9 thoughts on “Shame on America

    • Sort of. Same racial issues. It’s capitalism. Capitalism and profits above all else. Lives don’t matter to capitalism. It doesn’t matter what color they are or where they are from or how old they are, when profits rule, none of it matters, and in America, profit is above all else.

  1. Maybe it is finally time we can talk about the character of Mike Brown. You know, the young man that thought it was acceptable to steal cigars. The young man that then assaulted the shopkeeper that tried to stop him. Let’s talk about the character of Brown, and the words he first exchanged with the officer in the street. Or why don’t we discuss Michael Brown, after the robbery, choosing to punch a police officer in the face. Who does that? Is it time to discuss Brown taunting the officer, after he struck him, when the officer pulled his gun? Is it too early, or off limits, to talk of Brown then trying to take the gun away from Wilson. A fine, upstanding young man, Brown.

    • There is no evidence he punched anyone except Wilson’s say so, and there are witnesses who say otherwise. Wilson has a reason to lie; the witnesses have none. And since when are cigars worth more than a life? What is wrong with this world is that people like you think it is okay to END A LIFE over something as silly as a cigar. People like you believe murderers. Have you seen the footage of the people watching Michael Brown getting shot? Have you seen their shock and horror as they exclaim, “He was running away! His hands are in the air!”? Since when it is okay to KILL someone for this? Life is more valuable than property, and that cop had NO IDEA about the cigars at the time he shot him, yet even if he did, since when is a fucking CIGAR worth more than a HUMAN LIFE?

      Wasted in America, indeed. Your name suits you.

      • I don’t think anyone should be killed over cigars and it’s a real shame when any. What I don’t understand why you are saying he was shot in the back. 3 different coroner’s, one hired by Mike Brown’s family all said the same thing, no gunshot wounds to his back, so either he wasn’t shot in the back or 3 different independant coroner’s are lying. All the evidence (recorded video and audio of witness staments) have shown that the witnesses changed their stories multiple times. All of this doesn’t change the fact of Mike Brown’s character… he stole from a store, pushed the store owner and also a kid at the store (all on video) and after beating on the cop and refusing to listen when said cop said stop, get on the ground and he decided to charge the cop, that’s when he was finally shot dead. This is on video happening. Mike Brown’s character and moral fiber was already in question before he was shot and before he had the face to face with the cop. Again I agree it sucks when someone is killed, but from what I’ve read (official released testimony from witnesses) if Mike Brown would have stopped when told my a law enforement officer, he would still be alive today.

      • According to your argument, only the victim is responsible. You have a backward view of how things are supposed to go. The police are not supposed to shoot first and ask questions later. This cop chased this black boy because he was black. He did not know about the cigars, and even if he had, the punishment did not fit the crime. Police officers are designed to protect public order. They have a responsibility to use the least violent option in any confrontation, and they are supposedly trained to do that. While their job is certainly stressful, you can’t have people with PTSD running around supposedly protecting the public order. When you read the transcripts, it sounds like Wilson’s defense was, “Well I was so panicked and terrified.” He certainly capitalized on this idea of “Big Mike.” But remember, Darren Wilson and Mike Brown are the same size. You wouldn’t have guessed that based on the transcript. This panic about the hulking predator, if that is your feeling, then you shouldn’t be a police officer. It’s not a description of an accountable state actor. And the notion that police are state actors is lost here. You see this in this general sense that [many people believe] the police have to do whatever they can to protect themselves. But that is not their mission. That’s a complete misstatement of their duty. Public safety is their mission, not their own. It is almost an old fashioned sacrificial mission that is entirely lost in this sense of, We are at war and we are soldiers. We shoot first and ask questions later.

  2. P.S., there are medical examiner pictures of the officers face after the incident showing it red and swollen, including his ears red and bleeding. Are you saying those are faked?

    • I didn’t realize you were part of the grand jury. You were there? You saw them? Or did you see something some news outlet claims was real? As in many of these trials, like the Trayvon Martin case and Jordan Davis, the public seems to feel that the victim is the person who needs to be prosecuted. And reading the transcript [in the Wilson case], it was so blatant.

      This cop had a gun. His victim had none. At the very least, there should be a trial with evidence presented that allows a jury to sift through allowable evidence and present a case. This prosecutor did not do his job. One of the functions of a prosecutor is to prioritize, to make a case that there is reasonable cause. McCulloch didn’t do that. He chose to present a mess with no attempt to persuade. That’s what prosecutors are supposed to do, and he didn’t do that. He emptied several bales of hay and told the jury to go sort through it. Relevance and focus is absolutely what you need to create a case. He didn’t try to create a case. If he had a strategy, it seemed to be more about acting like a defense attorney. And because prosecutors so often use police as their witnesses, there is a tendency in many prosecutors — and you saw this really dominate here — to feel that the police are on the same side as the prosecution. While in fact, the prosecutor’s duty is to the people. That’s why the courts are styled as “the people” versus a particular defendant. It is not “the police” versus a particular defendant. McCulloch’s duty is to the public space, to all the people of the state. Not the police. That distinction, of the prosecutor representing the public and not police interests, seems to have been erased. And that conflation seems to have driven this grand jury presentation.

  3. No I was not on the grand jury. I watched live on TV when the prosecutor came out and gave the grand jury desision and before he gave that, he read what seemed like a pretty detailed account of what the grand jury went through during the 27 days of going through evidence, asking questions, requesting meetings with various witnesses, etc. He also said everything would be released to the public. By all means if the prosecutor screwed something up, he should be held accountable or learn how to do his job correctly. The prosecutor said in his live statement that all 3 independant autopsy reports showed no gun shots to Mike Brown’s back and that there are photos to back this up, so unless the body has already been buried or cremated, this could be looked at again. He also said there are police radio recordings that confirm he was infact aware of a black male who had shop lifted in the area. You and I could go back and forth all day on this, however you being a licensed attorney and me just a working class citizen, you are more skilled in running around in circles with law stuff then me. All things considered, even before Mike Brown was shot, you have to admit his moral character was in question… he did steal from a store, this is undisputed, he pushed the store employee and a child down, this is undisputed and on video. Do I think Mike Brown should have been shot to death? No, I think it could have been avoided. I did see a cell phone video taken at the scene that shows Mike Brown beating the cops ass in his patrol vehicle, then it shows him backing away yelling at the cop. It also shows the cop telling Mike Brown to stop and get on the ground. This was repeated many times before the final leathal shot was fired. I saved this video before it was removed from the internet, so if you’d like I can email it to you for review no problem. I also agree that our legal system is filled with flaws. I’m sure you see this every day being an attorney and maybe even use those flaws to your clients benefit. If you or anyone isn’t happy with how the prosecutor handled things, does it make sense to go out looting your community, burning buildings and causing all sorts of other problems by breaking laws? No, it does not. Would you approve if a client of yours (black or white) wasn’t happy with how a bankruptcy case turned out and went on a rampage like others have done? My original comment wasn’t bringing up anything about who shot who or what the prosecutor did right or wrong. It was only pointing out that people are saying Mike Brown’s character is being attacked. There is a lot more to this story and we will probably never know all the details. If you want to see the pictures of Darrin Wilson’s beat up face, just Google search “michael brown beats cop” and see for yourself. Everything and anything can be faked these days. As Freddie Mercury of Queen said in a classic song, “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” We’ll never know…

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