Wishing for Change

I went and saw the movie W tonight and had the same feeling I have every time I see a movie like this. I wish to hell I could do something big and profound to help change things and then I end up feeling more pathetic and helpless than ever before.  All I’m good at is writing things, but I don’t know what to write that hasn’t been said that could actually make a difference.  I wish I could inspire people to want to help our world.  I wish I could help to heal the rifts between people.

A week ago I wrote an article on Huffington Post trying to get people to recognize our common humanity.  The result was more than my share of ugly emails and quite a few angry comments from people who missed the point entirely that we can be mad and want to change things without turning into them, the Sean Hannitys and Rush Limbaughs of the world.  We don’t have to be ugly to be angry.

I also realized that if I’m feeling this frustrated and unable to change, what must it be like for someone who has no artistic or other outlet?  I feel small and insignificant, like I can do so little, but at least I can write.  At least I do write.  But there are millions who don’t.  How are their voices heard?  I try to effect change in how I’m raising my child; I suppose others can do that too.  But what do we do in the short term?  How do we get our spirits back?  How do we all stop hating each other and being so polarized?  I don’t know the answer to that one.

One thought on “Wishing for Change

  1. Besides being inspired by your totally awesome (and correctly spelled) first name, your article on Huff Post did inspire me. I was a full-blown hater and demonizer of the “other” side for a few weeks, caught up in the inanity. Your article made me realize that’s not me, and as my favorite quote goes – “whatever you’re for strengthens you, and whatever you’re against weakens you”. I’ve stepped up my volunteer efforts – campaign and otherwise – and my life feels better. Your talent, writing, helped me use my talent, volunteering, to do a little good. It’s a domino effect.

    You might think you’re shouting into an empty hole, but people hear and listen. Working for a magazine, I know people only write in when they’re upset or don’t like something. For every one of those people, there are 100 who did like it. Keep your chin up!

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