Ha, Indeed

Discover insights about your posts! I can give them some insights: no one reads them and I rarely post them anymore. I’m at that point where the kicking in the ribs has left me not really trying to get up anymore, and writing requires one to be upright. I’m not skilled enough to write lying on my side in a heap. If I felt perky enough to roll over on my belly and prop myself up on my elbows, I could probably muster something, but even that is too much effort. I did try an anti-curse spell. Either it didn’t work or I wasn’t cursed. I tend to think it was the former.

So yeah. Not writing so much.

There were a few flurries of writing in the spring and summer. Not on this blog, but on writing I’ve been working on. I even wrote a 6000 word essay in under two hours. But somehow worry about paying the bills makes it so I can’t write and since worry about paying the bills is a 24 hour endeavor, I can’t write. The two go hand in hand.

The only reason this got written, this pithy, expressive piece with so much promise (HA!) is because I read an article about audiobook readers and wanted to write a comment on it. It made me log into wordpress and then since I was in wordpress I saw my stats and the exhortation that I could “Discover insights about [my] posts!” and then that led to this. Isn’t it helpful to know the path I took leading to this, you one reader who might find it someday? Insights into the mind of a blob.

Ha, indeed.

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