This weekend Milla had a concert in Newburg.  I realized after getting down there that I was imagining McMinnville when I was thinking of the city and deciding what to bring with me while I waited around three hours for her performance.  Unfortunately, Newburg is a lot smaller than McMinnville.  There was nothing to do.  I regretted having no book or work or computer with me.  Isabel slept a lot of the time, so I just sat in the classroom where Milla’s stuff was while she was in the green room until her performance.  Boring.  The funny thing is that when I arrived home I was so tired.  I don’t know why driving a while and then doing nothing for several hours is so exhausting, but it is.  I wish I would have had more time this weekend to accomplish something productive (like writing, or sewing, or cleaning the house).  Ah well.  It’s the end of the weekend and I need to go to bed.

As an aside, Milla’s playing and the symphony were both lovely.  She played well and has definitely improved playing with this group. She also has a new teacher who has been very good for her.  We are looking forward to the knowledge and skills she will gain working with this new instructor.

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