Dans La Maison is soooo good.

Seat C4. Why didn’t I do anything? I should have at least looked up at the bathroom window wall, dang it.

I love Isabel.

It’s cold today.

My jeans, the ones I wanted to wear, had a smear of chocolate on the front. How did it get there? Oh, I know. I was sneaking pieces of dark chocolate in the movie theater the other night and must have spilled. So now they are in the dryer, after first being in the washer.

I still call the refrigerator icebox although I don’t believe we ever had a real icebox. Actually, my grampa might have and I spent summers with him and the uncles and aunt. They would tickle me until I peed. My mom was oldest, and they were teens when I was a child.

Baby is crying. Time to go.

My Own Little Conspiracy Theory

I honest to God believe Obama was planned. The nasty plutocrats got together at some Skull and Bones meeting and decided to find some desperate, power hungry guy who would look good to liberals and get him to run for President on a platform of change, tell them everything they wanted to hear, knowing full well they would embrace him and ignore the signs that were there all along. In public, the neocons fought him, created the tea party to hate him, riled up everyone to think they were against him, then laughed all the way to the bank. He’s been worse than Bush on just about everything except maybe gay marriage, but because of issues like gay marriage and the fact he told us all what we wanted to hear, we let him get away with it. This is what choosing the lesser of two evils looks like, folks. Get used to it. We were played and from this vantage point, they won.

Have a brain. Will write.

So since I haven’t been writing, does this mean I have no brain? I’m not sure the two are converse, but it’s possible.

My brain has been full. It’s constantly worrying, which is a useless and futile task, I know. If you’re worrying, it’s not happening, I like to say. However, what if what you’re worrying about is how to try to do something?

I don’t know the answer to this.

Some random thoughts:

The US has the highest infant mortality rate of all the other industrialized nationsĀ combined! (See the info on the statistics here.) This does not surprise me because birth in this country is done like a business, not like something to create new life. I am a fan of the movieĀ The Business of Being Born. It’s a great film and compiles a lot of data. As with most things in this rotten stank of a nation, money rules.

I have 40 hours of video lectures on permaculture. This is great. Oops. I just realized I forgot to turn off the water on my plants in the backyard. Quick break…

Now my Isabel is home so enough rambling.