Dans La Maison is soooo good.

Seat C4. Why didn’t I do anything? I should have at least looked up at the bathroom window wall, dang it.

I love Isabel.

It’s cold today.

My jeans, the ones I wanted to wear, had a smear of chocolate on the front. How did it get there? Oh, I know. I was sneaking pieces of dark chocolate in the movie theater the other night and must have spilled. So now they are in the dryer, after first being in the washer.

I still call the refrigerator icebox although I don’t believe we ever had a real icebox. Actually, my grampa might have and I spent summers with him and the uncles and aunt. They would tickle me until I peed. My mom was oldest, and they were teens when I was a child.

Baby is crying. Time to go.

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