Pointless ramble of the day:

I have a feeling I might turn into a giant avocado.  I have been eating at least one a day for over a month now.  They are the perfect snack–they fill me up and kill any carb craving I might have been experiencing, and they are so delicious.  Plus they are such a lovely, green color inside; sometimes yellow when not quite ripe enough, all the way to a deep, unripe apple green.  Milla and Isabel enjoy them as well.  I wonder though, what will become of the three dozen or so avocado pits we have tossed into the shrubbery next to the house, if they will sprout and become mini avocado plants that won’t bloom because it is too cold here, or if they will just die away.

One thought on “Avocados

  1. I love avocados too, a nice guacamole with tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper is so yummy! (But don’t eat so many of them that you get allergic, like I did with mangoes!) If you did end up with an avocado orchard in a few years, selling avocados could provide a nice supplemental income…

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