Sixteen years ago today this angel left, her spirit flying off to shine in other worlds. She has been gone many more years than she was here. The time I had with her feels so short now. Yet despite this brevity, she was such a quintessential part of my time in this world that I can’t reflect on my life without considering her time in it. I no longer grieve her loss every day, but I do think of her often, and I miss her. I know I have forgotten more than I remember. I wish she had lived when video cameras were ubiquitous so that I could bathe in those everyday moments that are so common, yet seem to be the first to leave our memories.

Autumn, you brought me joy. You gave my life direction and focus. You made me want to be better than my upbringing. I’m finally at a place where the thought of your death doesn’t bring me to tears, and thoughts of your life still bring a smile. I will never forget you. You were so beautiful, inside and out.

I love you. I miss you, always.

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