Let’s Eliminate Pure Med Spa

See my post on the Pure Med Spa bankruptcy here.

I am writing an article on Pure Med Spa.  For info, please click here.

Because I have received so many messages in response to this post, and since it seems not many of these commentators have read my later piece on the Pure Med Spa bankruptcy filing, I have included this paragraph to inform any readers of that filing.  Effectively, if you received your treatment or they stole money from you BEFORE they filed their bankruptcy case in 2009, this means you may NOT file a lawsuit against Pure Med Spa, except through the bankruptcy court, and there only for certain causes of action.  You may NOT contact the company in any way about the money they owe you.  You may NOT call the CEO and harass him.  In short, you may not do anything to them.  That is the point of the bankruptcy stay, to protect the company from creditors, and I absolutely support this, even when the filer is as abominable as Pure Med Spa.  The same laws that protect Pure Med Spa protect you if you ever had to file, and speaking from experience as a bankruptcy attorney, that relief means a lot to people who are being harassed night and day by creditors.  Don’t think this means you don’t have options, just follow the rules to ensure you don’t violate federal law.

Original Post Let’s Eliminate Pure Med Spa:

I admit it, I do make my title statement without actual and personal knowledge of how well they perform their spa services. I have only my customer-no-service experience with them stealing my money to go on (I am planning to sue here in a couple of weeks once I get the paperwork together). However, Pure Med Spa needs to be run out of town on a rail.

In spite of my lack of spa services, I can glean from the feedback I get here that Pure Med Spa has a lot of people really upset. See my previous post on them here. By far, I get more hits on my blog because of Pure Med Spa than any other. WordPress has a feature where we can see the searches people use to find us. Every single day, without fail, someone connects to my post on Pure Med Spa because they searched for it with some derogatory descriptor like Pure Med Spa complaints or Pure Med Spa sucks or Pure Med Spa steals money or Pure Med Spa ripoff. These are all actual searches and the list is by no means complete. I received a comment from a woman asking me to contact her about her horrible experience. I received others describing their horrible experiences.

Here is a quote:

I paid Pure Med Spa thousands of dollars, in return received cancelled appointments, broken equipment, refusal to honor the packages I purchased, and overbooking, in addition to extreme difficulty and delay in even getting an appointment due to overselling and short staffing…. hat really bothers me is the company’s indifference and arrogance. It seems to just be an effort to take money from clientele without accountablity to perform the services people pay for. Michelle

Here is another:

I’ll kick Pure Med Spa’s ass too. They are liers (sic). They sold me a treatment which they had known that the machine will burn my skin because of my skin type. But they still talked me into buying it. Then later, they told me the machine would burn my skin, and they are trying to give me some other more expensive treatment which I do not need at all. They have a stupid ‘no-refund’ policy, they would not give my money back, that is for sure. Lucy

Considering the number of people who are searching for Pure Med Spa because of problems with the place, I would suspect there may be enough people out there who could file a class action lawsuit against them. That said, even though I’m an attorney, I know very little about class actions, especially since the feds made them harder to file. I do think though, that someone ought to look into it. That place needs to have its ass kicked straight out of business.

46 thoughts on “Let’s Eliminate Pure Med Spa

  1. Hi Lara,

    My name is Sunny Zheng. I am a graduate journalist student from USC. I’m writing an article on the med spa industry, particularly current lawsuits against Pure on its various locations. I’m trying to locate ex-Pure clients and document their grievance. I read your blog and would like to know if I can get in touch with those who posted their experience with Pure on your blog. I ‘d like to ask them a few very simple questions: their experience and grievance. I understand this may take some coordination, let me know if you’d be interested in help me locate them. Feel free to forward on my e-mail address.
    I do have a deadline on my article, so if you can help me in any form, I’d really appreicate!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    • Thank god I found your website! I am in the middle of reporting these charlatans to not only the Better Business Bureau, but Oregon’s State Attorney General as well! They HORRIBLY burned my skin with a laser, (I have several depressed very ugly scars on my nose and chin). Then I was treated with the 1540 laser to try and fix them, and the tech was such a lamebrain, she was zapping unscarred skin repeatedly, damaging even more of my face. I even posted an ad in the community section of craigslist to try and find others who had had similar result with these horrible people. I am totally in agreement with a class action suit. They’ve outlawed places of this sort in California, just for the reason listed here! Let’s outlaw this horrible place, which by the way, now goes by the name of Bright Smile, Bright Skin (ug).- Jeanne S.

    • By the way, if anyone wants to contact me about this place, please feel free to at jsbalto@hotmail.com. I would love to get together with other people to go after these jerks and also to share my experiences as well. Thanks.

  2. Hi,
    I read your posts on puremed spa. I began using them about one year ago for lipo dissolve. I have to be honest– I have had a great experience with them. Professional people, easy procedure, etc.

  3. I can’t believe PURE med spa is still operating. a mistake was made on my billing and it took them over 4 months to do anything about it. Then they told me there was no finance charge but the finance charges are through the roof and no one will let me cancel my purchase. This was over a year ago so I am still paying on services I have not yet completed because I don’t feel they have done that much to improve my skin.
    UGH! A class action lawsuit NEEDS to happen.

  4. Dear Lara,
    I just received a horrible botox service from pure med spa exactly eight days ago in which my right eye is almost completely shut…I have been receiving botox treatments for over two years and I never have had experiences such as this one and the previous botox service three months ago.

    I look horrible, and I do these things to feel better about my appearance, not worse. I have contacted the store manager because I still have a balance of some laser hair removal treatments and botox that I would like refund for, in addition to this most recent botox service.

    I understand that their response to me will be that they do not provide refunds, and my loan with capitol one to pay for these services was 4700.00.

    I am waiting to hear back from the regional manger for the nw, his name is JT…but I have a feeling that will not be happening anytime soon.

    Are you going to be pursuing a lawsuit against them, and how can I join?

    With kind regards,
    Carey Jane

  5. I worked at Pure for 3 months until I realized what kind of freak show they are running. I would love to get in contact with ‘Sunny’ who responded on the 25th abd get her some nasty details of the madness I have witnessed.

  6. I worked for pure med spa for a few short months as an RN. I am sad to say that they too treat their employees like garbage, as well as cheated me on my final paycheck, for this I had to file an action with the state labor board. They never showed up at the hearing and have failed to pay. I want to know why can’t we go after the license of the MD’s that have placed their name and reputation to do business with this company?? Anyone considered this? Perhaps this will force accountability in not only the spa industry but greedy MD’s who are willing to place their name and reputation for some side cash. To those whom have been cheated, burned, or had a poor result I urge you to contact the plastic surgeon whom is supposed to be responsible.

    • I’m trying to get in touch with Sandy a nurse who worked at the Temecula, CA location. If you know her can you pass along my email tammy@bcramsay.com she was great and I want to find out where she works now. thanks,

  7. I experienced my problems with pure med spa starting December 2007 and things were finally resolved by May 2008. It was the Washington state attorney general’s office and GE Money that helped me get it taken care of. Even though I got mine taken care of, it still pisses me off that they tried to rip me off and that they are continuing to rip people off. That and the fact that I NEVER was seen by a doctor during the 3 appointments I went to them for. Yes, I had 3 visits for laser hair removal and NEVER saw a doctor. And by Washington law, a laser hair removal patient is supposed to be seen by a DOCTOR not just an esthetician. While pursuing getting my money back, I also was trying to report them for not having a doctor see me. And the Washington state department of health didn’t do ANYTHING to take action, even though it was the department of health who made the damn laws! Kind of odd…but luckily the Washington state attorney general’s office was very helpful.

  8. these place it hast to be gone. unfurtunantely i worked there for some time and its awfull. you can contacme if you need more info i will be hapy to tell everything that i know

    • do you know how I can get in touch wit Sandy who worked as an RN at the Temecula, CA location? my email is tammy@bcramsay.com I’d love to find out where she is working or how to get in touch with her. thank you.

  9. I paid PURE MED SPA $3,050 for chemical peels/microdermabrasion and Velashape. I pre-paid them, booked all my appointments and they called me the day before my appointment to tell me that they were closing and would not be re-opening.

    I called numerous numbers demanding for a refund since I paid them hadn’t received any treatments. I was told by a Lori Karris to send a fax that my packages were paid. (Lucky I demanded a receipt of invoice. They don’t issue invoices of proof of payment). I sent my proof of payment by fax and she called weeks later stating I had to wait 90 days for a refund.

    2 months after the call from her, I received a letter dated: January 5,2009

    Thank you for your patience while we have been reviewing your request for a refund. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate your request at this time.

    Pure Med Spa
    Customer Service

    I received NO EXPLANATION why it was okay for them to take my money, book my appointments, close their locations in my home area and not issue me my money back!? They’re messing with the wrong person. I’ll bring their whole company down! Gods Child Vs. Demons

  10. I paid pure med for 6 lazer treatments in the bikini area… I was not happy with the first 2 treatments, it was as if the machine was not even working, and now the local store closed and I have to drive an hour to the next one. Their machine broke so they cancelled my appt. They got a new machine and that one broke on installation…. I am now behind by 2 months finishing my treatments before summer… Is it going to be a huge pain in the ass trying to get my money back? Or at least get my money back for the last 4 treatments I have yet to receive?

  11. i too also received the exact same letter as runwaymodel5 dated january 13, 2009 after 2 months of waiting after i was told i would receive a refund. i didn’t get a reason either. i will take some sort of action because this is unacceptable. i was never told that the location i was receiving services at was closing and i too prepaid. i feel like i have been ripped off and i don’t feel the money i paid was even worth the treatment. please help if there is anyone else out there ready to take action you can count me in.

  12. Is this Spa still open? I live near Fresno, and have not been able to get a hold of them. The number has been disconnected and the website justpuremedicalspa.com is not working…

  13. Well,im so upset yet hopeful thinking there might be a solution to this madness.I purchased a mesotherapy package from pure med spa San Fransisco for $2600 about 2 and a half years ago..i had my 1st visit, and immediately knew somthing was wrong.. i was extremely swollen and bruised badly on my legs..i let a couple weeks go by, and went to the doctors.. i was told to discontinue treatments due to granules that had formed in my legs..I made pure aware and was told to fax over a doctors note if I wanted my $ back.. I did so, and was told I should recieve a check in the mail in a few weeks.. I waited about 2 months and kept gettin the run around every time i called..About a year ago, I filled with small claims, and won my judgment.. since then I have been tryin to collect and it has been SO frusterating.. is there any hope? how can a company like this have no remorse, or consideration… The San Fran spa just closed, so now i am without any resources.. I cant list how many emails, phone calls, and people I have tried to contact for help.. NO ANSWERS! This is so wrong after all my extra doctor visits, and court fee’s I am now out of pocket $4672.00! This seems like an endless battle..My legs still have dark patches on them 2 and a half years later.. I am so embarressed and ashamed I was so vane!!! I filed with the BBB over a year ago.. I was told that pure had received a negative mark due to never answering the BBB’s regards… PLEASE if anyone has any advice, or answers regarding this matter… THIS is CRAZY and i will do anything in my power to take this company down! I cant believe how many stories I have read on this blog! This is insane! PLEASE contact me with any info.. HOW DO WE STOP THIS SCANDLE..???THANK U my email is registration392@aol.com

  14. I have also been a victim of Pure Med Spa and am currently at a loss of thousands of dollars. I would also like to know what legal action can be taken and would like to be a part of anyone’s plan as a group attack. Please email me at ramanbains@hotmail.com.

  15. Has anyone been treated with juvederm? The Chicago locations on Chestnut sold me two syringes of ultra plus for 650 (yes, half price) and injhected all of it into my lip area…looked like i had berpes for a month afterward, and a month later, there is no difference in my lip area, after having used all that product….

    i couldnt eat bc the product was so poorly administered…lips got in the way. I also asked that they use sparingly, and i dont have necessarily thin lips to begin with….they said the amt needed varies per person, etc, etc….

    Any advice on how i request a refund? Would also love to hear if anyone has had a similar experience or knows if product can be tampered with/diluted prior to administration? I wasn’t really watching the nurse (not a licensed physician, mind you, which i was leery about) so don’t know if she did the switcharoo behind my back.

    Also would love to hear about anyone’s experience with the Chicago location?

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  17. Hi,
    I was treated & cheated by their Chicago location,its been 2 years since i paid them $ 8000 for a full body package but half way i realized its all going nowhere…in fact i was also burned by one of their technician Cathy who was promptly fired soon.For 2 years i have been just running around but to no avail.Someone pls. help me get my hard earned money back.

  18. I to have been trying to get a refund from pure med spa. One day I had an appointment and the next day they had closed their doors. I have to drive an hour to get to the next one and the lady that did my chemical peel burned my face. I still have 2 chemical peels and they wont give me a refund. All though I refuse to go back I still feel like I deserve my money. I also think that people should of been told that they were closing not just up and go. You can contact me at anytime, I am on board for a lawsuit

    • i prepaid $6000., i still have a credit of 3 to 4 thousand dollars. i would be interested in a law suit. please contect me.

      • im in wa state and i spent 45,000 yes i want my money back capital one suck they new the problems with this company and wont refund me

  19. I find it interesting that the same people who were “removed” from Pure Med Spa prior to the backruptcy have now purchased the assests from that. Pure Med Spa is now called Brite Smile Brite Skin Med Spa and nothing has changed. Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbott are AGAIN in charge and the most of the same corporate staff is back. Consumers beware…Same people…different name.

    • RE: Pure Med Spa being Brite Smile.

      Today I went in for my third laser hair removal treatment since BS took over and was told they were losing money on all previous Pure Med Spa patients and that I needed to pay a ‘small difference’ of $343 to get the final two underarm, one legg and four remaining brazillian treatments complete. If I didn’t pay, they were discontinuing my treatments without recourse. After paying $7000 in fees already. Now learning that the former owners are the BS owners, I feel doubly screwed. You gotta luv bankruptcy protection. I can’t wait to be done with this company for good.

  20. Hello,
    I am a former employee of Pure Med Spa. I would love to answer any questions anyone might have! I agree that these people and the many companies/names they have been under need to be destroyed! This cannot and should not go on any longer. Anything I can do to help, I will. This place gives Estheticians a bad rep unfortunately and my friends and I who have all worked there have had many many problems with them.

    you can contact me at redlilrose@comcast.net


  21. Advice for people screwed over by Pure Med Spa. Have your Credit Card company reverse the charges. I did it and it worked.

    • It only works if the charges were made within 60 days. After 60 days, you have no recourse. So while this idea may work for someone who realizes they have been screwed right away, or someone who pays with a credit card (I didn’t; I used a debit card and the 60 day refund law does not apply to debit cards), it there are many for whom there is no such protection.

  22. Super, we are / were a Canadian supplier to Pure Med near the end of our relationship with them we were paid up front.

    Unfortunately we shipped 3rd party for Pure Med on both our Fedex account and UPS.

    Fine print is that if the 3rd party defaults, which they did, the shipper, my company Ideal Graphics Inc is responsible for their debt.


    David Ruskin
    President, Ideal Graphics

  23. My Son was burned by their laser and when I took him in to show them, I was told they did not do anything. They claim my Son probably had a pimple there and he picked it. This happened in December 2008 and it is now a large scar and still red. Is there a class action suit? Please include us.

  24. Hi,

    I am a former employee. Everything on here sounds exactly right. The first week I worked, another employee told me that several of her payroll checks bounced or that she was paid late almost every pay check. I ask the manager if this was correct she promised me it wasn’t. Later that day that employee was terminated. Every pay period our checks were late. Then I had a payroll check bounce. I complained about this and about equipment not working and was told I was being “NEGATIVE”. The manager stated any negative was considered cancerous and would be cut out. They threatened jobs and pay every week. I was told on several occasions that if the equipment wasn’t working, i was to “fake it”. I am a RN. I am not going to “fake” anything. I saw Dysport bottles being kept for weeks and weeks. I saw an eviction notice and was told “we are renegotiating our lease”. The product rep for Priori (the product line) told me that she was worried because none of the invoices were paid. The reps for Restylane said they gave our spa several syringes for training but sold them to clients instead and we owed them money so we wouldn’t be getting any more. Yet they were still selling them. I have seen the regional manager Corine lie about treatments or when equipment would be fixed. They have closed stores with no notice to clients or employees.

    Please do not spend your money here. These are bad people and care NOTHING about you after you spend money. Brite Smile is Pure. it is the same people running it. They want you to think its new but its not…

  25. I am a former employee of BriteSmile BriteSkin Med Spa formally Pure Med Spa. They have changed their name again to Pure Med Spa featuring BriteSmile.

    This company is the worst company around. DO NOT buy anything from them. Paychecks are bouncing, and all they care about is selling, selling, selling. Prepay treatments are what they expect. They don’t pay the rent. Paychecks are late again. Why are these people still in business. I don’t get it. Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbot are bad people. I feel badly for the people who continue to work there. They like to hire people that are single mom’s so they have to work and will do anything to make money. Half of the centers don’t even have medical directors and they continue to use licenses of Dr’s who are no longer with the company. THIS ILLEGAL!! Someone should report to AMA. This company should be shut down. They don’t have any money to buy products so the nurses reuse needles. This is disgusting. Shut them down!!

  26. They closed their office without notice in Santa Clara, CA. I bought a photo facial for $300 and want my photo facial or my money back!

    beachmichelle99 at yahoo.com if anyone wants to contact me.

    • BUYERS BEWARE!! Don’t let the NEW name fool you. Now Pure Med Spa, aka Brite Smile, is called Pinnacle Med Spa. Supposedly Pure went bankrupt, a few stores were bought out by an investment group from Canada. Guess who owns it, a “silent partner”- JEFF NOURSE. As his side kick, partner in crime, Louise Talbot, would say “no worries!” There are warrants out for their arrest. hang in there, they did the crime–they WILL do the time!!

  27. So maybe I’m not blog savy….but I was getting regular allerts untill I posted what I would conceider a nuetral to positve response. Why I ‘m I no longer gettting allerts? Why Is my post gone? So you only want to saturate the internet with the negative? I did take care of clients, thank you very much.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about. There haven’t been any emails because there hasn’t been any activity. As for your posts being deleted, I’m the only one who can delete them and I have not done that. I suggest you take that ginormous chip off your shoulder and perhaps look again. I think the posts are right there under your nose. I searched and found your comment without much trouble.

      This is my blog. I let people post comments here if they follow the rules enumerated in the “Caveats” section of the blog. In the future, if you have personal messages for me, send them to me via the email address provided in the blog, don’t post them on my comments section for everyone to read (and for those who subscribe to have to read as well).

      And yes, it appears you are far from “blog savvy.”

  28. Hi Lara, A few months ago I contacted new Beauty medspa to ask who owned the spa, I think I talked to Sara, She told me that it was a mom and pop – family owned. I was asking because I was one of the people that paid 5000.00 for laser treatments and recieved 2 treatments. I would get phone calls telling me that the laser was broken or they were having a change in staffing… This went on for months. At this time I learned that pure med/brite smile,pinnacle,i body and altama dental were all owned by the one and only Jeff nourse and Louise Talbot. I didnt catch on at first because it was all the same staff, then all the pissed off people flooding the alderwood store wanting their money back because they were not getting the services that they paid for, and yet the staff was still claiming that jeff was not behined this spa. A week before they closed I went in and they sill were trying to sell me a package, A week later a note was on the door that said closed for remodel. Then out of the blue i got a call on my cell phone and it was Tina Papas the daughter of Dimitra Walker the manager of the alderwood store, She said that she was calling because the dr. of this new spa Kucumber med spa had treated me in the past and that I should check out this new spa, She said that New beauty was owned by jeff Nourse and louise talbot and the kucumber spa is family owned and has nothing to do with jeff or louise. But she had my cell phone number I thought that that information was property of pure med/britesmile ibody,pinnacle…I also belive that the staff needs to be held responsible , most of the staff went through open,close re – open with new names multple times. So who is telling the truth. Personally I wont give any of them my money.

    • Kucumber Skin Lounge is opening in Bellingham. This is the same owner who scammed everyone out of their money. Dimitra Walker is “training” employees for this new location. I’m sure her daughter Tina Pappas is involved too. Not sure about location yet. They make Me sick.

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  30. Louise is using a fictitious name to open a spa — Louise PROULX. She also is working with Caroylan and Natasha from Skinful Med Spa that is open in Toronto GTA area. Please be careful and avoid those people at all cost! They are nothing but crooks and thieves!

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