This is Completely Bizarre

My friend and I were fooling around on Meetup. I would put in a term to search for groups and see what Meetup came up with. I put in the term Sociopath. Meetup came up saying, “There aren’t any sociopath meet ups near Portland just yet.” Meetup then offered some alternatives that are slightly close and might suit me. Note what choices it offered:

Screen shot

It offered Investment EducationWealth CreationBusiness Strategy and Networking, and Professional Networking. Isn’t it ironic that Meetup thinks a sociopath group would fit with these business groups?

7 thoughts on “This is Completely Bizarre

    • Your comment Lara stuns me, Being a trauma, PTSD and DV survivor, I don’t understand your comment. What type of adventure would you recommend after a woman in front of her kids gets her throat slit or beaten in the head with a mallet only to suffer irreversible brain injury..oh but never mind -she is dead, she cant go on an adventure. And you think this is funny?. Real funny..

      • It has nothing to do with the trauma survivor. It’s the fact it lists Financial planners, investment education, professional networking, and business strategy and networking. It’s not much of a stretch to find this rather amusing considering the state our nation is in thanks to the financial wizardry likely attributable to many sociopaths.

  1. well, have to confess I’ve always regarded dedicated networkers to be sociopaths so I suggest we score five stars for this Meetup thingy. And hey, kiddo, did I not read somewhere on your blog about unsatisfactory online dating experiences? And here you go again???? Hmm . . . maybe there’s a splash of sociopath in your own dark mind. Maybe I’d better undo my Following? Bloody trolls everywhere (mutters he darkly as he retreats back into anonymity land) . . .

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