Every day brings me closer to the decision to move.  I think I’m finally completely there. I have a realtor I spoke to in the fall.  I’m planning to call him this afternoon.  There are also several house things I need to finish that I can work on while I’m unemployed…in between writing pointless blogs and working on my book and articles.

This place does not like me, in spite of my liking it.  It’s kind of like unrequited love with a place.  Unrequited love is my theme.  I am ready for a new theme.  I want a place that loves me.  I want a job that loves me.  I want a man who loves me.  And I am so ready to love them in return.  I just don’t want to be the one doing all the work anymore.

So while taking the steps to leave, I’m searching for somewhere new.  I’m curious where that will be.

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