Random Period Rant

Periods suck. Yeah, yeah.  I know. I’m supposed to be all proud for my gender that I can give birth and shit and blah blah blah.  But I hate that I turn into some sort of mental fucking freak show for ten days or so a month, that my boobs feel like they are in a vice grip, I bloat like some fat sodden log, and I want to eat sugar, big bowls of it, when I normally can’t stand sweets.  It’s annoying.  All so I can keep the little old estrogen flowing and looking fresh and chipper for thirty five odd years or so.  Yuck.  Annoying crap.  While I’m at it, let me complain about the other bullshit woman stuff like yeast infections and bladder infections and that it is impossible to masturbate whenever and wherever we want to like men can.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like being a woman, but sometimes the plumbing is a little annoying.  That’s just all there is to it.

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