I Don’t Get It

Here’s the thing I don’t get.  What damn difference does it make whether climate change is man-made or not?  If we know we can help slow its progress, why not do it, regardless whether we caused it? Why let it continue unabated until we are all dead simply because “it’s not our fault”?  Alaska is falling in the ocean.  Hurricanes are destroying cities and killing thousands every year.  Wet places are getting wetter. Dry places are getting drier.  Hot places are getting hotter.  Cold places are getting colder. Whether we caused it or not, it is happening.  The evidence of this is irrefutable.  We can slow these changes down, but we don’t want to because we didn’t do it?   Such thinking is ridiculous.

I know there are those who think that because we didn’t cause it, we can’t fix it.  Ample evidence exists to the contrary, but I doubt these naysayers will change their minds.  What does it hurt to try?  If by some anomaly we cannot affect the changes, we are certainly no worse off than if we did nothing; we are in exactly the same place.  But if we can affect the changes and do nothing, the results are going to be catastrophic.  They already are.

Every time I hear the discussion about whose fault it is, man or nature, I want to ask Who cares?  I just don’t get it.  Whose fault it is does not matter.  What does matter is whether we can change it and actually try to do so.

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