The Garden by Joan Miro

I obviously love this painting, I’ve been using it as my page art for a couple of years now.  It is so whimsical.  I can imagine the bird in the tree chirping to the other birds nearby, “This is my place!”  Below, plants sway and lean towards the sun, while insects pause in their grazing.  Hidden beneath fronds another bird waits, dreaming of flowers.  A woman hesitates at the entrance to the garden, surveying all that lies before her. The sun, a star, gazes overhead.

Wedding Candles by Marc Chagall

This is such a perfect, whimsical celebration!  The couple moves through the town, candles flickering, the cellist and drummer play, angel goat watches, drinking red wine, birds dance while couples embrace. What more could you ask for on your wedding day?

Favorite Scene in a Movie

One of my favorite scenes from a movie is during Fried Green Tomatoes after Kathy Bates has rammed the little car that took her parking spot, the two young drivers of the car come out and she says Sorry, girls.  I’m older and I have more insurance.

I love it.