I Can’t Buy the One of a Kind Bible

Someone can see the skill in the paintings I write. This is what one of the comments in my spam queue says. I’m going to have to examine the paintings I write and try to see what skill this person is seeing. I just don’t see it.

Today I saw an ad for a one-of-a-kind Bible that someone was selling. It was $10,000,000 or best offer because it’s the rarest Bible ever. It was signed by Jesus, Satan, and God.

God said, “Stay cool, Jesus!!” –God.

Jesus said, “Have a good summer” –Jesus

Satan said, “Always nice to meet a fan. You are the ones who keep me going!” –Satan

Too bad I don’t have ten million dollars lying around or I’d buy this. Obviously it’s a collector’s item. I don’t think they’d accept any offer I could make. It would be way below ten million dollars. Maybe I could trade for one of the skilled paintings I write.

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