Dynamite Without a Fuse

I have changed my mind.  There will be no doozy. Sometimes we have huge lessons, but they have already been learned, so running into them again really isn’t such a big deal.  It’s like playing with dynamite that has been defused.  I am gradually realizing that in the past I have built up expectations based on a perceived reality, then discovered my perceptions weren’t accurate.  It seems again to come back to the need to live in the moment.  Even my post worrying about what might happen because of what had happened previously was all projection.  It’s not living in the moment.  Reminder, reminder.  That’s not such a doozy of a lesson.  It’s the same one I keep learning over and over again.  This time it really doesn’t hurt at all.  So duh.

Here’s what happens when I have insomnia for over a month then start to get some sleep:  Yesterday I called a monocle a clavicle.  No shit.  At least the last three letters were the same.

I saw the movie Ishtar for the first time.  That is really a funny movie.  The blind camel takes the cake.

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