Dogs.  I swear part of the reason they live with us is to cheer us up.  Yes, I know that is totally human centric, but it’s true.  I have spent all morning in a funk.  My little pack has been sitting around me, hovering and waiting for pets and lovies.  Just now I got up from sitting and writing and the three of them went running along with me.  The greyhound tapped her feet.  The chihuahua spun in circles.  Molly just hung out watching.  All of them had doggy smiles.  They cheered me up.  Now Piper is spinning around on the floor on his tummy with his back legs stuck out behind him.  It’s pretty hard to stay in a funk with three dogs doing their best to make you smile.  Funny, I went to type in Dogs on the tags line and typed Gods instead.  I think there is something to that.

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