2021 is not 2013

This blog. I had these old posts on another page. I wanted to move them to the main page so my daughter could use the old page so I did and then it sent out emails of posts added. I doubt anyone noticed they were from 2013. A lot of what is said on them doesn’t apply anymore, although some of it has gotten worse, such as the post worrying about humans driving the planet over a cliff. That one applies. My little Ferdinand has graduated from college with three degrees on a full ride scholarship. I’m not terribly concerned she wasn’t an overachiever. and I don’t have time for a boyfriend, or the desire to put up with one. This blog has served in some respect as a diary of time passing. Random thoughts, indeed. For a long time it didn’t seem like things changed, but now some things have changed and I’m glad for the changes.

In any case, if any reader happened to get a multitude of posts from me today, all of them but this one are over 8 years old, just so you know.

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