You be Sorry You Mess with Me Pure Med Spa!

See my post on the Pure Med Spa bankruptcy here.

I am writing an article on Pure Med Spa.  For info, please click here.

Because I have received so many messages in response to this and my other Pure Med Spa post, and since it seems not many of these commentators have read my later piece on the Pure Med Spa bankruptcy filing, I have included this paragraph to inform any readers of that filing.  Effectively, if you received your treatment or they took your money BEFORE they filed for bankruptcy in 2009, this means you may NOT file a lawsuit against Pure Med Spa, except through the bankruptcy court, and there only for certain causes of action (which include fraud).  You may NOT contact the company in any way about the money they owe you.  You may NOT call the CEO and harass him.  In short, you may not do anything to them.  That is the point of the bankruptcy stay, to protect the company from creditors, and I absolutely support this, even when the filer is as abominable as Pure Med Spa.  The same laws that protect Pure Med Spa protect you if you ever had to file, and speaking from experience as a bankruptcy attorney, that relief means a lot to people who are being harassed night and day by creditors.  Don’t think this means you don’t have options, just follow the rules to ensure you don’t violate federal law.

Original Post You be Sorry You Mess with Me Pure Med Spa:

I kick your ass little med spa stupid place.

I have lots of lawyer girlfriends.  Because I am a lawyer, of course I have lots of lawyer friends.  It goes with the territory, you know?  What I find amusing is how often my lawyer girlfriends have to pull out the lawyer card as part of their ass-kicking when some stupid company fucks them over.  My lawyer boyfriends do not seem to have this problem, and I mean friends who are boys, not actual boyfriends.  I only have one boyfriend and he is not a lawyer, thank GOD…anyway, I digress.  I think sometimes us girls get hassled by companies who would not hassle boys just because they think us girls are pushovers.  Small problem.  We are not all pushovers, especially lawyer girls.  Lawyer girls in my experience have a little extra something that likes to kick asses, if you know what I mean.  Something of that ass-kicking mentality pushes us to do things like go to law school and become lawyers.  I am sure there are other professions like this as well, but as a group, my lawyer girlfriends are ass kickers.

ANYWAY.  So my friend Kathleen has had many instances where she has had to kick company ass.  It’s fun to listen to her because you can tell by her story that she is always right and the company is always wrong and I am not being facetious here, she really is.  Like the time the bank told her she could have her deposit in 7 business days so she deposited a rather large sum based on that assertion, then the receipt the bank gave her after the deposit said she could not have that money for like two or three weeks or something.  Um.  NO.   Bank wrong.  Kathleen kick ass.  Or another time, I don’t remember the details, but she was bidding at a furniture auction and bid on a piece of furniture and the auction people gave the furniture to someone else who bid earlier.  Kathleen kick ass again.  I think she lost on that one but the company was sorry they had crossed her and her husband looked sheepish.  The company was wrong, no doubt in my mind. Fuckers.  I would have kicked ass too.  Kind of like when the bank in Hawaii thought I was a terrorist and would not give me an account even with a very large sum of money, a valid driver’s license, a social security card, and a passport.  Very large ass kicking there. I ended up at another bank.  Upset Lara.  Oh, and then there was the time the air filter company tried to mess with my lawyer friend Sara.  Their ad said Free In Home Estimates.  So they came and did their estimate and it was too high so of course Sara used another company.  Then they tried to charge Sara.  Um.  No.  Sara pointed out the various laws their attempts to collect violated.  Needless to say, they didn’t get the money they did not deserve.  Jerks.

ANYWAY.  So the point of this rambling diatribe is that I gave this med spa fifty bucks to hold my appointment back in July.  They said We need a fifty dollar deposit to hold your appointment.  If you don’t show or cancel within 24 hours of the appointment, we keep the fifty bucks. Okay.  I can deal with that.  Well, I called to cancel the same day I made the appointment.

Oh, we don’t do refunds.  This isn’t a refund.  I didn’t get anything.  It is outside the 24 hour period, I want my money.  Well we won’t give it to you.  Okay then.  Have you heard of the Oregon Health Spa Act, ORS 646A.030?  It allows the right of rescission of any spa service within 72 hours of requesting or paying for service.  Um, let me get my manager. Yeah, you do that.  So the next several conversations were not pleasant.  I described all the things I would do to them, including writing about their spa on my blog (doing that now), calling the Oregon Attorney General’s office, and telling Clackamas Town Center, the mall where they are located.  During all this, I also promptly sent off the written notice requesting the rescission, as required by statute.  Finally the manager spoke to someone who would allow a refund.  She told me the money would be in my account by the end of the day.  Nope, not there.  I called again.  Within three days.  Nope, not there.  It is now three and a half months later and still, no refund.

So I’m going postal on their asses.  I filed my complaint with the Oregon AG.  I am going to call the mall where they are located.  And I’m writing about them here.  I did some research and discovered MANY forums lamenting the many problems with Pure Med Spa.  They are a terrible company.  They have huge problems giving refunds or returning deposits.  They also use technicians who are not properly licensed and forget to follow health regulations when performing spa services (this information comes from the forums, not my personal experience).  Too bad I did not know this when I walked by them in the mall.  They are counting on people not knowing this when they walk by in the mall.  This is part of why I’m going to tell the mall.  I don’t know if the mall will care, but there should be some public service message to let patrons know the company they might deal with is a giant crook who will steal their money and could possibly perform some atrocious health violation on them or something.

The problem with stupid companies assuming customers are stupid is that their assumptions are often WRONG.  Guess what? I know where to look for the statutes about stupid asses like you.  I am happy to let others know there are statutes out there to protect consumers from shitty companies.  Oregon and many other states have rights of rescission statutes in many areas (though not in car sales, as is often believed).  Anyway, in Oregon anyway, there are statutes to allow you to change your mind about gym contracts, time share contracts, things sold door to door, certain home sale contracts, and other consumer contracts.  Usually you just have to send them a letter.  It’s not difficult, people just don’t know this is their right.  It would be better if the statutes required these jackasses to post something prominently stating as much, but for now, at least the laws are there so if some crappy company like Pure Med Spa tries to rip you off, you can fight them if necessary.  Fees to sue them and damages for causing you the trouble are often included in the remedies, so all you are out is your time.  The next time a company gives you trouble, go look through your state’s consumer statutes, you might find you have certain rights.  It is so empowering when some ginormous company who couldn’t give a shit about you tries to steal from you and you kick them in the ass.

16 thoughts on “You be Sorry You Mess with Me Pure Med Spa!

  1. I’ll kick Pure Med Spa’s ass too. They are liers. They sold me a treatment which they had alreay known that the machine will burn my skin because of my skin type. But they still talked me into buying it. Then later, they told me the machine would burn my skin, and they are trying to give me some other more expensive treatment which I do not need at all. They have a stupid ‘no-refund’ policy, they would not give my money back, that is for sure. They thijnk they are going to get away from it, no way. I am filing a complainment, and will sue them later!

  2. I paid Pure Med Spa thousands of dollars, in return received cancelled appointments, broken equipment, refusal to honor the packages I purchased, and overbooking, in addition to extreme difficulty and delay in even getting an appointment due to overselling and short staffing…. hat really bothers me is the company’s indifference and arrogance. It seems to just be an effort to take money from clientele without accountablity to perform the services people pay for.

    I am contacting those of you who may have similar stories or your own issues. There is strength in numbers, and power in communicating issues
    in the right way.

    • Hi Michelle – I paid for packages (thousands of dollars) and now they aren’t answering their phones. (Westfield/Southcenter Mall Location, Tukwila, WA). Wondering what to do next!?

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  4. I’m still trying to get a refund for services not rendered as they have shut down in Sacramento, CA in Oct of 2008 which they failed to notify anyone.

    Has anyone ever received a refund from these Pure Med Spa?


  5. I bought a huge package from Pure Medspa and on the 3rd treatment they SEVERELY laser burned my face, neck & chest blisters, deep black crust like scabs etc. I did not go back because I was scared of more scars and perminate damage— I still had to pay the entire contract off & have never received any more treatments because they have said the lasers are too strong for my skin type & living in SoCa my skin is in sun just by walking out side to my car so no more laser treatments for me—-! It took me 2 years to pay off the contract They NEVER FULL FILLED to save my FICO Score… I want to sue for my refund but don’t know how— Any advice or suggestions or lawsuits I can join to get my huge refund would be greatly appreciated—

  6. And the wrong doings continue now as “Pure Laser Skin Center” at South Bay Galleria, Redondo Beach CA. I signed a contract on 06/2009 with this company and purchased 6 treatments of hair removal. I fortunately had 5 of them and got out unharmed. I didn’t realize I was dealing with such a vile company. I tried calling them for a refund and the phone is disconnected (3/2010). In addition mall management has been unable to get a hold of these people. This company is non-exsistant and is now hidding behind the former name “PureMedspa”. I thought once a company went bankrupt the name couldn’t be use at all? Who the heck is monitoring these criminals!!!! Why isn’t the public being protected??? This is complete BS!!!

  7. Hi! I’m so glad i found your weblog. JUst went to pure med spa yesterday located at valley fair mall, only just to find out that they’ve been evicted. I had no idea what happened. They didn’t even call me or email to let us know. I fully paid my hair removal treatments already. So there’s really no way i could get a refund??? that sucks! there’s really nothing we could do?? thank’s!

  8. Someone has to catch and prosecute those at PURE MED SPA that are responsible for destroying many individuals and have taken our money for services unrendered with medical damages in many cases. They have broken many many laws!! How can they keep getting away with this with so many locations in the United States of America (Canada as well) and not get caught with severe punishment??? Where is the law protection for the citizens?? Is there anyone with authority investigating this crime??

  9. FYI if anybody wants to personally give Louise Talbot a piece of your mind . She is in the spa at Southcenter mall until tommorow . Stop in, I know I am going to .. 426 Southcenter Blvd Tukwila, WA. 98188

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  11. Congrats to Jeff Nourse and Oxana Sergeeva on they got married in vegas on 08/25/12 at the chapel of flowers check out the vid guys

  12. I finally got a Brazilian blow out and mani and pedi done with my store credit from Renew Beauty Med Spa, after going back and forth with Louise about getting a refund to no avail. Surprisingly, I ended up loving the services provided and Louise was really nice. People make mistakes, I don’t know her past but I believe in second chances and that people change. I feel like she has probably learned from her past mistakes and is working to improve herself and brand. Running a business is not an easy task and I wish her all the best and hope she resolves all her issues with those affected…

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