Why I’m Not Voting

My essay got published on Huffington Post. However, I must admit that since they changed their platform, it is much easier to do. All of my prior articles were approved by editors. This time they just published it, so maybe it’s not such a big deal. In any case, I wrote it.

Why I’m Not Voting
by Lara M. Gardner

I used to be a good little Progressive. I was out stumping for the vote, actively pursuing participation by everyone, doing my best to get everyone to work for change. After the 2008 elections, I partied for Barack Obama, I cheered in the streets with millions, certain his election promises would be just what everyone had been waiting for. In spite of some obvious problems staring me right in the face, I believed.

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7 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Voting

  1. I was thinking it made sense to go vote and spoil the ballot. I had not considered the historic examples you gave of South Africa and Cuba et al. Think I agree with you.

  2. Excellent article!!!!
    I would add voter registration is the ultimate junk mail list!!! The voter rolls are public record. Consumer protections for mass market mailing and telemarketing do not apply to the voter rolls.
    What would you do if you lived in Australia where voting is compulsory?

  3. I read Mark Smith’s article and had to laugh at those apologists for voting who, even in the “hypothetical” situation in which their votes would be subsequently flushed down the toilet, would still feel the need to exercise their duty. You and Mark give excellent reasons for not supporting this war-hungry government; I have never voted (always conveniently out of the country) but will never do so for spiritual reasons. Innocent human beings killed as collateral is not something I will ever sanction. Thank you for writing this.

  4. I first read this article on Counter Punch, and I went to go reference it again and the page could no longer be found. What do you know about this situation?

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