Groupon Does Business with Pure Med Spa

After several commenters noted that Groupon in Dallas is giving out a Groupon on Pure Med Spa (aka Beauty Med Spa–same name, no difference), I sent them an email saying that they really ought to reconsider promoting a company that has done so much harm.  Here was Groupon’s response:

Hi Lara,

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.
We do our best to feature businesses that see Groupon as an opportunity to gain loyal customers as well as advertise their services.

We stand by all of the businesses we feature and the deals we offer, but if you ever feel let down in any way when using your Groupon, we’ll be more than happy to work with you towards satisfaction! Also, thanks for the information! I will be passing this on to the right people.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Sarah M.

I told them that I am not going to be let down, but others will be.  Who wants to be a loyal customer to a business that has stolen thousands of dollars from customers, burned people with lasers, caused one woman to require surgery because they damaged her legs, and on and on. They are being investigated by several state attorneys general and have been profiled on many television news programs for the harm they have caused.

It’s a shame that this is Groupon’s response considering the negative publicity associated with this company.  Groupon is promoting thieves and hucksters.  Send Groupon a letter letting them know if you have been harmed and what happened.  Maybe if enough people contact them, they will change their policy.

16 thoughts on “Groupon Does Business with Pure Med Spa

  1. Hey Lara,
    I worked at Pure Med Spa briefly….ugh….I sent my story to your msn email……

    These people need to be in jail..I am afraid they are also connected to New Beauty Med Spa in the Seattle area, Southcenter Mall….I called and was told they are not affiliated with Pure Med, but then saw something about her sister acting as a beard for them…Debbie Pru (sp)?? I had trouble finding any info through google….no owners names were associated ont he website or through a google search. If you know anything, please tell us!!

    GOOD JOB tracking the poisonous people. Thank you

  2. Lara.

    Renew Beauty Med Spa in Dallas, TX is ran by Louise Talbot. I used to work for her.
    New Beauty in Seattle is ALSO run by Louise. The managers there told everyone in Dallas to pretend that we don’t have a “sister store” because they don’t want anyone knowing they were Pure Med Spa at one point.

    Louise hired a “physicians assistant” to do botox and fillers in Dallas only to find out he was not licensed to do these procedures! Louise told all of us to keep it on the down low until she “figured it out”. He is gone now, but the fact that she KNEW about his fake license makes me sick.

    Louise is stuck in Canada but we aren’t sure why. We have theories: She’s probably wanted by the FBI or IRS or maybe she just can’t legally enter the country because of citizenship reasons.

    And I’m sure Groupon would LOVE to know how she is scamming them too. She gets Groupon to post up the “special for the day” and then when people call the spa to ask questions we had to tell them that if they purchased the Groupon through the spa that they could purchase multiple Groupons and receive priority booking. Groupon gets a percentage of the sales and so what she is doing is just using their popular site for cheap advertising. She is having to run more and more Groupons because its the only way for her to make a lot of money really fast so she can pay her current employees.

    I’m also sure some sort of Medical Board would love to know how the client’s medical charts are never filled out properly, signed and get lost throughout the chaos in the spa. Customers are taken back into laser treatments without consent forms signed, medical history forms, etc.

    Groupon needs to know who they are dealing with and that Louise is just using them! They have a wonderful site that actually helps people try out new places and it’s a shame that they see a “great” deal for Renew Beauty and buy one.

    I have a lot more information on Louise so if you would like to email me personally, you can reach me at the email I’ve given to post this reply.

  3. I too have contacted Groupon about Jeff Nourse, Louise Talbot and their Renew Beauty Med Spa in Southcenter Mall and New Beauty Medspa in Dallas Texas. Westfield Southcenter is complicit in the fraud as well as they have continued to renew leases to this group of thieves despite their knowing of the fraudulant business activities

  4. The latest and greatest is that these clowns are now trying to put up a show like they are going against each other. By the looks of it, Jeff Nourse maintains an attorney to run all his little dirty business up in Seattle by trying to claim their so called business up in Southcenter mall and trying to reclaim the business through a third party. Louise is putting up a fight and is trying to keep the business to herself. All the while both of them maintain they have nothing to do with the business and have now created fake identities for contract signing! For goodness sake, I can’t even get away with a parking ticket! The best part is, both Groupon and Westfield are supporting these guys even after years of lies and harmful operation! If anyone needs to find these crooks post in here and we will continue to share all the info!

  5. is where they are hiding , put in name click on link all the info is there a concerned customer

  6. Louise is using a fictitious name to open a spa — Lou PROULX,. She also used her sister name DEBBIE PROULX to register her company….She stole the money from the company and purchased a condo. Here is her address in Toronto: 25 Broadway, Unit 1510, Toronto, ON, M4P 3J6, Tel: 647 770 968 Please do the right thing and call police to arrest her!

  7. All the things I have Heard about Louise Talbot are negative. I don’t understand how she still roams free among normal people who pay debt to the society. She needs to be in Jail with an insane people. Along with her brother, she has been stealing, scamming, and lying people on multiple deals. She opened bank accounts in Europe to put her stolen money.

  8. Look up Louise Talbot and you will find out who is temporarily running the store. She is a criminal. She is using Groupon to collect the money, as you direct deposit 90% in 24 hrs. She will close the bank account and disappear. She did it before. And you let her do it again??
    Wake up, Groupon! – you are dealing with a criminal here!

  9. Louise Talbot has changed her name to Louise Proulx. Everybody be warned!! She uses her brother and sister Jeff and Debbie Proulx to buy and register different stuff. She operates in Dallas but she is denied the visit to US. I heard her visa got removed and she sank deep into criminal cases that can put her away for life for what she has done to her clients. She belongs in jail, along with her brother Jeff and Debbie. I encourage every ripped off customer of hers to go to one of her salons and organize a protest against her.

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  11. Report her hidden bankruptcy assets as Bankruptcy Fraud!!!

    Report her unreported earnings as IRS Fraud!!!!

    Report her faulty lasers and burns to the FDA!

    Report unpaid overtime and unpaid wages.

    Report unsafe work environments to OSHA.

    8687 N.CENTRAL EXPY, SUITE 2220 DALLAS, TX 75225 Phone (214) 369-1600 email:

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