Giving Birth to a Kitten

I dreamed I gave birth to a kitten. Giving birth to the kitten was normal. It was black and white.  As it tried to nurse I realized that it was not the human I had been expecting. I remembered registering for baby things on Amazon.  I realized I would have to tell everyone that I did not need those things because I did not have a baby, I had a cat.  I knew why the birth had happened months before it should have, because the kitten’s gestational period was shorter than a baby’s.  I missed the baby that was not human.  I loved the kitten but was so sad it was not a human with arms and legs.

Damn weird dream.

4 thoughts on “Giving Birth to a Kitten

  1. OMG !!! last night I had almost the same dream of giving bith early to a white and black kitten !!! I’m in my 2nd trimester right now and havn’t been able to get this off my mind all day soooooo wierd !!!

  2. Okay! WEIRD! I just had this same dream last night. Did you have some deceit or trouble following shortly? Thats what dream dictionary says about a kitten in your dream.

    • well days after having my dream we miscarried I was 3 1/2 months pregnant.
      all I know the dream was so vivid and I just couldn’t get it out of my head on how it was related after looking it up I didn’t believe what I had read to this day I still think about it and even more so now we just found out a few days ago we’re prego again and I hope to never have a dream like that again

      how far along are you?
      good luck to you I hope everything works out.

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