Compliance
    Office of Compliance
    Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

    Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service
    Food and Drug Administration
    Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002

    ADDENDUM to Warning Letter

    To: Pure Med Spa

    Date: June 9, 2010

    Subject: Warning Letter from the Food and Drug Administration Regarding False or Misleading Claims Related to Your LipoDissolve Products

    The web link to, which contains false or misleading claims related to the firm’s LipoDissolve products, is still active and available on the Internet.

    Pure Med Spa has locations in the United States and Canada. The address for the firm’s corporate office is:

    Pure Med Spa
    395 Queen St. West
    Toronto, ON M5V 2A5


  37. Fraud Alert!! New Beauty Med Spa Tukwila has the same owners as the company that defrauded hundreds of consumers at the same locations. Westfield Southcenter is aware of this and show no concern for your welfare by allowing knowing frauds to operate in their mall. I believe they get a cut of the sales for many of the tenants

    Google Pure Med Spa and read up before you decide to part with your money. I got burnt during the Brite Smiles Incarnation, then there was Pinnacle Med Spas, Then Ibody Med Spas. I heard Shay Sim is running the Kucumber Skin Lounge in Seattle for Louise Talbot and probably Jeff Nourse

    • Are you positive New Beauty has the same owners? Where did you hear this? I interviewed at both these locations and felt uncomfortable with the Kucumber Skin Lounge but thought New Beauty was very nice. This is very bad news and I googled New Beauty and read good comments. I googled New Beauty Dallas and finally found this info.

  38. I am concerned that Groupon has become one of their main money raisers….I love Groupon, and hate to see it be used by such *business people*. Here is another interesting link, and some of the comments here seem to have be posted for discussion on the link…..TV coverage locally may help some of you! In the mean time, I have also suggested Groupon take a look at all this!

  39. Just read on another blog that this is the real parent company…just fyi

    Pure Med Spa’s parent company is:
    2012710 Ontario Inc.

    • I almost worked there..I’d accepted a position and called and said no after reading this log. How long did you work there?

  40. Both my mom and I paid our treatments in full and never reciceved them. I went to the location but they had shut down with no warning. I had spent over 2,800 and only recived 2 treatments when I had paid for 10. They had also talked me in to vela body shaper I had put a deposit down for that and never recived one treatment. I would really like to get on a class action law suit for this.

    • I would be interested, however, I’m having some things happening right now that could make it difficult for me. Also, there’s finding the Attorney, who’d be willing to work on a “contingency” basis, meaning if the Attorney doesn’t get any money, we’re charged a minimal fee.

  41. Renew beauty , california laser med spa are all the same when you google you get the same adreess for services becareful people shop smartly all owned by Mr Jeff Nourse a toxic vampire

  42. I would like to be part of class action law suit. I also was pushed to get Vela shape treatments and after 2 it was so excritating that I coulnt continue. I developed a blod clotting disorder related to the use of heat and twisting on my legs >I have pain .scares and swelling my confidence and ability to live life fully is ruined,forever.I develpoed clots after 3 weeks and have all the paper work and dates.Puremed spa then closed and I never recieved to remander of my money,
    Thank you,

  43. When I called, I learned that Mr. Dworshak is not handling the case. I was referred to the chapter 7 trustee and encouraged to seek the advice of a bankruptcy attorney. To the extent you wish to know more about the status of the case, you are welcome to contact the Chapter 7 trustee assigned to administer the case. The Chapter 7 Trustee is Ed Palmer. His contact information is:

    Edwin K. Palmer
    P.O. Box 1284
    Decatur, GA 30031
    (404) 479-4449

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