I Hope We Get You, Pure Med Spa, Britesmile, et al

I have completed the article and begun submitting it to magazines. It is my goal to get the issue as much widespread attention as possible.  I would also like to educate women about how to keep from getting taken by companies like Pure Med Spa.  They keep opening (and closing) under different names so consumers can’t keep up with who is legitimate and who is a thief.  There are steps consumers can take to keep from getting harmed by any med spa company, and especially this company run by these crooks.

9 thoughts on “I Hope We Get You, Pure Med Spa, Britesmile, et al

  1. Lara, I know that King5; one of the Seattle television network news shows has a consumer advocate segment called “Get Jesse”. He has been successful in getting the attention of businesses who defraud and take advantage of consumers.

    Here is the link to their website where you submit story ideas:


    I think Pure Med Spa would be an ideal topic!

    • King5 actually did a story on them some time back. It still isn’t getting out to the people it needs to, at least at a broad enough level. I think it needs to hit a woman’s mag. We read them while sitting in waiting rooms at spas and other beauty places. It would be a great way to get the word out there.

  2. From @msjag on Twitter, also posted in Yelp, and Google Hotpot:

    “The Pure Med Spa on 1920 Yonge Street that offers $9.99/unit Botox, is an “offer” designed to lure you in, but neglects to tell you that you have to buy advance purchases of 100 units to get the discount. Of course if you have a face that warrants that much Botox (or like paying for stuff in advance with the looming possibility that the company may go out of business), it’s a great offer. As well, unlike other spas, you won’t see the results in less than 3 days. You will leave after a Botox treatment feeling like you just threw your money away.

    Having gone to this place twice now (because of the location), I won’t be back. The heavy handed schmoozing done by sales people like Louise are designed to test the limits of an insecure woman or man. Louise will attempt to complement you, then tell you that you have something on your face that is “fixable”. It can be very amusing to listen to, and it works for some people when they leave to come back with more money!

    As well, if you have gone to other clinic’s and know what you require in terms of Botox or injectable filler, the two different Nurses we’ve seen at Pure Med Spa (1920 Yonge Street) will tell you that you need up to three times the amount of stuff in your face without having taken any before or after pictures, or even asking you to smile! Ridiculous at best. Not everybody wants to walk around with a face like a mannequin.

    Just do yourself a favour and go to the McLean Clinic in Mississauga (do a Google search) no heavy-handed sales techniques, they take before-and after pictures, and genuinely care to keep your face looking human.”

  3. If you are in Ontario and have gotten ripped off by this company there are a few ways you can get you money back, and help shut them down.

    1. Go to your credit card right away and file a dispute. I got my money back within a month.

    2. Call Consumer Protections to file a complaint **this is very important because if they get enough complaints, the government will open an investigation and can shut them down.

    Ministry of Consumer Services
    Consumer Protection Branch
    5775 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
    Toronto ON M7A 2E5

    Phone:| 416-326-8800| 1-800-889-9768
    Fax:| 416-326-8665
    Tty:| 416-229-6086 | 1-877-666-6545
    Email:| consumer@ontario.ca
    Website:| http://www.ontario.ca/consumerprotection

    3. Better business bureau – http://www.bbb.org – open a complaint
    This will likely not help to get your money back but it is good to add to their bad history.

  4. Now they are open in Dallas Texas called renew Beauty Med Spa . The names are Louise Talbot and Jeff Nourse! They are doing treatments with no doctor on staff for botox, there are people working there doing things out of their scope of practice and burning people. One client has second degree burns . They are in a upscale area in Northpark Mall these people need to be stopped ! Also they are taking consumer credit cards and having to email receipts …well they need to beware and look at their bill.Something needs to happen, this is sad! I was working there for one week they asked me to perform laser treatments which is out of scope of my practice and i refused to do so. Also, I went to cash my first paycheck and there were no funds. How do these individuals get away with this?

  5. pure med spa, renew beauty med spa, new beauty med spa in ontario, dallas and seattle are all run by the same fraudsters, Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbot. It is a wonder they haven;t killed someone. Louise is the worst person I have ever met, She will suffer one day the same fate she has dished out. Did you get that louise. You too Jeff

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