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In spite of the rather large number of comments I received on my posts about Pure Med Spa, not one of the commenters responded to my request to interview them for an article I am doing on the company.  I am posting this in an effort to find people who were harmed by Pure Med Spa, employees who would like to tell their story, or even those who had a great experience.  If you would like to speak to me, please comment on this post and I will contact you.  If you would like to remain anonymous, that request will be honored.

Thanks much.

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  1. I paid for services that I never received – botox, juvederm and laser hair removal. They had a sale for botox and Juvederm, took my money knowing that they would never get the product. They kept telling me they were “renegotiating their contract with Allergan” and that i was on a waiting list. I called today and the number was disconnected.

    I’m trying to get in touch with Sandy, a nurse at the Temecula, CA location. She was fabulous and I’m trying to find out where she’s working now or how to get in touch with her. if you know her, please give her my email tammy@bcramsay.com

    I’d be happy to be in any article. thanks,

  2. Hi there,

    Thank you for your cite. I’ll be brief. The Chicago office called me the morning of my appt to tell me they are moving into a new office and I need to reschedule. I live 3 1/2 hours away (in Springfield) and had to cancel my round trip Amtrak reservation and hotel for the night. I was NOT reimbursed by hotel and I have a year to use my Amtrak ticket.

    I called them to ask for a refund. SNOTTY and hateful. Then I called the 678, GA area code. A Mary Perez talked to me (3 days AFTER my inititial voicemail) and promised to mail me my refund. What’s very interesting is a few days after asking for my refund…my identity was stolen. 6 airline tickets were charged on my visa card on the 21st of April and they flew out that night. I cannot say who did this and am not accusing Pure Med Spa’s employees but I’ll be curious as to getting the results back from the investigation… but it was very very fishy. I got confirmation these pro’s doing this came from Sunnyvale California…

    It is May 26 and I still have not received my promised refund from 3 weeks ago. I just put another call into Mary Perez at 678-954-5348 and of course she’s not in today. I left a message and was also told to contact Cory as they transfered me to his “voicemail”. My next step if no return call back today will be a letter of demand of my refund, a letter to BBB, cc-ing Pure Med Spa and any other advice anyone could give me. It’s a $350 refund from Brite Smile d/b/a PMS (pure Med Spa) I suppose.

    I would be happy to give an interview, file on a class action or any other type of formal complain deemed necessary.

    Thank you for hearing me out.

    • ANYONE out there in the class action lawsuit world—
      I bought a huge package from Pure Medspa and on the 3rd treatment they SEVERELY laser burned my face, neck & chest with blisters, deep black crust like scabs etc. I did not go back because I was scared of more scars and perminate damage— I still had to pay the entire contract off & have never received any more treatments because they have said the lasers are too strong for my skin type & living in SoCa my skin is in sun just by walking out side to my car so no more laser treatments for me—-! It took me 2 years to pay off the contract They NEVER FULL FILLED to save my FICO Score… I want to sue for my refund but don’t know how— Any advice or suggestions or lawsuits I can join to get my huge refund would be greatly appreciated—
      Would love to join any lawsuit sit for interview, submit burn pictures etc—! I want my 1000’s of dollars back + damages—!

      • I wish there was better news, but there isn’t a darn thing you can do. We have all been conned. The attorney general’s office has advised me that I am out of luck, unless you can find out who the bankruptcy attorney is and file a claim. Unfortunately, there are no assets to seize, and the line off complaints is so high, you will never see a penny. The employees who were never paid come first!! I lost $1500 myself, so I understand the rage.

  3. Hi. My name is Savannah and I have been a client of Pure Med Spa for years. Recently they went out of business and Brite Smile Brite Skin acquired the old Pure Med Spa locations. I have been more than happy with every service I have had with Pure and now Brite Smile. I have referred several friends and family members; all of which as been just as happy with their results as I have. Between all of us, we have had Botox, VelaShape, Teeth Whitening, Laser Hair Removal and Restylane. I will continue to refer friends and family, because I am confident that they would be happy as well. It is very unfortunate that some people have been disappointed with their results and/or service. But I can say on behalf of myself and atleast 20 people I have referred to this establishment, we are 120% happy and looking forward to our next appointments.

    Thanks so much.

    • maybe I’d be happy like you if the store I gave $2000 to didn’t just one day disappear and unplug their phone. Maybe I’d be a little more patient if they didn’t file for bankruptcy and steal my money. I, too, was happy with the services I had received – it’s just too bad they still owe me lazer hair removal, 3 15/40’s, 12 microdermasions and 12 chemical peels. Somehow I have a hard time referring friends to a business that stole my money and disappeared. I think your comment was pretty stupid.

  4. I purchased roughly $2000.00 worth of treatments from pure med spa at Valley Fair Mall. The facility closed in Dec. of 2008. I was never informed of the closure and found out one day as I was walking through the mall and saw a different store in its place. After many calls I found out my file was transferred to a storage facility. I have been told that it is on the top of their list to locate my file for the past six months. They can not give me a timeframe of when this may be resolved. I have given up on contacting the corporate office as they have never in anyway helped me….today I was redirected to a full voice mailbox. Only local offices have been somewhat helpful. Regardless I have yet to receive half of my treatments.

    A very frustrated and out of 1K ex-pure med spa customer

    • Hi Beth,

      I had the same thing happen to to this past month April 2010. I don’t know who to contact to get my file. Do you have a phone number I can call? I purchased $4000.00 treatment package and I only got half of it. The store disappeared and I was never notified. I bought the treatment from a facility in Santa Ana’s Main Place Galleria.

      I look forward to hearing from you and I hope that your situation has been resolved.



  5. Hello all,
    I am an ex-employee of Pure Med Spa. I have been a licensed Esthetician since 2006. I wanted to work at Pure Med to get Medical Spa experience. I can say my experience there as an employee is right up there with the customers. It’s usually not the Estheticians that are the problem, though there are some that should not being doing what they are doing and are rude. Its the money hungry, no conscience managers and sales people that all seem to be in on some sort of ‘scheme”. We would constantly be threatened about our sales goals, I would always have clients complain how horrible my boss was to them. And the machines were always breaking!! After the first time I quit, they asked me why I did and I explained. They told me thiings were going to start changing, since they had fired alot of the management. So I go back, and sure enough after trying to stick it out for as long as I could, it was still the same!

    They have changed their name so many times, but there as still some of the same people. It was Nuvo, then Lumity, then Pure Med, no Brite Skin Brite smile.
    WHAT THE HECK?!!?!?!?

    • Your completely right in your comments. I perfoemed service on several of the Cynosure Elite laser at various locations and never got paid. This is when the headquarters was in Toronto. All those names you listed are just to throw people of the (legal) scent.
      I have stories, as I’m sure you do too, that would make peoples hair curl if they only knew what went on.!
      The owner Jeff Nourse is still doing the same things, just under the Britesmile flag.

      • I have been approached to do business with them and would like to chat with you for a minute. If you have time, please call me at 212-688-2600 x 303.

  6. I am an ex employee of Brite Smile. I was fired when I wouldn’t let an untested, probably harmful treatment to be performed in my spa location. A week after I was fired, they were performing the treatment, actually the patients were performing the treatments on themselves, and they were being burned. From what i heard, every spa was shut down for about a week to figure out what the hell they were going to do. I worked there for a couple of years and it wasn’t until the company was sold to Pure something or other that things went to hell in a handbasket. Bonuses and commishion were constantly promised and never recieved. Once while I was there, we didn’t get paid on time. I was on the phone to the new CEO, who I believe by now has been removed from his position, and he wanted all of us to wait 4 days or so and wondered why that was a problem for us. They wanted us to sell treatments that we could not perform yet and had no date of when we could expect to start performing them. Like I said, last straw came when the COO came to my spa to “test” a new way to do the teeth whitening that took the dentist out of the equation. Which by the way, is in a VERY gray area of legality. This man, who had NO experience testing something like this, was practicing the new treatment on the back of his hand. Because the back of your hand is very similar to the inside of your mouth. I told him striaght out that I would, under no circumstances, allow that to be performed on my staff or my patients. As long, as I had a dentist, I would perform the traditional treatment as was legal, but would not let the new bullshit happen on my watch. He tried to say that I was quitting so that they wouldn’t have to pay unemployment. But I got him to sign a letter saying that I was being fired. One of my girl friends still works for this company and I can not believe they haven’t gone down yet. I hear from her that they don’t get paid on time quite regularly.
    Anyway, I came upon your blog as I was searching for a headquaters phone number to put on new job applications but haven’t been able to find one…hmmmm…..that’s odd now isn’t it?
    Thanks, feels good to get that off my chest. Good luck wit whatever you are trying to accomplish

  7. I was burned by a Medspa on my face. I went to several doctors after this happened and multiple doctors told me the Med Spa was at fault and it was medical negligence/malpractice. Does anyone know a lawyer in California that can help me file a suit against this Med Spa? I now have PERMANENT scars on my face. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else! I want the laws changed and Med Spas should be more closely monitored by the Medical Review Board.

    • I am an attorney who has sued medspas, including Pure Med Spa, Skin Nuvo, and Lumithy and have several active cases. If you want to talk about your case, please contact me.

      • I’d be interested in talking to you about an outstanding service from them (Britesmile).


        Tina Leturno












      • I bought a 6000 spa package with Pur Med and then my file was transferred to Brite Smile.
        I probably used just over half of the package when I made an appoinment and could not reach them to confirm. I became more suspicious and needless to say they were ‘gone’.
        I am filling out a consumer complaint but have not mailed it yet.

      • Hi Barry long time patient since Nuvo, Pure, etc.. SAN JOSE, CA Oakridge Mall locations as well as SANTA CLARA, Valley Fair Mall.

        I have lost in excess of 3200$ that was long ago paid off on my card, and also of outstanding appts, that were never booked or used.. not to mention QUITE a bit of product they were holding for an as needed services when I choose to…

        I took a hiatus for a bit and when I tried to book an appt, I was told they were gone. So was the Newpark Mall Location which would have been a last resort 50 min drive to get into.. that they had closed too, in fact I guess I only know of supposed Canada locations and east coast store(s)? that arte still standing. How an these ppl claim bancruptcy and still be allowed to own and operation a business at all, let alone more.. without any reprocussions of this fraud, this is intolerable! please, contact me.. any possible recourse on this? There must be..? I worked hard for those lost funds and my circumstances have recently changed, I would like to try to get back some of what I spent, seeing as services billed for and paid in full were never given.

        Will look forward to your reply..
        Best Regards

  8. Thank you for your courage in speaking out! I simply contacted Brite Smile once to find out whether they offered services in my community, and I found out they don’t… but now, I cannot get them to QUIT CALLING ME! And having read these posts, I am so thankful I haven’t ever used them. Put ’em out of business and do us ALL a favor!!

  9. You can interview me any time. I am a medical laser service provider who serviced several lasers at various locations and NEVER GOT PAID. More importantly, I spent hours at these places and saw with disgust the daily inner-workings of Pure.
    The lies, pressure to sell and bimbo’s that ran the “salons” all made for a surreal scene, almost a carnival house of horrors.
    Furthermore, I know what is going on now with this whole BriteSmile take-over and Nourse, the owner/convict.

  10. I purchesed 8 laser hair removal treatments from pure med spa. The day of my last appointment as i was driving down there, the regional manager called me and told me that I had used up all of my eight treatments and i had no more left. I told her that the last time I was there she told me I had one left and she apologized for my misunderstanding. I paid for 8 treatments and received 7. Recently an employee called me and asked me why she hasn’t seen me and I told her what happened and she told me that i had one left but next to it said “unavailable” and she didnt know why the regional manager would do that.

  11. Please contact me with ideas on how to receive a refund of several thousands of dollars that I spent at Brite Smile/Pure Med Spa (post bankruptcy). I purchased 22 sessions of Velashape (now I see from websites that it only takes about 5 sessions), which SHOCKED me several times (at least 6 times) before the technician asked someone out front what to do, and then they changed the head on the machine. I then went in to use the Restylane I had purchased (3 syringes), even though it only took 1 to do the job. The saleswoman upsold me to Perlane, even though she knew I wanted to use it in my frown line between my eyebrows. I have searched the internet, and all the physicians who commented on this procedure said that they would NEVER use Perlane in this location due to the delicate blood vessels. I had a reaction, it became infected, I got a big bruise, ugly blisters and scabs, seepage and now a scar…permanently. The manager said that my money would be refunded, but nothing has happened, and I have been calling every day. The area manager doesn’t call me either, and I think they’re avoiding me!

    I just want the money back for the services I never received. It doesn’t look like this company has changed at all. I have tried calling the toll free number as well as the Tukwila, WA location, but I’m still not getting help. The physician who they brought over to look at my infection, was less than honest when he replied that “he would have to see what I looked like before deciding” if he would use erlane in the area between my eyes. The fact is that the dermatologist I’m seeing now said she would never do it, and all the doctors I’ve heard have said they would never use Perlane. If he would have to see it first, why was it okay for a salesperson with no medical experience to tell me it would be better and last longer???

  12. If you have remaining services left on your contract from a Pure Med Spa that closed, you might be able to transfer these services to another location if there is near you. THAT IS if you are willing to risk putting yourself in such DANGER! (Kidding)
    I am a RN at Pure Med Spa. The one that I work at is struggling financially- they all are- but we are not a bunch of “bimbos”. We are trained professionals. I am a licensed RN, with Plastic surgical and Esthetics experience. I would never do anything to harm my patients, advise them to purchase anything they don’t need, or anything that would be harmful, nor would I allow them to proceed with a procedure that is unsafe.

    It is your job as a consumer to ask questions about the person who is performing treatments on you (their education, training, experience, etc) And to research and ask questions about the treatment to be performed BEFOREHAND. I can educate you, yes. But you should do your homework as well.

    As for PURE MED SPA not refunding money for services not provided.. I have not seen that at my Med Spa.

    I am sorry for all of you who have had a terrible experience with my company.

    • Pure Med took my money for hair removal services that I didn’t receive. This has happen twice to me! How can I get my money back or services? St. Louis, MO

  13. I prepaid for half of my treatments, one thousand dollars. I never signed anything. I was never told of the No-Refund Policy. And now I can not have the treatments because of a just diagnosed skin condition. The location I went to to receive my treatments can not help me, and told me to contact corporate. I have been calling corporate multiple times each day since then and no one has called me back. I will be calling them every day till they call me back.

    I felt pressured in to buying these services and was not given adequate information after purchasing said services. I feel “duped.”

    The ladies who work there are not helpful and do not feel for the customer. I am contacting news stations as I type this to evaluate their business ethics. Pure Med Spa is a scam and NO ONE should use them.

    Please read all the reviews and complaints before you ever step near this fraudulent business.

  14. Hello

    So it’s really late and after reading California State laws regarding Med Spa I found you!

    I AM FURIOUS with Pure med spa after purchasing $1,500 in fillers which was Special sale in 2007 they never had product to inject, then Beverly Center location closed and they shuttle me to Sherman Oaks lost my chart for 3 months.

    Finally last week I go in for treatment and my nurse quit
    then Michele the new Manager promised she find me a qualified RN. I show up 3 weeks ago and am greeted by this BITCH NADIA
    who job is to intimidate into leaving spa, as she claimed my credit was no longer good. BULL
    I had injections and had a terrible reaction under my eyes they swelled so bad it has affected my vision!
    The next day I called to find Dr SOLOMAN and after 10 locations ( Pure SPA) in California clearly he is a paper only Dr.

    I am suppose to see hime in Beverly Hills Bright Smile this week he asked if I massaged area NO the nurse advised
    me not to!
    I reported them to Medicis FDA Health Dept like to do more
    and make them pay for poor business practices
    Thanks Jennifer
    October 30, 2009

  15. Problems with Pure MedSpa…burned by lasers and then by the company’s bankruptcy.

    Please contact me. I am working on a story about a woman who was badly burned here in the Portland, Oregon area and still forced to pay for her treatments at a percentage rate of 22%

    Thom Jensen, KATU News

  16. Lara!

    Kudos to you for starting this blog….I wish there was a way we could alert EVERYONE in the US and CANADA…Jeff Nourse is a Con artist! He is the worst kind of low life pond scum out there! Everyone is considered a “friend” or “valued employee” until you speak up about the fact that you have bills to pay, and need your paycheck on time, or are worried about purposely misleading customers and patients down the pathway to hell, literally taking their money with promises of not only receiving the product you paid for, but have your treatment performed by a trained professional, under the supervision of a Medical Director!! I am shocked at the so called “Employee” that wrote in to defend the criminal behaviour happening on a daily basis! Yes, as a Consumer it is our responsibility to ask questions….it is the responsibility of PUREMED, BRITESMILE (or whatever name of the moment they are using) to have experienced, informed and knowledgeable, trained staff available to give CORRECT and candid answers to those questions. It makes me sick to think that Jeff Nourse has the gall to continue to scam hard working, trusting clients, out of their money, and knowingly mislead people into believing they are entrusting their health and very livelihood into the hands of often, but not always, barely trained, careless people. Don’t be fooled….you don’t have to be in the ‘Industry’ to know what a criminal Jeff Nourse is, what a scam Pure/BriteSmile Canada is, and always has been! The people that work with him, continue to deflect the criticism and the true, for fear of NEVER getting the pay they deserve. Jeff Nourse does not have a problem spending all his ‘ill gotten gains’ on himself…lavishing in the lap of luxury, fancy cars (that he can’t drive, due to losing his driver’s license for DUI), vacations on his yacht in Florida. Yet he can’t meet his payroll obligations to employees, never mind the Doctors he has begged to work for him, and then subsequently quit because they had consciences and believed in the hypocratic oath they took when they became Physicians and Nurses, but also the hundreds and thousands of dollars he owes both Allergan and Medicis. He can’t get credit, and has resorted to bribeing employees to order product under their personal credit….and surprise, they are left holding the “bill”. This low life should be behind bars….he needs to be exposed for the narcissitic, criminal he really is! PLEASE…..DO NOT BE FOOLED….if not for the sake of your pocketbook then for your health…STAY AWAY FROM BRITESMILE AND PUREMEDSPA IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA….JEFF NOURSE IS THE CON BEHIND BOTH SCHEMES.
    All this being, I did encounter some amazing staff who tried their best. In all likelihood, they are probably just as frustrated as the majority of the clients.
    If you are in the media and truly wish to do an expose on this unethical company and it’s CEO I would love to speak with you personally, with the provision of anonymity.

  17. Hey Everyone!

    I have gone to Pure Med Spa in the past for laser hair removal and teeth whitening and I must say that I absolutely LOVE my results. The staff was so friendly and professional, answered all of my questions before the treatment, and made me feel very comfortable. I started with my bikini and underarms and I loved the results so much that I decided to continue with lower legs. I fully completed all my treatments now, and I can honestly say that I am very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend Britesmile to anyone!

    • Oxana is bound to put a positive post on this site. She is a corporate employee for Pure Med Spa/Brite smile and was told to. Jeff and Louise are crooks and employees are still not being paid. Some locations have eviction notices and clients are not being treated or refunded. Beware and do not buy anything from this company. There are a lot of reputable med spas and dental offices out there where you will get what you pay for. Most of their locations are running without the proper medical licenses and staff is constantly changing because of horrid working conditions!! If there are any other employees or consumers out there that want to make it right, contact your attorney generals office!!!




  18. Hello,
    Wow, I’m kind of freaked out… I just purchased a package at the Palo Alto location. I was planning to do basic microdermabrasian or a mild chemical peel. Did the burns you all mentioned come from one of these treatments? Please help!
    Thank you…

  19. Lara,
    I really appreciate you posting this blog. If you go to Topix.com there is tons of stuff on there too. I was a general manager for the company and boy could I tell you some stories. The main thing now is to help employees get paid what they are due and to protect consumers from doing any business with this company. If you have a Pure Med Spa or a Brite Smile located in your area, STAY AWAY!!!! Medically you will be sorry.

  20. i purchased a IPL package in January(2010)at Pure Med Spa at the Orland Square Mall Location in Illinois. I received one treatment and was to go in 4 weeks from the initial treatment. Well, unfornnuately, the day before my appt. they called me and cancelled. So, I have tried to call back over 10 times to make another appt. and no one will call me back. Their customer service sucks and is frustrating for a person who works hard for her money only to be screwed by the people who are suppose to help erase(on our face) the stress of our life’s crap, one treatment at a time. Bastards. irresponsible and inconsiderate Bastards…its fine to take our money but its not fine when you screw us over and take our money. Im going there tomorrow…god, I hope there still in business so I can unleash some fury and get my money back!!!!!

  21. Brite Smiles Brite Skin Complaints – Scammers
    Review all Brite Smiles Brite Skin complaints
    Brite Smiles Brite Skin
    Posted: 2010-02-14 by Shannon Boyce


    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    Pure Med Spa
    Everett, Washington
    United States
    Phone: shannon.lboyce@gmail.com

    I have been reading the numerous complaints from people who have experienced the same nightmare as I have. I am posting want my dissatisfaction in hopes to inform those who are thinking of buying or receiving services from Brite Smiles Brite Skin. DON’T DO IT! They will take your money and lie, lie, lie… you won’t get the results you are hoping for and can end up with a horror story as many other client have (including myself); ending up with permanent scars and burnt peeling skin from lazer or chemical peels. I have spend a ton of hard earned money puchasing packages through Brite Smiles Brite Skin, which also used to be know as Pure, before that Illumity and previous to that Nuvo. All of these company’s have filed bankruptcy; they will tell you they were bought out, but don’t believe it, it’s just another lie, they really are the same company, just a different name due to filing.
    I am very sure that Brite Smiles Brite Skin is getting ready to file bankruptcy, which means that all the money we have vested in services will be gone.
    I want to express my deepest regrets to those of you who have had to deal with this awful company.
    And for those of you who are thinking of purchasing or receiving treatments, I can’t express enough, please don’t. There are plenty of other wonderful professional providers. One of the best sources you could go through is your personal physician.

    Please feel free to email me @ shannon.lboyce@gmail.com
    I am thinking of filing for arbitration, so if anyone else is interested in discussing this more email me

    I posted this earlier today. How very, very sad for everyone. I feel your pain.

    Please feel free to contact me by email for any interviews or legal action I can help and be a part of.

    Thank you soo.. much for making this site 🙂

  22. its not just the customers they scam. as I understand it, my son has been working for them for 6 months. they dont get paid on time .. paydays are missed by weeks. currently they are behind on 5 weeks of pay. his store is losing people and he is trying to find another job. Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbot are completely unreachable to their employees. Since this company doesn’t even have enough money to pay their employees, chances are they have spent all the money that has been paid to them.

    at my sons site they had 2 nurses on staff, 1 just left and the other is going to leave. they are required to have nurses for some of the procedures. this should be the next store closing.

    good luck to all trying to get anything out of these people.

  23. Hi

    In Feb. I purchased a laser hair removal package from the Palo Alto locations. Mid Feb they closed their doors and are redirecting their calls to other locations, such as pure med spa. Reading this blog, I do not want to deal with them. I am wondering since I have paid the service with my credit card, does anyone know what my chances are by disputing these charges with my credit card company. Has anyone have any success with their credit card company? Does anyone know about what is happing with the Palo Alto Location.


    • The Palo Alto location is still open. There phones are down..probably due to non payment. It directs you to the valley fair location, and union square so they can schedule your appointment from there. Pure med spa is britesmile. Same company. It may not be open for much longer. They do not have any nurses or a dentist any longer. They borrow there nurses and pay them for there day or they will not come in. The employees have not been paid and are owed almost 8 weeks of pay. All the employees ever here is “the checks will be here..tomorrow..blah blah blah, bs, bs, bs”. They want you to sell to clients knowing there are no services being done in the centers because nurses are no longer working. Knowing they have not paid rents. Knowing they have not paid employees. Knowing they have not put any kind of product in the stores in months. Knowing that they have not serviced any equipment in the stores in almost a year. They being Jeff Nourse and Louise talbot are the biggest con artists in the buisness. They have an excuse/reason for everything. They still are having employees come in knowing they are not going to pay them. The biggest question to Jeff and Louise has been where has the money gone? Money came into the locations and no money is paid out. No rents being paid, no employees being paid, and no product being paid for. Where is the money? The labor board has been contacted, and jeff and louis just ignore them. If there is anyway you can dispute it with your credit card company give it a try. Because after reading how hard it is for an employee to even get a pay check do you really think you have any shot of getting a refund? All i can say is good luck … It really sucks for the employees. They are getting screwed from jeff and louise, and have to take all the heat from the customers. Take the blame for Jeff and Louises fraud. Good luck to all customers and employees..

  24. You will NOT BELIEVE THIS. But PureMedSpa is doing it again, as you may know they already changed names to “BriteSmile Brite Skin Med Spa” and now they are changing names yet again. Apparently Jeff Nourse thinks he can run from all the problems with name changes.

  25. I purchased several packages from the Alpharetta, GA location of Sedona MedSpa, which changed to BriteSmile and is now Pure, and things were fine until Dec 2009. when it was clear they were in financial trouble. Two locations were consolidated into one, which was fine. My appointment last week was cancelled at the last minute under the guise of “electrical problems”. I am unable to reach anyone by phone – I have left MANY messages to no avail. A friend of mine also had her appointment cancelled but was given a number in VA to call, which is also not accepting messages. Every contact number and website I find leads to me a dead end. I am on the hook for another $2000 )with a third party financing company) for services I have not received, nor do I believe I will receive them in future. Can anyone advise me on who/how to contact someone in charge?


    • I like you have purchased several packages for laser hair removal at the Alpharetta GA location. I have started to file claims to dispute my charges. If you charged this service to a credit card there is a dispute form to file to try and get some of the money back.

  26. Brite Smile Med Spa’s have all gone out of business…Washington Square closed its doors last week. Thank GOD I didn’t purchase that package!

  27. Im a single mom and saved for a year! to get a discount for fillers, paid $500 cash 2 mos ago and my appointment was tomorrow.. i called today to confirm my appointment and am in shock! I’ve used them before and LOVE Colette!! but they took my money and now what? I paid for a PRODUCT that they were licensed to sell, NOT a treatment? so how do i get this back?
    if they are in fact closing for good.

    • I agree. Collette was great. She was actually qualified. I am so angry. I paid $1200 CASH (how stupid was that) for services I obviously won’t get. I actually liked the Washington Square store. Does anyone know if they are going to reopen under another name? I went by tonight and there is a sports store in the location. So sad to lose all that money

      • I, too am sooo mad. Why were we so stupid to pay cash? Now there is nothing we can do to get our money back. I thought Collette was great, but I hear that she got ripped off as well. So sad. I could use my $1000 back. That’s a hell of a lot of money to flush down the toilet! There is no hope of them reopening this time. They are officially bankrupt.

  28. I bought laser hair removal packages from the Alpharetta, Georgia location from Brite Smile (once sedona medspa). I had an appointment and they called to cancel because the technician had the “swine flu”. They said they would call me back to reschedule. They never did. Now their numbers don’t work, not even a ring. This totally sucks. I’ve always wanted this and saved to be able to buy it. I tried calling every single one of the other locations in the states and Canada and either the phones don’t work or you get a voicemail. It’s so unfair that they took my money knowing that they would scam me and others. BEWARE!!

  29. A lawsuit is necessary, but the main issue is that these people are committing robbery and should be arrested. If you steal enough and if you do so repeatedly, it’s criminal. We can see that the scheme is the same: allegedly broken equipment, pre-payment but no service or incomplete series of treatments, unpaid employees, etc.

    Why haven’t these people been ARRESTED! Why aren’t they in JAIL? What country is this that these people can scam repeatedlyt since 2008 (from what I’ve seen here and on other sites) and simply open new spas under new names then scam a whole new set of people. Good grief! I sat for two days on a court case for someone who allegedly stole a yogurt and beer (his third minor theft) who simply got in a minor brawl on his way out the store. He would have gone to jail for THREE YEARS. And here we’re talking about two people and probably more who are committing a huge theft and no police agency is arresting them!

    Get a grip America!

    Where are the police?

    If you know of a spa opened by these people, call the police!

  30. I have sunk about 4 grand into Pure Med Spa and have gotten minimal services, multiple cancellations of my appointments, and I am afraid that I am not going to see my money again. I called today to schedule an appointment and got a “we are closed” machine with a full mailbox. Seems like an ominous sign. I have had excellent service when I had treatments, but have been left half completed.


  31. Here’s the deal-That piece of shit Nourse deliberately buried Britesmile so he could pick up the better locations thru a fraudulent transfer of assets- what the Moron doesnt know, is, regardless if Britesmile files chapter 7, or not, the assets of Britesmile are to be fairly auctioned so creditors can be satisfied-
    The new company, “pinnacle, or altima, or who ever these idiots are, will lose all their investment, once the federal courts step in- By law, the Government will cease the locations and all the assets, and give the public an opportunity to purchase the assets-
    Natural buyers are : american laser centers, Ideal image, dental practices, etc… these groups will pay for the list, locations, etc… that money will go to satisfy payroll, taxes, etc..
    Nourse is a fucking moron-how he could possibly think he could do this, is a testament to his stupidity.
    How many times does this moron need to fuck up for him to realize, maybe it is time to choose another line of work?
    Nourse got all his money ( which he has pissed and drank away already) from his parents- this guy couldnt hit water falling out of a boat!!!
    Also-there is not one vendor in this industry that doesnt think he is a complete idiot- Nevermind that he is a piece of shit, the real issue is how fucking stupid he is-
    The fact he would put his company in the hands of Louise Talbot, proves this guy doesnt have a clue- Louise is a diabolical bitch in heat-That psycho bitch is a ruthless piece of garbage that must have been raped as a child by a pack of wolves!!! I have never met someone like her, and i hope I never do again- it is shocking that someone hasnt taken her behind a building and beaten the living daylights out of her.

    Previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | Next
    Post your Comment

    • @D.Katz
      WOW………………….Not that I agree with all what has happened with Brite Smile it is truly sad what has happened not only to the clients but the staff as well however D.Katz you soung like a truck driver……….. Instead of logging on this sight sounding and showing your GHETTO self why don’t you do something about it.

  32. bunny-
    i am truly sorry I offended you with my “GHETTO self”- I can also tell you I am doing something about it. That will not be shared on blogs

    • Let me know if there is any recourse. I did not have $1200 to lose. How stupid to pay for this in advance, I should know better!! We can’t really sue since they are filing bankruptcy!

  33. I agree with D Katz. Louise Talbot is a pathalogical lying c**t.

    The pair of them are thieves. sooner or later they will someone will give them what they have earned

  34. I’m looking for any WA state residents customers that are having similar issues as I. I’d like to work on targeting our complaints to the Attorney General, as well as the local media. E-mail me if you are in WA and want to take action.


  35. Calling all Washington State Consumers!! If you have issues or complaints with Britesmile Brite Skin, please join us.

    We are a group of consumers looking to put our collective power to use. Please email me for an invite to our private facebook group.


    We will not take this lying down… our voices will be heard!!!

  36. I received a $100.00 gift certificate for Pure Med Spa in Dec. 2009 from my daughter who worked long hours to save for this gift. Went in after Christmas to see what services I could get for the certificate and talked to first the RN who was very nice but referred me to the manager/consultant who took me to her office. There…never getting a straight answer other than all lower end services would be at least $150 and up…very disappointing since at time of purchase my daughter was told that several services could be done for that amount and misleading my daughter. All I got was an intense sales pitch in vague terms and was given several confusing options of packages with varying pricing quotes of $1,300 to 2,000 dollars with pressure to purchase that day or the sale price would be void. I luckily left without further purchase or appointment very annoyed that I had a certificate with that place. A few weeks passed and I decided to return and get something for exactly $100.00 only to find the place at the mall closed. After several attempts to find them open and a few phone calls to the number on the certificate with continued busy signals I contacted the mall manager and found they stiffed them and filed bankruptsy. PURE MED SPA closed its doors in all other locations and could not be contacted. So many complaints with this company in so many locations and these people are getting away with a crime that is continuing as they now have opened spas under different names like Pinnacle and Altima (WA State). The ones responsible for this must be arrested and locked up!!! Enough is enough. Damage to persons financially as well as physically in so many states…I was lucky to lose only $100.00 but I want to help catch them and make them pay for all the damage they have done. I am very bitter and they must be stopped!!!

  37. I have been a customer for almost a year and after purchasing over 1500$ worth of treatments am now left with 600$ worth of treatments that I can not receive as my location has closed down! They were located at Main Place Mall, Santa Ana, CA.

    I still have the ridiculous “contract” as proof that their workers had no idea what they were talking about and didn’t even know how to do math. The girl was later fired. I did like one of the nurses that worked there but I cannot find her number anymore.

    I am very upset that they have stolen my money without even a single notice.

    Please feel free to contact me as I would love nothing more than to have this company taken down!

  38. I have contacted some attorneys about a class action. Because of the bankruptcy filing, there may not be much anyone can do, but it can’t hurt to try.

    • I have over $1,500 in services owing to me from Pure Med at the Washington Square Street location in Oregon.

      Numerous appointments were cancelled. I called constantly for 2 months.

      These people are cons.

      I have moved out of U.S. to Canada.

      I will join a class action law suit.

  39. So much money collected and no one got paid. Not the employees, the landlords, the suppliers, the contractors, And minimal services performed. Where did all the money go? They just went through the busiest season of the year Collecting money and not paying anybody. There must be someone who is interested. I contacted the federal bankruptcy court in Florida to report Fraud. I suggest you do the same.

    Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbot are stealing from every one.

    Pure med spa was in bankruptcy when they bought it. General Growth properties had evicted them from Bellingham, Spokane, and Portland malls due to unpaid rent

    They used money from sales to build new stores outside of these malls with new landlords. These properties were unencumbered by back rent, liens etc. These were the properties recently sold in an ‘assett sale’ to Pinnacle Med Spa also owned by Altima Dental and probably Jeff nourse.
    Again, what happened to the money. Did anyone get paid anything?

    It all sounds very fraudulent to me. Bankruptcy court is the place to get them.

    Also Post online EVERYWHERE and use lots of names.

    Go to all the different blogs. Employees especially tell of any suspicious behaviour by management.

    The internet is a powerful tool for people to keep tabs on these guys. You can be anonymous if you want to but type out everything you know and then email the bankruptcy courts. I will post their details soon so check back. These 2 will not be able to out run their lies and theft for ever. Remember,,,investigators use google as well.

    Thanks LARA!

  40. To D.Katz:

    All BriteSmile assets were protected against liens as they were never owned by the company itself but by the investors.

    Jeff completely protected himself-not as much as a moron as we’d like to believe.

    Crazy like a fox.

    Bankcruptcy Court is NOT the place to go in my opinion, as we will all just have to stand in line for whatever paltry $$$ is left.

    And since this is what? the 3rd company Jeff has done this to-he knows that.

    Jeff and Louise belong in Criminal Court.

    Except they are not US citizens and the USA does not have an extradition policy with Canada, so our courts, police, state or US Attorney General’s office has NO juristriction over them at all.

    And of course, they know that too.

    To bunny- I know that D.Katz offended your delicate sensibilities with his threatening language:

    “Louise is a diabolical bitch in heat-That psycho bitch is a ruthless piece of garbage that must have been raped as a child by a pack of wolves!!! I have never met someone like her, and i hope I never do again- it is shocking that someone hasnt taken her behind a building and beaten the living daylights out of her.”

    However his comments and threats have been echoed by many many other former employees and clients.

    I know that Louise monitors this site and sees these posts.

    I am genuinely afraid for her physical safety-This doesn’t sound like it’s going to end well.

    Kate McGee
    former BriteSmile Boston Manager

  41. bankruptcy court would lead to a fraud investigation. Here’s the deal. Bankruptcy trustees get $60 to hear a case. They can only earn additional money by recovering assets to pay off debt. They keep 60% and the creditor gets 40%. It is up to the trustee to determine the economic value of proceeding with tracking illegally transferred assets and trying to recover them. Given that there is no company value it is unlikely unless someone in the justice system of America proceeds with tracking these guys down. Is there an FBI fraud squad?

    I am going to find out now and alert them.

    Because I have such compassion, I feel an appropriate punishment for the type of crime Louise comitted should be to lose both hands and be dropped off in death valley.

    That is how much compassion I have for her victims.

  42. I paid for a $7,000 for a year of unlimited services from Pure Med Spa. However, I could never get into an appointment. Every time I would call the receptionist would say that their laser was broken, etc.
    Now the all the locations in Oregon have closed and I am out $7,000 after only one laser hair removal treatment. I thought since the company was so large with numerous locations that it was a safe place to purchase a package. I feel so cheated.
    Is anyone working on a class action lawsuit?

  43. Oh my lord.
    I was ripped off by Pure Med Spa and then by Bright Smile Bright Skin and then now Pinnacle refuses to deal with my as if my file with them never existed.

    I am so pissed off. Originally I paid for 5 laser hair removal treatments with Pure Med Spa at a location in the Bay Area last year. For my second treatment I find the stores closed.

    I moved to Seattle and after lots of trouble Bright Smile Bright Skin was said they would accomodate me last 4 treatments.

    In going to my appointments the rude russian store manager at South Center kept telling me I had 1-less treatment then I had though, she was nuts! She did this every time I went in. She shorted me, and not only that, after purchasing another package and making an appointment- I’d come in and she said I didnt have an appointment.

    Then when I tried to make an appointment for my new treatment, they were closed!

    I was told to call Pinnacle in Redmond, WA and because thats where I had purchased my treatments and my file should still be there. I called 5 times, and today the lady finally stayed on the phone. She told me that I had no credit, that they didnt have any information of mine on while- but how did she know my first name when I gave her my last? She then tried to argue back saying theres no way to find out if I didnt already use my credit at the South Center location?

    This company is a freaking scam and the russian people who they have working for them are rude and talking to them I feel like Mel Gibson talking to his girlfriend! Pissed! Its like theyre trained to extort all this money from people and get away with it!

    Please someone give me the contact number to where I can get a refund. I am so MAD!!!

  44. a heads up for those who do not know and are expecting services from Pinnacle in Lynnwood Wa. They have been closed for a month for “remodeling “. I had an appt with them last Tues, but they did not call so I assume they are on their way out also.

  45. It appears this is so late I almost need not reply, but seeing as I too am a victim, more recently and with just as substantial a loss.. I thought it wont hurt. You are welcome to email me, please type pure medspa in the subject so I can reply quickly. I am more than happy if you are looking to do an interview over the phone etc.. and also hope you might have some information about how to persue them or maybe you have info on a class action I can join..

    Anything would be helpful, sorry to hear you were also taken for so much. It sure isn’t easy to swallow.. no way! Believe me, I am all too familiar with the scenario. =(


  46. I too was taken for amount $3000.00 in services from Pure Med Spa and would like to know to proceed or did I let to much time go by…..

  47. I live in Seattle and had the same problems with, these people. I wrote to the Attorney General Office and about a month later got my money refunded by World Finance.

    It is worth a try!!

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  49. Louise Talbos is a big time CROOK! I couldnt wait for this nightmare to end. I was pushed to sell products and services that we didnt even have. just to take peoples money. I am glad I don’t work for her anymore. How is she still not in jail??? NOW she also operates together with Carolyne Rayo and Natasha Karejew. They operate a spa called: Skinful Med Spa in Toronto area. Please beware of them!

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