Fly Me to Anywhere

Put me on a plane and fly me to anywhere.  The Augustana songwriter who penned the words to this song lived winters as I do.  I read some of the forums after the lyrics on a few sites.  Lots of people commented that it was about loving someone who is suicidal, and while this interpretation is valid I heard the song differently.  You don’t have to be buried in actual pills and blood from your slashed wrists to have the feeling that you will die if you stay where you are, and that the death does not have to be literal.  How many people walking around are the living dead, medicating themselves with things, pills, obesity, illness, and on and on and on and on.  This song gets under my skin.  I just want to get on a plane and fly anywhere.  Not away from anywhere.  Not to anywhere.  Just to be in the sky and marvel that humanity has made it possible to lift our physical body miles in the air.