Not Much Done

Yet another day where it is over and I did not finish what I set out to finish.  I did manage to complete one petition and start another, but that is all.  I also made a pot of chickens soup, which is good since all of us are fighting some wretched sore throat that has gone on for days and days.  I actually stayed home and slept half the day away because of it, which really cuts into completing all I wanted to.  No Rosetta Stone.  Nothing on the story I’m writing.  No cello practice.  Very little on the Eric Siblin interview transcript I need to complete.  I played a lot with Isabel.  I spent some time with Milla.  I hope at the end of the day (figuratively), that this is enough.

Corporate Tax Dodgers

Go to this link to sign a petition to congress requesting that they stop all corporate tax havens.  I doubt they will care (I’m a cynic in that regard), but hey, it can’t hurt, right?