Fah Fah Away

030.jpgTomorrow morning my darling 1920 bungalow goes up for sale.  Once it is sold and Milla is done with school for the year I want to move far, far away from this city of unrequited love, toxic workplaces, illness, and too much unhappiness.  I loved Portland but it did not love me.

I have a friend who has had one thing after another after another after another happen to her here.  She wants to leave as well, but she told me she is worried somewhere else might be just as bad.  I told her if somewhere else is just as bad, then she wouldn’t have anything different, and it could very likely be better.  If it’s worse, well…  I guess I just figure I need to try.  Portland and I have worn out our welcomes on each other.

I am a tidy person, so it was not much difficult getting the place looking spiffy so I can sell it.  I touched up paint and finished some long overdue projects.  Today I spruced up the outdoors.  Luckily the weather has been quite springlike so it was easy to get things done.  I actually mowed the lawn for the first time this year.  I planted some flowers in pots that have been empty all winter.  I swept and blew with the leaf blower.  The house actually is quite lovely.  I will be sad to see it go.  Too bad I cannot pick it up and put it in another city.

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