77 thoughts on “Pure Med Spa/Brite Smile is Now Pinnacle

  1. This is true. Jeff got some other company to (once again) front for him in order to get approved for building space, loans, etc. This time the company is Altima Dental out of Canada and they are re-opening all the stores formerly known as Brite Smile formerly known as Pure under the name Pinnacle. Notice how all of the address locations of Pinnacle Med Spas are the same addresses where there were Brite Smile/Pure spas? http://pinnaclemedspa.com/locations.php

    And… Louise is still involved. She was supposedly fired by the new company but it didn’t last, she is back and she and Jeff are still in charge!

    So, basically the two of them are at it again and it’s unknown to anybody how they continue this scam.

    Meanwhile, Louise is also running another spa in Dallas called Renew Beauty. The one in Austin she closed in the middle of the night (literally) and stole all the equipment, computers, etc. that belonged to the other owner (her “partner”) and “poof” vanished. She destroyed that persons life, credit history and reputation. She stole all the money and assets of that business. Jeff actually laughed out loud when he heard what she did. Pure Evil.

      • I have an extremely reliable source for this information. Jeff is still involved and if he weren’t such a rat I wouldn’t bother to write on these comment blogs. But, he and Louise scammed me out of money and countless others. He needs to be stopped!!

      • My blog isn’t a comment blog. It’s mine. I allow people to comment, but the original words are mine. This story just happened to get popular.

      • Please tell me how you know Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbot are involved in Pinnacle medspa. I was a former Brite Smile mgr. They put me through hell and owe me over 10k plus.I was recently asked to join pinnacle and they assured me Jeff & Louise have no part in this. I loved my career as a spa mgr but I cannot work for crooks. Please I beg you to tell me if you know this to be 100% true.
        Thank you

      • Hello I just wanted to let everybody know that Jeff is part of Pinnacle MedSpa. He was hired as a sales consultant to help bring company up, as we all know by now after destroying God knows how many others.

        His new cell phone number where he can be reached is
        (416) 543-7201

        This Evil is back again for more and needs to be stopped.

    • Please help – I’m sorry I don’t have any more information to share, other than I heard from some people who would know that they are involved. This was confirmed on other blogs out there, so just make sure you do your research and ask the right questions. Make whatever decision you feel is right for you.

      Lara- sorry I called it a comment blog. I actually meant comment section. I think what you are doing to promote Jeff and Louise is excellent work, and will save tons of people (and investors) time, money and grief. I commend you for putting this out there, getting it to the top of the search engines and exposing these two losers!!

    • Report her hidden bankruptcy assets as Bankruptcy Fraud!!!

      Report her unreported earnings as IRS Fraud!!!!

      Report her faulty lasers and burns to the FDA!

      Report unpaid overtime and unpaid wages.

      Report unsafe work environments to OSHA.

  2. I cannot fathom that Jeff and Louise are at the helm of another medspa. It is not likely they will take over any East Coast BriteSmile locations. They were so far behind in rent and no vendors will do business with them. Additionally, there are many disgruntled former clients and employees who lost money on their association. The staff I worked with with were professional, loyal and kind. Many are owed thousands in back pay. Similar antics would not be tolerated. Minimally, they will have the press on their tails, not mention law enforcement. I sincerely hope that all who seek justice against these two accomplish just that!

  3. Any idea if we have credit balances with pure med spa if those will be honored?

    Appreciate you putting this up for us.

    • They will not be honored. They will lie and tell you that they are cutting a check for the services not received and will never cut the check. I worked with Jeff Nourse (416-543-7201), Madea Mirolli (district manager 416-975-0263), and Carolina (accountant 647-339-7866) who all said I was getting a refund and kept this charade up for months.

      To get your money back you can do the following:

      1. Go to your credit card right away and file a dispute. I got my money back within a month.

      2. Call Consumer Protections to file a complaint **this is very important because if they get enough complaints, the government will open an investigation and can shut them down.

      Ministry of Consumer Services
      Consumer Protection Branch
      5775 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
      Toronto ON M7A 2E5

      Phone:| 416-326-8800| 1-800-889-9768
      Fax:| 416-326-8665
      Tty:| 416-229-6086 | 1-877-666-6545
      Email:| consumer@ontario.ca
      Website:| http://www.ontario.ca/consumerprotection

      3. Better business bureau – http://www.bbb.org – open a complaint
      This will likely not help to get your money back but it is good to add to their bad history.

  4. American Laser Centers- the nation’s largest laser aesthetics company is honoring former Pure/Brite Smile clients with Medchoice/Chase accounts for remaining treatments. Must show proof of remaining treatments. proof w/dates when # of txs were used will also help. They want to help you, but it’s not that easy to get past them. They are a huge company. They have more locations than a macys or something! It’s very easy to start out with them anyways. In the end you save more with them and you get the treatments done the right way. Managers take care of you and give you good fair deals. Lots of options if you tell them what you want.

    • Please, Laura, do not leave this up!! American Laser is “almost” as bad as PureMedspa/Britesmile. If you spent a minute researched them you will see this. Like Pure Medspa they have horrible reviews on the complaintboard website about being scammed, sold bad treatments, not being given refunds and people seeking lawsuits against them. After putting $7000 worth of services on my Medchoice account from Pure Medchoice/Britesmile and not recieving treatments a “sales lady” from Medchoice tried to get me to transfer services telling me how great they were. I researched them online and with the BBB and found tons of complaints, including a lawsuit in which they sold services to an altheimzer’s patient in her eighties. (I wish I would of known Laura’s site and the complaintboard before being introduced to PureMedspa!). Please, lets stop going to these medical spas, it seems like none of them are being held accountable for not follow the law. Lets all learn are lesson and not spend money at American Laser, go to Pinnalce or any of these places. It breaks my heart to see people make comments about these places.

  5. The latest and greatest – Jeff is STILL running MedSpas in Canada. He is still in the biz and trying to find more suckers to steal money from. Louise is still in the biz as well. She is running a spa in Dallas and pulling in thousands off of deals like Groupon.

    Nothing has stopped Bonnie and Clyde and, sadly, it appears nothing will. Nobody is being upfront about those two being involved with the new MedSpa and nothing has happened for the tons of employees who were owed backed pay from Brite Smile (including myself).

    So, it appears justice might not always win out. So, we best sit back and see if maybe, just maybe, Karma prevails.

  6. I didn’t know any of this was happening until today when I tried to make an appointment for two of my four remaining “Forever Smile” Britesmile refreshers. I was getting a bad feeling over the weekend, when I tried to call multiple times to the Walnut Creek location and no one was answering the phone. Then today, I called Britesmile’s 800 number and it just rang and rang. I’m out about $150. These people should not be in business, but in jail for scamming people of their hard earned money and not paying their employees.

    Does anyone have any info if any company is honoring any of the Britesmile gift cards/prepaid treatments?

    Hang in there everyone….I believe what goes around, comes around.

  7. After reading these comments I see no one has considered legal action.

    I have a contact who is works in the legal field, he told me I was not required to pay MedChoice for the amount of my contract.

    If the people you signed the contract with has gone bankrupt they cannot provide the services you signed for.

  8. 206 622-0460 this is the number to the FBI here in wa. pls. i have called and they have to investigate it
    over my dead body will they par take in another company ever again besides doing time for all of them envolved is whats going down soon lol

  9. Pinnacle Med Spa,or iBody, or whatever you want to call it, in Redmond WA has closed their doors. I just got back from vacation and learned this. I had several treatments left for laser hair removal, unfortunately. What a joke this place is. It is an evil scam.

  10. has anyone found out if Pinnacle Spa has filed for bankruptcy? I know in Lynnwood Wa their .phone is disconnected and previously had a sign on their door “closed for remodeling”

  11. Louise is still operating renew beauty med spa in Dallas Tx.

    Please provide reviews of this spa wherever you can on the internet to assist others in avoiding being a victim of fraud.

    Current reviews and comments increase are favored by search engines and get high rankings

  12. I just walked by the iBody Med Spa at 840 N. Michigan, Chicago, IL 60611, formerly Pure Med Spa and thought I’d walk in to set an appointment for Dysport, which they make you prepay.
    Doors locked. Called. Disconnected. Looked up online and found all you other women who were cheated by them.
    I knew something was fishy last year when they charged $7000 to my credit card for services I didn’t receive. When confronted, they said they would credit me but couldn’t because no one in the office was authorized to credit me. I came back 3 times over the next week and finally they straightened it out.
    I received teeth whitening services (they had just changed to BriteSmile) “free” when I said that I thought they should do something for the inconvenience. At least I got that out of them.
    I bought another bundle of Dysport units from them and now they’ve disappeared! I’m going to check out how much they owe me and call the police or FBI and report them to the BBB.

    • Chris – Have you found where iBody has moved to? I went by there today and saw that it said “Unit 400, Pinnacle MedSpa” on the door. Fortunately, I only paid around $500.00 for laser hair removal and got most of my treatments. They still owe me another and I want to get it. Have you found them yet? Thanks so much.

  13. From @msjag on Twitter, also posted in Yelp, and Google Hotpot:

    “The Pure Med Spa on 1920 Yonge Street that offers $9.99/unit Botox, is an “offer” designed to lure you in, but neglects to tell you that you have to buy advance purchases of 100 units to get the discount. Of course if you have a face that warrants that much Botox (or like paying for stuff in advance with the looming possibility that the company may go out of business), it’s a great offer. As well, unlike other spas, you won’t see the results in less than 3 days. You will leave after a Botox treatment feeling like you just threw your money away.

    Having gone to this place twice now (because of the location), I won’t be back. The heavy handed schmoozing done by sales people like Louise are designed to test the limits of an insecure woman or man. Louise will attempt to complement you, then tell you that you have something on your face that is “fixable”. It can be very amusing to listen to, and it works for some people when they leave to come back with more money!

    As well, if you have gone to other clinic’s and know what you require in terms of Botox or injectable filler, the two different Nurses we’ve seen at Pure Med Spa (1920 Yonge Street) will tell you that you need up to three times the amount of stuff in your face without having taken any before or after pictures, or even asking you to smile! Ridiculous at best. Not everybody wants to walk around with a face like a mannequin.

    Just do yourself a favour and go to the McLean Clinic in Mississauga (do a Google search) no heavy-handed sales techniques, they take before-and after pictures, and genuinely care to keep your face looking human.”

  14. Now they are open in Dallas Texas called renew Beauty Med Spa . The names are Louise Talbot and Jeff Nourse! They are doing treatments with no doctor on staff for botox, there are people working there doing things out of their scope of practice and burning people. One client has second degree burns . They are in a upscale area in Northpark Mall these people need to be stopped ! Also they are taking consumer credit cards and having to email receipts …well they need to beware and look at their bill.Something needs to happen, this is sad! I was working there for one week they asked me to perform laser treatments which is out of scope of my practice and i refused to do so. Also, I went to cash my first paycheck and there were no funds. How do these individuals get away with this?

  15. I am an attorney and I have file a lawsuit against Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbot in California. I would appreciate any info you have on their whereabouts. I served Ms. Talbot at her Dallas store, but it was substituted service (leaving at her place of business). I would like to personally serve her and Mr. Nourse.

  16. Hey guys,
    what’s the newest on pure med spa? has anyone filled a law suit against them? My credit card denied my request for refund for a treatment package i never got to use. Any thoughts on how can i get my money back?
    Thank you!

  17. For Canadians who are owed money by Pure Med Spa, here are a few ways to get your money back (below). I had paid for a number of services and when I went for an appointment, the store had closed without notice. It took me weeks to get in touch with another branch and they said that I could receive my services at a different location. When I took a look at their history online I realized that the remaining locations were also likely to close, so I began trying to get my money back without results.

    To get your money back:
    1. Contact your credit card right away and file a dispute. You will have to send them receipts (if you do not have them, Pure med spa will have it on file and have to give them to you). I got my money back within a month.

    2. ***Very important***Call Consumer Protections to file a complaint. If they get enough complaints about this company, the government will open an investigation and can shut them down.

    Ministry of Consumer Services
    Consumer Protection Branch
    5775 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
    Toronto ON M7A 2E5

    Phone:| 416-326-8800| 1-800-889-9768
    Fax:| 416-326-8665
    Tty:| 416-229-6086 | 1-877-666-6545
    Email:| consumer@ontario.ca
    Website:| http://www.ontario.ca/consumerprotection

    3. Better business bureau – http://www.bbb.org – open a complaint
    This will likely not help to get your money back but it is good to add to their bad history.


    • Pure Med Spa at 1920 Yonge St. (@ Davisville) in Toronto has changed their name. Can anyone tell me what they are called now, and what their number is?

      • you know what is funny? they change their name. I was at the one in Erin Mills Town Centre. They change it to Pure Med Spa and it was called Renew Beauty Spa. flip flop.

  18. Altima Dental Canada is known as a corporation owned by crooks. The corporation is owned by people within the (The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO). They have violated the legislation of this college many times by advertising illegally on third party websites like Groupon, WagJag etc. Under the legislation a dentist can not pay for referrals a third party. It is absolutely ridiculous. If you ask any dentist they will tell you in confidence that (RCDSO) has their own favorites.
    It is no surprise to me that a scammer like Jeff finds common grounds with Altima dental.

  19. FYI if anybody wants to personally give Louise Talbot a piece of your mind . She is in the spa at Southcenter mall until tommorow . Stop in, I know I am going to .. 426 Southcenter Blvd Tukwila, WA. 98188

  20. FYI if anybody wants to personally give Louise Talbot a piece of your mind . She is in the spa at Southcenter mall until tommorow . Stop in, I know I am going to .. 426 Southcenter Blvd Tukwila, WA. 98188

    • Please do! And come back here and tell us what happens. Call the FBI. Last I heard, they were looking for her. Also call the Washington State Attorney General. They had someone looking for her and Jeff a while back. Good luck!

  21. I have been to the Southcenter WA store Mon 3/26/2012 and they had a sign up stating Louise Talbot was not allowed on the premises and then on Wed they had a police officer guarding the store.

  22. Hi. Ive experienced same iss ues as all of you. I found out the following information on the case in the US and the attorney that is representing them. Hope it helps at least some of you.

    CASE NO. 09-62038-CRM
    (404) 893-3880 (phone)

  23. Ns1.medspasolutions.net is where you will find all the info on puremed spa or renew beauty he has new people covering his azz now

  24. 2255588 Ontario Inc
    Jeff Nourse
    1314 – 36 Blue Jays Way
    Toronto, Ontario M5V 3T3
    Phone: +1.4165437201 also Ns2 medspasolution.net if you were ligit why would u hide your company under juiceofwheat .com this is stuff online so its public knowlegde for everyone

  25. Louise will attempt to compliment you, then tell you that you have something on your face that is “fixable”. It can be very amusing to listen to, and it works for some people when they leave to come back with more money!

  26. I was reassured by Louise who works there and lies to everyone that they were “restructuring”. She sat there in an office bragging how she was raking in money to sit there and take complaints and do nothing and get paid…

  27. There are multiple warrants to arrest Louise Talbot. I myself went to police today to report of her actions. She stole my money right in front of me. She made it look easy and I couldn’t do anything about it.

  28. Louise Talbot is operating in full force in Dallas Texas at NorthPark Mall, the name of this business is Renew Beauty Med Spa & Salon she has recently been gone for 3 months. She cannot get back into the country. I hope she goes to jail for what she has done. She doesn’t deserve justice!

  29. At Erin Mills Town Centre Mississauga Ontario PURE MED SPA (once was called Renew Beauty Med Spa) had scammed me. They took my money and denied giving me any service since the company has changed and “isnt run by the same people anymore” so they said I would have to pay again.

    I will file suite against them and I want to see them go down. Why cant we all do this collectively? Is there anyway to personally contact Louise? is she in Canada?

    • they are lying!! it is still owned by Jeff Nourse. He has been in jail before and hopefully will do more time again! I too got scammed by the erin mills location. I am going to file a complaint with the police for fraud….division 11 on dundas and erinmills. I think we should all do so this way the police will investigate Jeff Nourse and all his years of scamming everyone.

  30. LL and anyone in Canada call Consumer Complaints 1-800-889-9768
    and put in a report as well.
    This has to stop. They just opened a Woodbridge location after shutting down Sherway.

    • how can i contact you ceebee? im weary about posting email in here. i have submitted information in business bureau and i am going to call consumer complaints as well. i tried hitting up the news as well by sending them information but we’ll see.

  31. i have been scammed by puremed spa or renew med spa (same difference) at the erinmills location. it all starts with Elka who conned me into buying a package, then the useless manager jennifer who is Jeff’s little puppet hired to do all his dirty workand of course she is a wiling participant. They are a bunch of liars and have been doing this for many years all over the states and now, Canada. I am filing a report with the police for fraud. I think every one should do the same.

    • Tins can you contact my email? Sadly, the police does not do anything regarding this situation (they advise you to go to small claims court).

      • People. Need protest outside the stores to get some media involved get a petition going I am sure these locations wOnt like that customers are being ripped off

  32. I recently just been refused my prepaid laser treatments from Med Spa at the Erin Mills location in Mississauga. I got a letter sent from them saying they don’t honour packages bought before Jan. 24 2012. And they told me to mail (yes mail, not email or call) Louise Talbot the previous president if I wanted to file a complaint. But after some digging around I found out she still has connections with the existing operator. Also I couldn’t get the contact information of the current president Jeff Nourse of Renew Med Spa. But if you google Jeff and Louise you see they have been scamming customers for years…

    So I went to my credit card company who asked for an invoice — which I got. But the invoice doesn’t provide many details as to how many treatments I had left… so I couldn’t even get a refund like that… and don’t know what to do.

    The manager at the Erin Mills location was so not helpful. I need a lawyer!

    Letter I got:

    Dear Customer,

    We understand that prior to January 24th, 2012 you either purchased a discount coupon from a deal-of-the-day coupon website or prepaid for spa services directly from Renew Beauty. Unfortunately, our company is not able to provide this service to you.

    The company operating the spa at the time of your purchase no longer operates this store. We are a different company and are in the process of changing our store name to avoid any confusion with the previous company.

    If you have a discount coupon, we recommend you contact your discount coupon vendor to request a refund of your purchase.

    If you prepaid for services directly from Renew Beauty, you may wish to contact the previous operator of this spa to seek a refund. The company’s legal name is 2274378 Ontario Limited, operating under the trade name Renew Beauty Med Spa and Salon Inc. The President is Louise Talbot. Address is 25 Broadway Avenue, Suite 1510, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1T7.

    To help reduce your loss and also introduce our company to you, we would like to offer you a substantial discount on several services that our spa provides. If interested, please speak to our spa manager for more information.

    Yours truly,

  33. jeff Nourse was in partnership with louise talbot and maybe still is all the deals run previously were with his full consent this is there way of not honoring the services ,they are broke and need cash to restart puremed i suggest people who have lost money pressurze there credit card company to refund the purchases if everyone does it things will happen suing them is one route but they are pros at this they key to this is awareness and the Credit card companies pressure people

  34. Oxana Segreeva is the new point person she is running renew beauty premed spa and california laser all jeff nourse is companys contact her

  35. Oxana is still at it after 10 years. Wow.! Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbot of california laser and renew beauty medspa in Dallas and southcenter mall are criminal fraudsters. Louise , Jeff, I will personally take my revenge on you one day you vermin

  36. I had a contract with Pure Med Spa for 6 treatments for my full body + 1 year of touch ups to guarantee the results.

    They are extremely BUSY so good luck if you have a certain duration to get services from them because its up to you to make sure you get an appointment in their busy schedule. I had made appointments MONTHS in advance.

    A few weeks after my 1 year touch ups began, the secretary called me and said that the owner has decided to NO LONGER HONOR old contracts!

    This was 50% of my treatment that i had paid for.
    They said i can contact their lawyer, named “Mitch”, and talk to them.
    This all happened on May 23rd and i have not heard back after my 3 emails. This “lawyer” and the manager, Natasha, have been ignoring me and not returning my calls.

    I have reported them to several government organization and I plan to take action against them.
    If anyone else is having issues with them, please feel free to contact me


    • I have Jeff Nourse’s address. He lives at 180 University Hotel Apartments. You can now serve him with court documents! 🙂

  37. Criminal harassment case #4512606 in Toronto, started in May 2012 against Louise Talbot.
    She changed her address, phone number. Police is looking for her. Louise is a scam artist. She ripped clients off, she ripped vendors off. she ripped vendors off
    I worked for her. She is a manipulative pathological lier!!

  38. Louise Talbot changed her name to Louise Proulx!!! Everybody be warned! To people who are writing bad Reviews about Renew Beauty med Spa on this site are people working for Louise who want to destroy the company in Canada. Louise Talbot changed her last name to avoid being caught by police for stealing, and lying to her customers. Think who you are dealing with here. A professional crook and a thief.

  39. Thank God I am not the only person that thinks Louse is a devil in flesh. I went online to see if anybody else got hurt by her and the result was more than obvious. I found tons of pages that proved my description of Louise. She is a god awful person. To be honest I don’t know how she sleeps at night. She is a thief, liar and a criminal. She should be behind bars. I would like to create a petition to put her away for long time. The longer she is out there, the more money she scams out of innocent customers. Wake Up People!!

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