Doesn’t matter how you slice it

You can argue for or against the death penalty all you want, but the issue still comes down to acceptable forms of murder. If we murder someone for murdering someone else, we as a society are sanctioning the murder of the murderer. Alternatively, if we kill someone for doing something other than murder, we are sanctioning this form of murder as well. In either case, we are saying that it is okay to kill someone under those circumstances.

Go ahead.  Claim it is “the state” doing the murdering, like the state is some giant amorphous blob.  It’s not.  There is a human on the other end of the button or the needle or the trigger or whatever form of weapon is used to end the person’s life.  Sometimes there is a group of people, just like a corporation.  The state is comparable to the court system, in some regard.  Doesn’t matter.  Still comes down to an acceptable form of murder.

I’m not arguing for or against here.  I’m just pointing out that if you are for the death penalty, you sanction murder.  It is as simple as that.

lara’s pessimistic attitude

I did some research on home inspectors. In Oregon, they have to take 6 hours of classes and pass a 200 question test to become licensed. Then they have to take a class once a year. That’s it.

I have concluded that home sale inspections have been created as a way for home buyers to feel like they are doing their due diligence in home purchasing and to provide an easy way out of a sale if buyers get cold feet. In reality, I doubt they do much beyond that. I’m sure there are times they catch something important and it’s checked, but most of the time I bet they provide a lot of misinformation on what they think is there and miss a lot more that should be noticed. Otherwise why would construction defect law be the biggest area of law in Oregon? It sucks when an inspector does like mine did and said something was wrong when it wasn’t, but imagine if the electrical were on the verge of exploding or the sewer so backed up it barely functioned, but the inspector didn’t notice. Four months later the new homeowners are buried in exploded shit? THAT would be a travesty.

My counselor is retiring. I had my last appointment with her today. I will miss her. I liked having someone I could go and complain to for an hour a week. Maybe that’s why I’m so negative today. And yesterday. Nah. That’s not it. It’s my squirrelly life, that’s what it is.

It’s 3:24 in the afternoon. I think instead of doing something productive like working on this article I’ve been working on I’m going to go hide under my bed covers instead. That way when things go bad later I can blame fate and take no responsibility. Sounds fun.  I must not forget that I am the QUEEN of the Land of the Stupid People.  There is always that.