Pure Med Spa, Brite Smile, Crooks All

I finally started the article I have been planning to write for over a year.  Every two or three days another comment comes in on the company detailing further bad acts.  Over and over people tell stories of failed treatments, closed doors, lost money, and injuries.  I have been called by Jeff Nourse.  I have spoken to employees and customers.  An attorney general called me to ask what I knew about the company’s practices.  A local Portland television station profiled a victim of Pure Med Spa and called to get my input.  A financier in New York called because the CEO and CFO had contacted him to borrow money.  Basic research led him to this site and to me.  Along the way Pure Med changed to Brite Smile, and the stories continued.  More money lost.  More people harmed.

It is time to get the word out that this company is a public health hazard.  When another story popped into my inbox tonight, I stopped reading my book, pulled out the computer, and started working on the story.  The words are flowing.  I am going to write about this disaster of a company who steals its customers’ money, disfigures and scars their bodies, and runs rampant over its employees.  Then I am going to submit the story to every major woman’s magazine in this country.  Hopefully one of them will realize that this story is a big one, and that in order to protect consumers, the story needs to be told so that no one gives them another penny and nobody else gets hurt.

Some people have asked me Why aren’t these people in jail?  They are crooks!  They hurt me!  They stole my money! Why indeed.  Something needs to happen to stop them before someone else gets hurt.  If we can’t jail them, at least I can try and stop them with my words.

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  1. Thanks for the expose. I wish I had found your blog before I became a client of the Pure Medspa at the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square. The manager when I walked in for a consultation was uber friendly and sold me a $3000 package of Trinity laser sessions, hair removal and Botox. I had 2 treatments , both from different aestheticians, and it was clear after the second one that the first woman didn’t know how to properly operate the equipment. I made sure to schedule my next appointment with the experienced aesthetician, received an email confirmation of my appointment and showed up. I was told that the laser was broken and I would need to reschedule and was promised a facial for my trouble. My next appointment ended in a similar way except this time the laser was fixed and at another location. The third time, after another email confirmation I showed up and the spa was closed. I called the Beverly Hills location who told me that they had just moved upstairs in the mall. When I went to find out what was going on and how I could receive the services I had paid for, I discovered there was no Pure Medspa upstairs but another salon called Aspect that didn’t even have the laser treatments I paid for. The manager there said she would promptly locate my file which was in storage and get back to me. That was in November, 5 months ago and I’m still waiting. I should consider myself lucky though because although they have my money and the treatments did not have any effect on my hair removal or facial rejuvenation as promised, at least I wasn’t permanently injured or disfigured as some women have been.

    • I purchased thousands of dollars of worth of treatments with Pure Med Spa/Britesmile in Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. Earlier this year, they closed their doors without warning, leaving consumers high and dry. I filed a complaint with my local BBB, and there isn’t much they can do. I noticed that there were 18 complaints filed. 8 were classified as no response and 10 were classified as unpursuable because this store went out of business. I am now researching and trying to figure out how to get my money back. I still have most of my receipts. It’s so frustrating.

      Thanks for the warnings. I wish that I had seen this before I spent my money.

  2. I have a similar story. Paid $1000 for laser treatments 8 months ago, have received ONE session, and today, when I was supposed to receive my second, guess what…? No med-spa. Phone is disconnected. Toll free phone number doesn’t work.

    I went to this company for treatments because my esthetician worked there. Because I know her, I became privy to inside information, such as the fact that her whole entire office had been working without receiving their PAY for 4 MONTHS. I kept telling her to quit, that they would not give her the pay, but she kept holding on. And now, the doors are closed.

    How can these people get away with running a business like this?

    Thank you for trying to bring this to peoples’ attention. I’ll try to help if I can. I can put you in contact with employees who have yet to be payed.

  3. I am a very hardworking 24 year old male that recently has been the victim of this horribly corrupt medical spa company that has locations across the country. I have been in the sales business for several years, and cannot believe that all of my hard work has brought me to the point of ranting online about my experience. This company constantly screw their patients and employees out of services and wages, then close down the doors to avoid having to pay anything back. I worked with the company for about 5 months, and during my employment only 1 of my paychecks ever reached my bank account without bouncing. On one occasion, I had no other option than to cash my check at a check cashing company because my regular checking account was overdrawn due to bad checks from the company. A couple weeks after cashing the check, I was informed that it had bounced. My employers never paid the outstanding amount and consequently I now have a court judgment on my record for over $2000. The company has since closed down once again and I have no other options for obtaining those funds and clearing my record. However, I am not alone in this horrible situation. My dear friend, and previous manager is now unemployed due to the recent and sudden closure, and has never received the $5000 in wages the company owed her. She kept working with the company waiting to be paid and constantly was told that her pay would arrive soon. Management has disconnected their numbers and are starting the process of re-opening spas with different names in Washington. Aside from the hardworking employees that were terminated with no warning, patients basically had the rug pulled from under their feet as well. During the last few days of my employment, I sold several large packages to clients totaling over $5000 each in some cases. These patients will not be able to receive refunds. The company has a “no-refund” policy that even applies in the event of a medical issue such a burn or malpractice issue. This company must be stopped. There are people out there that have no idea about this corrupt company, and will no doubt fall prey to their horrible and malicious business practices. If you google “Pure MedSpa” or even “Brite Smile MedSpa” you will see the numerous complaints from customers, including this blog. I have tried filing a suit with BOLI (bureau of labor industries) but they were unable to help me because the company is no longer in business. Louise Talbott, Jeff Nourse, Shay Sim, and Dimitra Walker were all my supervisors and must be stopped. They act innocent as if they have no clue what is going on, but the truth is they are very aware of what this company does. I will never forget these people that made my job hell. Truthfully, I hope they all get put in jail.

  4. I had a $6000 package (for 3 people, my husband , my daughter and me)… And it is gone…

    A very dishonnest company, they are now under a new name ,Pinnacle Alderwood, phone number ;425 778 8844.

    It is the same company, because Dimitra Walker still work there, she is still trying to sell you packages of treatments like she did when they were at the mall… i think this woman is really dishonnest…

    • isabelle,
      im 45,ooo in the hole .just recently got money back from care credit i had the attorney general write them a letter and thet responded to a refund but capital one refuses and thats bull shit so i need to get a attorney is anyone interested in working with me???

      • Yes, I am in Washington and am fed up dealing with Brightsmile, Pinnacle, and now “iBody” there newest name. Dealing with the scam artists Dimitri at Alderwood and Dori at Redmond along with my credit card company and finally need to pursue legal action. I would like to meet up get an attorney.

    • yes I have also been scamed, how do these people sleep at night?. I bought a $5000.00 package that they can never seem to get me in, they have canceled my apt for
      laser treatments for 5 months and Its a year package.
      They called once again and said the laser was broken, ya right. I also bought $1000.00 package of botox that i never got and they are disputing it with my bank,lip treatments ect… that if i give them more money they say they will honer the packages that i have already purchased. these people need to be in jail

  5. So glad you are writing this article. It is long overdue. I worked there as well and what I saw and witnessed was just horrible. We never got paid on time, when I’d go to the bank to cash the check the teller always told me there were no funds to cover it. I saw vendors not getting paid, yet we were told to order more from them. Knowing what was going to happen, I would just lie and say vendors wanted prepayment for any merchandise. It’s not like Jeff or Louise would actually call them themselves!

    The thing nobody seems to understand is WHERE WAS THE MONEY GOING!? The company actually did sales. There were some funds coming in. Why was it so hard to make a few payrolls and make rent when some of these spas were actually profitable? I think we all know why. Something needed to fund Jeff and Louise’s “activities” outside work.

    I hope this article gets published and I hope that light is shed on these two criminals that stole from customers, employees, vendors and investors. I hope it prevents Jeff or Louise from ever pulling another one of these dirty, rotten deals again. Good luck to you!

  6. I am an attorney in San Francisco and am involved in litigation against BriteSmile, which is the company that bought Pure Med Spa out of bankruptcy. BriteSmile is, as of April, in bankruptcy in Florida.

    For purposes of my lawsuit I am trying to get addresses for Louise Talbot and Jeff Nourse. The corporate addresses do not work anymore; they have moved out.

    I was told that Louise Talbot owns a medspa in the Dallas area. Does anyone know anything about this?

    I would appreciate whatever information I can get.


    • Hi Mitchell:
      Not sure if this is of interest to you or not. I was given this information from an attorney in Chicago that is taking Jeff to court in Canada:

      Jeff Nourse
      Ontario Inc.
      395 Queen St.
      West Toronto, Ontario

      Kate McGee
      former General Manager
      BriteSmile Boston

    • I don’t know if this will help but Louise Talbott is currently running a med spa called Renew Med Spa Dallas TX at North Park Center (Mall). The number to the Spa is 2143691600 and she has receptionist screen the phone calls to make sure that no one will harass her. She has asked that should someone call and ask who the owner is not to mention her name. I hope this helps.

    • I contacted Louise Talbot and apparently has recieved aloty of phone calls and her recpetionist is very ruid. I spent thousands of dollars and was a customer for over 3 years at brite smile. I don’t know how honest people can give there credict cards purchase gift certificates and then go to the office to use the card .All the numbers our disconnected. The boutiques brite smile stores our all shut down. They have not did the honest thing in making a statment towards all the customers or thoses that recently several months ago purchased in good faith gift certificates. How can they do this ? Is there anything any of us out there can do legally to get other information or put a judgement against the company or form a complaint list with peoples name and fight back for whats fair I thought this actr was against the law in the United States PEOPLE WAKE UP !!!!!

      Maria Tsitouris
      Medical Field

      • I also live in WA, do you have that number to an attorney and you had mentioned that Care Credit got you your money back?? I spent quite a bit on a lasering package and it never worked. It didn’t work the whole time and they I kept telling them. Now of course shaving everyday and they are out of business. I would love your help.

      • Federal law allows you to dispute any credit card purchase for 60 days after the charge. If you did not get what you paid for, dispute it through Care Credit.

    • Louise Talbot is actually living at the spa and hiding out as we speak. She doesn’t own a car or phone (rumor has it) and has all of her clothes at the spa where she resides. I had the misfortune of working with this character and have to say she if the most corrupt, disrepectful supervisor I have ever knocked heads with. After a short while I resigned due to shady and unethical business practices and because all of the employees that were getting screwed over looked to me for answers. I’ve reported her to BBB, Attorney General and watchdog groups…let’s see what happens. As you probably already know, she is living and ripping people off at Renew Med Spa at North Park Center in Dallas, Texas 214.369.1600 and she really does screen the calls and flips out on employees that reveal her name and that she is in fact the owner. We really need to take this person down. Definitely the most disturbing professional experience I’ve ever had. Good luck to you!!

    • Mitchell, I have some important information for you. Please give me a number or email I may contact you at. Want to talk to you privately.

  7. http://renewbeautymedspa.com/location.php

    Louise ‘s Spa location in Dallas .

    Did you hear she sold $400 000 worth of Groupons last week!

    Even after they screwed people with Britesmile Groupon lets them do it again. They will not stop. They are like drug addicts, in my opinion of course. I also think it is a shame that people can behave this way and get away with it. The truth is Their behavior is the norm in the corporate world. It is just rare that you get to point the finger at someone directly responsible. Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbot are ruthless and criminal. And they will find another piece of shit company to screw over somewhere else

  8. Lara,
    Please contact me using the email address I have posted. My company owns the Britesmile trademarks and all intellectual property. Unfortunately, BSML, Inc / Pure / Pure MedSpa / Jeff Nourse and company have completely damaged our brand. I want people to know that my company, Discus Dental is in no way shape or form connected to BSML Inc or Pure or any other name they might be using. In fact, my company filed a lawsuit against Jeff Nourse and his company last year. We too have been victims to their business practice.

    We are desperately trying to keep them from using our Britesmile trademark. They are currently in bankruptcy proceedings in Florida. Hopefully a judge there can stop them from hurting any more people.

  9. I decided to google Pure Med Spa, Brite Smile to see if there was any current information out about them. I too am a victim of their bad business practices. I paid them $1480. for some lazer hair removal. I received one treatment at Clackamas Town Center in Clackamas, Oregon, before finding out that they had closed their doors. My heart sank at the thought that they went out of business. Later I found out they had just moved to another location. At this new building, I received two treatments before finding out their phone was disconnected and their doors were locked. Again, anxiety and anger set in. I couldn’t believe they just disappeared without warning. Apparently their employees knew nothing of the closure as well. Supposedly one employee is still owed two pay checks. My story is similiar to those already posted, but just wanted to add one more victim’s story. I paid the $1480. in Nov. 2009 and they closed their door in Clackamas, Oregon in April 2010. They had a shop at Washington Square as well which is also closed down. It would be great if the owners actually reimbursed customers and paid for any damages they may have caused people through their own greed and bad business practices. Searching for answers.

  10. I too am a victim, $4000 worth of treatments sold to me by Dimitri Walker just before closing their doors and leaving me high and dry. They opened under a new name Alderwood med spa. I contacted Medchoice credit card company and now they say the new company WILL continue to provide all treatments I paid for.
    Thank God . So if you charged thru Medchoice,,,contact them.

    • I spent nearly $7000 on services from Britesmile in Washington state before they went out of business. I disputed these charges with Medchoice sending them copies of my paperwork. First a salesperson from medchoice called me and tried to get me to switch services to American Laser to avoid issuing me a refund and when I declined they refused to issue me a refund telling me that Britesmile had only moved locations and were still offering services under their new name, Pinnacle. First of all, if you search American Laser on the complaint boards they are “almost” as scandalous at cheating customers as Britesmile and there is a joint lawsuit againt Medchoice and American Laser for scamming an 80 year old lady in the news. Next Pinnacle/Britesmile break several Washington state laws about conducting treatments on clients and refuse to follow state standards. I was sold many treatments and recieved laser services without any doctor consultation, on premise, and later found out that the person who performed the treatment I recieved liscense had expired.I really wish I had done research a year ago. Thirdly, they are honoring only some services, certain days of the week, and you must pay a $50 fee at every visit and purchase additional treatment. That does not really seem like they are continuing to honor services, just figuring out a sneaky way to get out of refunding money. Also, can someone please explain to me how Britesmile has their website up and running still?? I just checked today and they are offering “new” special offers that don’t expire till the end of July. How are they still scamming people on the internet and able to take money that way? Does anyone with any power out there care enough to put an end to this??

      • joelle
        pls call me at 425 802-4166 im in wa also
        we need to hire a attorney to fight our credit cards and get money back from jeff nourse

      • For those of you in WA state: Fredrick Ockerman in Kirkland is a very good consumer rights atty. See my post way below for more info. Sorry you were scammed by the bastards. Good luck to you.

  11. Louise Talbot is working in Dallas TX now. If someone with balls in that area would please go over there with a warrant for her arrest once and for all!!!! I heard there is a swindlers phone # for Dallas police I will contact, and I hope others will. We have to act fast or she will move on.

    They answer sometimes as Radiance or Radiant Medspa, but the business name is still listed as:

    Renew Beauty MedSpa
    8687 N. Central Expwy.
    Dallas TX 75225


    • email me. I use to work for her…. She is the fucking devil in disguise…. I want to report her… I have plenty of info.

  12. I too am very upset and a victim of their poor business practices and customer service. I purchased a $1000.00 package at their encouragement and savvy sales tactics, recieived one treatment and now am very disgrunteled at finding that ALL of the numbers listed on their website are disconnected! Thankfully I am hopeful to see that one gal in Washington State (425 778 8844) supposedly has opened another Med Spa who I am told will honor the packages…Im still waiting for a call back….I just want my treatment (not at the expense of someone unskilled or untrained mind you) or my money back.
    Please let me know if there is a class action suit as I would like to participate if I have no resolution.
    Thank you!

  13. I am in the same situation. prepaid $1300 for laser services.I went back for my 2nd session and there doors where closed. all the phone numbers where disconected and i have not been able to get a hold of anyone. the worst part was that i tried to do a stop payment on my credit card and they rebuttled submitting a receipt when they never delivered any services- this is so unfair. iS anyone fileling a class action suit-please contact me.

  14. Oh my goodness.. is it true that this lady owns the renew spa in dallas because they have another Groupon on there today! someone should warn these people! I can’t believe groupon would let them continue when they’ve ripped off so many people!!

  15. Wow, I am totally surprised to read these reviews. I bought one of Renew’s Groupons a few weeks ago and had my first laser hair removal treatment. The spa seems clean and safe. The receptionist was definitely rude, but I met this Louise and she seemed nice and attentitve. The only problem I had was that they double booked my appointment so I had to come back a different day, which wasn’t a huge deal because I don’t live far from Northpark.

    All in all my experience was satisfactory. But I will definitely keep an eye out.

    fyi: There is another Dallas Groupon for them today, for facials.

  16. OK, so I contacted Pinacle in Washington State- Alderwood Mall area formerly Pure Med Spa/Brite Smile and made an appointment with Dimitri to utilize my package purchased previously through the afor mentioned Bellingham location. Dimitri who also ran the Pure Med Spa/Brite Smile office however was not affiliated directly with them (?) had said she would honor my package.

    Both over the phone as well upon arrival she was very friendly. The only downfall was that upon my checking in she had said that their new policy was: I needed to purchase an equal amount of product to that in which I would be using on that day to replenish my package so that they had some $ flow (because of the transition of Pure/Brite closing their doors and these new people taking over). I refused for the purpose that it seemed ridiculous as well with the uncertainty of the business stability I wasn’t going to invest more money than necessary. I just wanted what I paid for initially. I did agree to pay a $50.00 doctors fee because I had just driven an hour and a half to get to this location (the one in my area shut down entirely) and I just wanted my services for which I PAID FOR!!! I shouldn’t have paid the $50. but figured it was better than losing the entire amount all together.

    The Doctor was friendly, seemed knowledgeable and the office was fairly clean.

    I will go back in 4 or 5 months for my last treatment IF they are still in business!! 😉

  17. I bought two Groupons for the San Diego locations in 2009. I received two out of the three services promised before the store closed (without any notification). I contacted Groupon and they happily refunded me all my money. So there is some recourse for Grouponers.

    For those who purchased packages directly with the company, is there recourse through your credit card company? They should refund the money if paid that way. That would have been my next step if Groupon hadn’t have stepped up.

  18. anyone here in wa. that got a loan from capital one from pure med spa and brite smile and is trying to get their money back pls contact me

    • I paid for 2 dental whitening and never rec’d the services for the second one. Spent 600. Can you help advise how to get my money back?

      • It’s funny–so many people ask questions like this. I don’t think anyone will answer because this isn’t a forum, it’s my blog. The only way to get money back is if you paid with a credit card and you did it less than 60 days ago. In that case, there is a credit card law that allows you to contact the credit card company and reject the purchase. Tell them you did not get what you paid for and want the charges revoked. If it is outside the 60 day period, you’re out of luck.

        One thing people need to stop doing is prepaying for anything at spas. If a spa wants your money before the service, tell them thank you, but no thank you and leave. That is about the only way I can see for people to stop getting so ripped off.

        As for a class-action lawsuit, I know of none. And if the action happened prior to their bankruptcy filing, there is not a whole lot anyone can do. If the case is still open you may be able to file an adversary claiming your debt should not be dischargeable due to fraud, but you would need an experienced bankruptcy attorney licensed in Georgia (where they filed) to make that determination. I’m an experienced bankruptcy attorney, but I’m not licensed in Georgia. After their filing, I would suggest a bunch of people contact a class action attorney. I don’t know of any or much about class action cases.

  19. Lara,

    I was viewing this page and in the middle is a google ad for ibody medspas which is the latest incarnation of pure.

    lets spend their google dollars by visiting their website a lot

  20. Hello Lara,
    First of all, thanks so much for this blog! It has helped me combine forces with other consumers with the same issue. Just wanted to point out that the 60 day rule for reporting or filing a claim with your credit card company is somewhat correct, but there is an out that allows consumers to file a claim after the 60 days.

    You can file a dispute with your credit card company after the 60 day window if the issue is in regards to quality of goods or services. If you’re persistent, you can get your money back. I successfully got $3000 back from Bank of America. It took 4 letters, and countless phone calls, but in the end SUCCESS!

    Below is an excerpt regarding specific rights to credit card customers that I found on the FDIC website, I used this in my dispute with my credit card company:

    170. Rights of credit card customers
    (a) Subject to the limitation contained in subsection (b), a card issuer who has issued a credit card to a cardholder pursuant to an open end consumer credit plan shall be subject to all claims (other than tort claims) and defenses arising out of any transaction in which the credit card is used as a method of payment or extension of credit if (1) the obligor has made a good faith attempt to obtain satisfactory resolution of a disagreement or problem relative to the transaction from the person honoring the credit card; (2) the amount of the initial transaction exceeds $50; and (3) the place where the initial transaction occurred was in the same State as the mailing address previously provided by the cardholder or was within 100 miles from such address, except that the limitations set forth in clauses (2) and (3) with respect to an obligor’s right to assert claims and defenses against a card issuer shall not be applicable to any transaction in which the person honoring the credit card (A) is the same person as the card issuer, (B) is controlled by the card issuer, (C) is under direct or indirect common control with the card issuer, (D) is a franchised dealer in the card issuer’s products or services, or (E) has obtained the order for such transaction through a mail solicitation made by or participated in by the card issuer in which the cardholder is solicited to enter into such transaction by using the credit card issued by the card issuer.

    (b) The amount of claims or defenses asserted by the cardholder may not exceed the amount of credit outstanding with respect to such transaction at the time the cardholder first notifies the card issuer or the person honoring the credit card of such claim or defense. For the purpose of determining the amount of credit outstanding in the preceding sentence, payments and credits to the cardholder’s account are deemed to have been applied, in the order indicated, to the payment of: (1) late charges in the order of their entry to the account; (2) finance charges in order of their entry to the account; and (3) debits to the account other than those set forth above, in the order in which each debit entry to the account was made.

    FDIC, law, regulation, related acts. (2010, January 28). Retrieved July 27, 2010, from http://www.fdic.gov/regulations/laws/rules/6500-500.html#fdic6500170

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I read your email regarding Pure Med Spa and that you were able to get a refund from your credit card co. I am curious how long past the 60 day window you reported to them. I originally bought a package from Pure Med a few years ago with Care Credit, then transferred the unpaid balance to a low interest card to avoid paying the high deferred interest to Care Credit. I’m wondering if this is way to long or I can still try your approach and contact the credit card company. I have over $1000.00 of credit with Pure Med and like everyone else, I am really angry. I’d appreciate any assistance or advice you might have on this. Thanks.

  21. Wow! I just followed a link to this blog from Facebook… Geezuss! Unbelievable! Just burns my ass…
    I saw a few people say these crooks are expanding in Washinton state?! (I’m a Seattle native, SoCal transplant). And looking for attorneys… So I wanted to throw out the name of a very good consumer rights attorney in Washington for you:
    His name is Fredrick (Rick) Ockerman. I don’t have contact info anymore but last I knew he was located in the Kirkland/Juanita area. My friend used him to sue “The Loan Arranger” (crooked car salesman) in Wa years ago and successfully changed the “Lemon Law” for used cars. (Ross vs. Hanson). He specializes in consumer rights and has class action experience. Might be worth a look-up… and a call. Good luck to everyone! Hope you nail the bastards. P.S. Be sure to get contact info for each other and hang onto it for class action purposes.

  22. Hi Lara, pinnacle med spa , alderwood store has moved next door and they now have a sign that says ibody. The same people are running it, is dimitra walker part owner, she is like a slimmie used car salesmen

    • Hi Karen,

      Actually Jeff was discovered as the silent owner, he is being introduced as a sales consultant. Alderwood is shut down because Dimitra actually took her staff and quit once they found out his involvement again. The redmond staff is who is running things now. Dori, her sister Maryam and Oksana. They are the managing and supposively treating clients with no respects to themselves. Taking our money for the second time and not servicing us. I asked them why they would keep working for Jeff and they would lie and say he is not part owner. They control the only store left in WA and oversee Chicago now. They cant be trusted.

  23. pinnacle lied about jeff nouse..hes back and consulting ibody in lynnwood and redmond. my attorney gave me the number to the fbi here in wa .the only way we will shut them down for good is to call..
    FBI 206 622-0460

    • Thanks S.S. Im an ex employee and I called the FBI to let them know what is exactly going on. If anyone is reading this please listen to everything your reading, its all a scam. They are dishonest and will take advantage of you. All employees have quit or got fired to save themselves. There is only 2 managers left, one in Lincoln park and one in Redmond. They are being used to act as the regionals since they all quit because this so called company is running there operation illegally and is lying to everyone. Dont trust them, they are all getting what they deserve shortly.

  24. Earlier I thought pinnacle med, ibody/alderwood ,had moved, they are in the same place but now they have a grand opening sign in front and they are only going by the name ibody so it seems. That is so funny because they have been there for what 8 months?

  25. Any news on a class action lawsuit against Britesmile? I bought a teeth whitening package in Beverly Hills for $700 that I never got to use and would gladly jump onboard a lawsuit…

  26. I can’t believe they are still open, Pinnacle slash iBody slash Brite Smile slash Pure Med Spa, they are still there at the Alderwood and Redmond location ripping and lying to clients still can not get my servises done then I have Dori the Redmond manager which has been with them for some time now trying to sell servises and been very unethical and treating me like I am stupid and to top it all off Jeff Nourse is the one running the spas Dori is very well aware of this but yet lies to clients.

  27. hi Lisa, I went to ibody/lynnwood today and the same little b – och behind the counter is still there, the Dr. is still there and there is a new gal that I have never seen before that told me they have new lasers in there. They are still selling ,selling, selling. She asked me if I wanted to make a appointment. How do they sleep at night, this speaks volumes to me and about there characters.They need to be in jail.

  28. The following represents my opinion of what happened to britesmiles. It may not be true so just consider this a hypothesis that fits my observations while working for them. Jeff NOURSE and Louise TALBOT previously were executives of Pure Med Spa which was bankrupted through mis management and fraud. They were squeezed out by other parties. The 2 lonely execs took up roost with Britesmiles… another company near bankruptcy.
    They made an offer on PURE MED SPA when it was in bankruptcy and obtained control of the company again ( thanks to the diligent trustee) and set about converting them to britesmiles brand name. They had to pay the 25 million dollar sale price some how, probably on a payment plan using sales revenue. They then looked for investors but no one wants to deal with known scumbags so they hatched a plan. They picked the best locations and set about remodelling them using money obtained by selling services they never intended to deliver. General Growth properties evicted them so they had to relocate a few stores. Money got tighter due to the unplanned relocations and they had to stop paying employees and vendors but the kept dumping as much money as they could into the locations they wanted to keep and of course Renew Beauty Med Spa in Dallas Texas ( Louise Talbots personal store) was also paid for with sales revenue from Britesmiles or BSML, INC. These locations in Chicago Washington and Oregon were sold to Altima Dental Group of Toronto with Jeff and Louise as silent partners. The stores were renamed Pinnacle Med spas and continued to operate. They recently changed names again and are now called Ibody Medspas. Apparently Jeff NOURSE works for Ibody as a sales consultant.
    Britesmile was forced into bankruptcy by unpaid vendors who will recover nothing. Louise operates her salon http://renewbeautymedspa.com/ and Jeff operates Ibody. http://www.ibodymedspas.com/.
    All paid for with the sales made to customers at too good to be true prices. They knew they would never deliver the services when they were selling you these products in 2009.

    Here is my personal opinion of these two.

    They are train wrecks. Beware of JEFF NOURSE and LOUISE TALBOT. They are pathological liars and cheats. The worst kind of lowlife. who will take your money and burn, scar and maim you, with their low quality service.


  29. wow, Here we are again. Lynnwood Wa. store has a temporary close for renovations sign on there door.
    Last week they were selling packages for teeth whitening and etc…, these people are unbelievable. I hope the people that bought packages last week get what they pay for. Are they going to open with a new name?, or who knows what goes through the minds of crooks. time will tell

  30. Went to the Redmond location today. A handwritten note says they are temporarily closed for renovations. There was no-one there, no renovations were evident. I just hope they reopen soon and I can use some of my many thousands of dollars worth of treatments.

  31. Please contact me if there is a lawsuit action against Pure Spa. I paid for a series of treatments, received two of those and suddenly was unable to reach them by phone. Their voice mail box was full for about two weeks so I drove the hour and a half from my home to their location and Pure Spa was no longer there. Vanished. I contacted another location about 3 and half hours from my home, was unable to retrieve any info regarding the closure, was told my files could not be transferred to them despite the closure of the other location. I was able to get the name, phone number and email of the district manager. When I called her, her vmail box was also full. I then wrote her a very detailed email, but never heard back from her. I then contacted my credit card, and through a filed dispute my credit card granted me a credit for the charge on my account. I thought it was all settled at that point, but apparently Pure Spa contacted them at the very end of the ‘statute of limitations’. Pure Spa told my credit card that PS as a company has a NON-Refundable policy and that I had called for mulitple appointments and never showed–a comletely fabricated lie!! I wouldn’t do that to myself–spend over a thousand dollars for nothing, that would be lucicrous! Being the ‘statue of limitations’ had passed there was nothing my credit card could do for me besides crediting my account for a few months of interest, apologizing, and thanking me for handling the situation “with class”!

    Still Pure Med Spa is unavailable via phone or website contact.

    They are crooks!

    My email is tahitiaugust@gmail.com

  32. If you follow this link to their webmaster you will see that they profit very well from these crooks





  33. Hey guys,

    I am unsure how things worked out for you but I really hope that somehow you were able to get some of your money back.

    I hate when company offers bad service in general so I cannot even fathom how angry I would get if companies were scamming people out of their hard-earned money.

    I also wanted to post some news about Pure Med Spa (in hopes of helping you guys catch these crooks).

    They definitely have moved to Toronto now and have 4 locations here apparently.

    They also have a deal advertised on DealFind for their Brite Smile Sessions. I actually came across your site because I was almost going to purchase this deal (thank goodness for great sites like these that can warn people before more fall into their scams).



  34. I bought a teeth whitening package a year and a half ago at the Madison Avenue,NYC location, and still have 2/3 of the treatments to do. Aparently they have closed or changed business names and no Brite Smile location elsewhere will honor the treatment cards remaining-( around $300 worth of treatments). They are due to expire soon – and I can’t figure out if there is a way to use them-or if it is just a rip off I have to accept. The treatment cards they issued are supposed to be good at any Brite Smile Teeth Whitening Center. However the company that owns the centers now will not honor them. Is there anything to do???

  35. I am lucky in the respect I did not pay cash or put services on a credit card. Original package of treatments was with Pure Med, when they went bankrupt I was told to go to Brite Smile which also went bankrupt, then told to go to Pinnacle who have closed their doors. This is in Lynnwood WA.

    I am still being billed by Med Choice who offers credit to these spas and supposedly pays them for services patrons never receive. Upon legal advise I have refused to make payment because I have never received any services because of bankruptcy. Med Choice should try to get their money back from the spas that went bankrkupt, not the clients who received nothing but paid for them in most cases.

  36. After months and months of tears, frustration, anger and stress I am happy to report I have recieved a refunded amount from both medchoice financial and capitol one, totalling. Please do not give up and be persistant, there is hope.
    Capitol One ($185 refund)
    I wrote two certified dispute letters to Capitol One and sent in copies of all my reciepts, etc. After the first letter they refunded my $185, then Britesmile responded saying I recieved treatments so they charged me the $185. So I sent the second letter to which they responded with a generic letter stating they could not do anything. I called several times explaining that the medspa was a fraudulent company and the charges were fraudulent. Since I have fraud protection on my card they told me they could do a fraud investigation. They closed down my credit card, reissued me another and I faxed in a quick form in order to recieve a $185 refund.
    MedChoice ($6500)
    After sending in three certified letters along with bankruptcy documents, reciepts, etc. I was denied a refund. I was offered a transfer to American Laser (no way in hell, I have decided all Medspas are no good). I called several times on the phone and was hung up on and yelled at, being told I could recieve all my services after they spoke with managers Dori and Dimitri. I sent in another certified letter after iBody closed and again was offered a transfer to American Laser, explaining how this was a case of fraud and everything I dealt with. Medchoice emailed me stating, “they have lawyers working hard against Britesmile so there clients won’t have spend their money and time to do so.” and they would not refund me only transfer me to American Laser. I responded saying I would never accept a transfer and was demanding a refund for all services plus interest and late fees since I stopped paying. Two months later I recieved a letter stating I not only have a zero balance but a $1500 credit. I am not sure why what finally
    “worked” but I am so happy that I finally free of this burden. I know there are alot of other people who have recieved refund but are hestitant to write about them. Don’t give up. I am also not going to give up on helping to end this Medspa scam and want to help others from falling into this same scam. After contacting many lawyers, the attorney general in WA and FBI, without any of them willing to do any of this I am convinced that the media is our best outlet. Websites like this are a great to connect and help one another but what do you all think about contacting dateline or a broad news organization that investigates scams like this do a story? I think if enough of us contacted a national media outlet they might take notice.

  37. I had a corporate regional position here in Southern California. I began working for the company befor it was Pure. It started as Nuvo International, went out of business to be renamed “Lumity”, from there it became Pure, then BriteSmile, then Pinnacle….It’s a repetitive cycle of FRAUD!!!! I quit in WA while it was Pure due to Fraudulant activity at my store as well as illegal activity, only to be offered the job with BriteSmile, the “new, improved” step up. I was eager hopeing for the best, I quit after only 3 weeks after realizing it was worse then ever! They still owe me pay for those 3 weeks, the cost of my gas, my laptop, my blackberry, etc. All things they required for my position that they were supposed to reimburse me for! Yeah right…worst of all they paid no unemployment insurance on any of their employees…so after / years on and off with the company unemployment and the IRS have no proof I ever worked there! Worst of all the judge in Florida reduced there bankruptcy from Chpt. 11 to chpt.7-,one of us will get shit!


  38. Lara – any updates on that article of yours getting published? I shutter to think these two thieves are still stealing from people who haven’t been fortunate enough to come across your site. Please keep us posted! As for me, same as anonymous… owed 3 paychecks, filed to try and get anything from the bankruptcy courts but have been told it will probably be a few hundred bucks sometime in a few years… if anything.

    • I submitted it to one place that rejected it. They “don’t do exposes.” Right now it is being reviewed by someone at a major paper. I still need to send it a few more places. We’ll see…

    • Post script to last posting by Robin… My son worked for this evil woman and trying to regroup worked his butt off in her “spa” doing Brazillian Blowouts for HER and she owed him $1200 and laughed at him.. meanwhile, how do you tell your landlord, well yes I was working , yes owe rent, no I didn’t get paid.. maybe tomorrow, tomorrow , tomorrow..ok looking for another place!!!!!

  39. No one is going to believe this, Pure Med Spa/Brite Smile Brite Skin Med Spa/iBody Med Spa is BACK once again at the South Center mall under a new name once again which is New Beauty they have that thief Sara Lowery working for them she is the one that charged my Care Credit 4000 at the Alderwood location with out my authorization. I can not believe they are back to rip more people off.

    • I cannot stand try to ignore these false accusations without at least defending myself. I am not sure who you are, but it really does not matter , as I have never charged c.cards or ripped off clients purposely. I am not calling you a liar, I was no part in such charges and feel horrible to have been any part of your misfortune. I apologize. I however was not aware or involved in anything like a few of you are saying. Yes, I sold a lot of packages in my time working at Pure Med Spa and know that after I left in end of January 2009 and thenreturned for a about 5 months only to leave in Nov. 1st 2010 a lot of you may have had outstanding services I unknowingly signed you up for. I feel really bad that by initially selling you a package I ultimetly had a hand in your losing money. That being said, I can assure you it was NEVER MY INTENTION TO RIPP YOU OFF or not give you everything I promised. I really liked all my clients and always tried to make sure you were all taken care of. I thought I was signing you up for great treatments and if after I left you were not taken care of and treated poorly, I am truly sorry. There are several of you with similar complaints and it is clearly Bad Business somewhere along the line. I can’t tell you enough how bad I feel .Please call me , if there is any way to make it up to you, I will try . I am not going to ask you to buy a package at the med spa I am currently at. I would like to to hear you out and find a positive outcome of some kind if at all possible,if nothing else you desearve to voice your frustrations. 206-954-8822. Feel free to call me.

      Sincerely ,
      Sarah Lowery

    • cannot stand try to ignore these false accusations without at least defending myself. I am not sure who you are, but it really does not matter , as I have never charged c.cards or ripped off clients purposely. I am not calling you a liar, I was no part in such charges and feel horrible to have been any part of your misfortune. I apologize. I however was not aware or involved in anything like a few of you are saying. Yes, I sold a lot of packages in my time working at Pure Med Spa and know that after I left in end of January 2009 and thenreturned for a about 5 months only to leave in Nov. 1st 2010 a lot of you may have had outstanding services I unknowingly signed you up for. I feel really bad that by initially selling you a package I ultimetly had a hand in your losing money. That being said, I can assure you it was NEVER MY INTENTION TO RIPP YOU OFF or not give you everything I promised. I really liked all my clients and always tried to make sure you were all taken care of. I thought I was signing you up for great treatments and if after I left you were not taken care of and treated poorly, I am truly sorry. There are several of you with similar complaints and it is clearly Bad Business somewhere along the line. I can’t tell you enough how bad I feel .Please call me , if there is any way to make it up to you, I will try . I am not going to ask you to buy a package at the med spa I am currently at. I would like to to hear you out and find a positive outcome of some kind if at all possible,if nothing else you desearve to voice your frustrations. 206-954-8822. Feel free to call me.

      Sincerely ,
      Sarah Lowery

  40. This is my first time posting here, but God only knows, this is not the first time I read this blog. Thanks, Lara, for extra exposure for the two infamous – Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbot! Anyway … Westfield has recently welcomed Jeff and Louise with open arms back to Southcenter, WA location. Westfield has practially rolled out the red carpet, and considering that this is anywhere from 3rd to 5th time Westfield has done that, I am beginning to think that Westfield gets a kick back from dealing with these guys.

    Just for fun check out the two websites, and see what you think: (Louise Talbot’s medspa in Dallas) http://www.renewmedspa.com and Louise Talbot’s and Jeff Nourse’s new medspa in Southcenter www. newbeautymedspa.com.

    Anyone else see the incredible similarity between the two? I would even go as far as to say that these amazing two websites were built and hosted by the same guy out of Canada.

    So … Let’s all be friends, and let’s contact Westfield mall in Southcenter and ask Geoff gmason@westfield.com why Jeff Nourse and Louise Talbot were allowed to open their new place again. Also, please feel free to give a call to their sales girl up in Norther California, Susan Young @ 415.369.6161 and ask her the same thing. Oh, wait, could it be somebody local to help them “make it happen”, I think her name is Jennifer, you can call the reception desk at Westfield and ask for her number, 206.246.7400. Here is something amazing for you all to know, when I called last week to ask if, in fact, Westfield allowed Newbeauty to come back in the mall, the answer I got was: ” Well, we are aware that there were some problems”. Some? I rest my case. Oh, and when I stopped by at the store, I was told that “we are a sister store from Dallas”. Jeff … Louise!!! My hat is off to you guys, you are the most talented scumbags I have ever met! Oh, and as to the rest of us, Geoff, Susan, and all the other fabulous and kind people at Westfield will probably ask you to send them stuff for a proof, or maybe tell you that Westfield is not aware of anything, until 6 to 9 months later (in best case scenario) when they would offer you a smile in exchange of your wondering as to where have another medspa gone once again.

    Cheers everyone,

    And happy Shopping at the one and only NewBeauty Medspa where your questions will never be answered, lasers will never work, refunds will be returned to your account in exchange of the unauthorized care credit charge (courtesy of their manager Sarah Lowery) so all in all, you should have an amazing experience getting your ass kicked in this 2011!

    • Sarah Lowery
      I cannot stand by another day and try to ignore these false accusations without at least defending myself. I am not sure who you are, but it really does not matter , as I have never charged c.cards or ripped off clients purposely. I am not calling you a liar, yet I was no part in such charges and feel horrible to have been any part of your misfortune. I apologize. I however was not aware or involved in anything like a few of you are saying. Yes, I sold a lot of packages in my time working at Pure Med Spa and know that after I left in end of January 2009 and then returned for a about 5 months only to leave in Nov. 1st 2010 . A lot of you may have had outstanding services, I unknowingly signed you up for. I feel really bad that by initially selling you a package , I ultimetly had a hand in your losing money. That being said, I can assure you it was NEVER MY INTENTION TO RIPP YOU OFF or not give you everything I promised. I really liked all my clients and always tried to make sure you were all taken care of. I thought I was signing you up for great treatments and if after I left you were not taken care of and treated poorly, I am truly sorry. There are several of you with similar complaints and it is clearly Bad Business somewhere along the line. I can’t tell you enough how bad I feel .Please call me , if there is any way to make it up to you, I will try . I am not going to ask you to buy a package at the med spa I am currently at. I would like to to hear you out and find a positive outcome of some kind if at all possible. If nothing else you desearve to voice your frustrations. 206-954-8822. Feel free to call me.

      Sincerely ,
      Sarah Lowery

      • You don’t have to reply to each person. Every time you post the reply, all users can see it. Now you show the same comment three times in a row. Thanks.

  41. Westfield Southcenter of Tukwila should be ashamed of themselves putting their shoppers at risk. You should avoid this mall all together as they know intimately how this company operates. Post reviews everywhere to let the world know what is going on.

  42. BE CAREFUL HERE. FRAUD WATCH. New Beauty Med spa or medspa has opened at Southcenter. The store logo is similar to renew beauty med spa in Dallas Tx. Renew beauty is owned by Louise Talbot. She was the COO of Britesmiles, the now bankrupt company that formerly occupied the Southcenter location. Prior to that she was a partner in Pure Med Spa. Westfield Southcenter continues to lease to these crooks despite the fact they have defrauded hundreds of customers of possibbly millions of dollars across the country.

    They are reckless. Google Jeff Nourse FDA warning Britesmiles and you will see how reckless they are.

    Jeff Nourse is the former CEO of numerous bankrupt companies. He is a real rockstar in the management world.

    Google the above names and you will be amazed at the stories you will read. When criminals like this grow up they become international bankers

  43. I actually had a good experience with Sarah Lowery at Pure Med Spa. I was double charged by Mathea. I went back and Sarah immediatey took care of it for me. I did prepay for a large package. My apointments were rescheduled many times due to “broken” lasers.

    • Thank you for saying something positive. It is nice to see a client stick up for me. I tried to right any wrongs I was made aware of while I was working there. I appreciate your support.

  44. By the way, sorry for my miscomunication, by crooks, I meant Jeff and Louise on behalf of Newbeauty Medspa opened now in Southcenter mall.

  45. Maybe there is a way to unite forces…Anyone want to meet at the Westfield Mall Southcenter (the more of us the better) and march to the Weisefield management office and stand around in front of the New Beauty Spa (with signs and banners!). It is a public venue, so it would take awhile for the mall to get us out of there. It would be a great show of force, and may serve to get Weisefield to recognize the magnitude of the problem. I am wondering how many of us there are out there. If you might be interested in such a plan, e/mail me: fernheath1@yahoo.com. I had about $4,000 prepaid. Let’s come up with a combined amount that the Southcenter chain has stolen and put it on some signs and show up to embarass them and warn others.

  46. I worked for PMS for over a year. I was always paid on time and never experienced problems with the company until the last 2 months of my employment. I was booked back to back each day I worked. Which I personally loved. I was so busy that for almost a year I knew of no wrongdoings at all. At the end of my shift one day I personally saw an employee going through files and double charging them and adding services to their packages to make the store goal for sales that day. ( IT WAS NOT SARAH LOWERY!!! I promise you that.) I didn’t understand that night what she was doing. I thought these were services that people had requested. I wasn’t aware until these people came to the store disputing the charges. I personally saw Sarah help those she could, but she was unaware of what the other employee had done. I had not said anything about the night I saw her going through files and adding services since I thought they were legitimately purchased. It was all very confusing at first until we figured out what really had happened. Sarah and I spoke with our regional manager who told us that she would personally take care of all the clients that happened to. Then we had “corporate” come to do an audit, which we believed was to straighten out the bogus charges. During this time the guilty employee went M.I.A. Sarah took over as manager. I believe this is why people blame Sarah since she took over the management position and the regional manager never refunded the bogus charges. Sarah and I were lied to by the regional for months, being told it was being taken care of, our hands were tied since we never realized we were being coned by the regional manager and believed the corruption stopped with our former manager. I worked very closely with Sarah and trust her completely. It makes me so sad to see her name slandered! We always took care of out clients and they loved us. When our clients were unhappy we always made sure they were taken care of! Sarah is a hard worker who loves people and giving them the results they paid for.

  47. Hello Lara,
    I used to be a manager of the BriteSmile location in Houston BEFORE it was purchased by MedSpa. I worked there from December 2006-January 2008 JUST AS MEDSPA acquired the company. Generally BriteSmile was the leader in quick teeth whitening and always required a dentist to own and perform all whitening treatments. All of my staff and I were continuously educated and trained by each dentist to assist. The dentist I worked with was VERY strict about who was allowed to have the treatment as the light used was very intense and there was a daily proccess to prevent any kind of burn or harm from the hydrogen peroxide used. We used a swift hardening gel mask over the gums to protect all soft issues and layers and layers of gauze to prevent the light from harming the skin. If you were using acne medication–the dentist refused treatment. If you had recently had lasik surgery—treatment refused. Using a medication that increased light sensitivity? Sorry–can’t have the treatment. Diagnosed with lupus? Nope—no teeth whitening for you. I gave refunds several times a day for clients who pre-paid before their consulatation and were advised not to do treatment.

    The job had its ups and downs, just as any “retail”/ “customer service jobs have but I really liked my staff and believed in the product. I myself had whitened 12 shades and kept it for years by doing minor upkeep since I smoke and drink coffee.

    Then as more and more companies offered quick teeth whitening our business started to suffer as more people with champagne taste on beer budgets were looking for cheaper prices for an expensive treatment. BriteSmile (as a national company) began lowering the cost to stay competitive. We went from charging $699 when I was first hired to $199 by the time I left. it was dismal. We increased business but it still cost so much to run the business and pay the staff and dentists and pay the rent that eventually our CEO resigned.

    One November morning, I got on one of our weekly conference calls and BAM!! we were introduced to our new corporate team and under the name MedSleek- Spa. The new CEO was aggressive, pushy and NOT AT ALL MY STYLE. He immediately (that very day) announced to our corporate office in Walnut Creek, California that they were moving the corporate headquarters to Boca Raton and they would all be given a severance package. No warning. No options. Nothing.

    They changed the management pay structure to straight commision (which I DO NOT DO) and announced that they were still trying to decide if they would keep the dentists.

    I was in an uproar. A dentist MUST be present during an adminstered teeth whitening in Texas. And MedSleek (or MedSpa as they are now known) was trying to figure out a way to get around the dentist costs.

    I just felt so uneasy about the changes and the new corporate team that I resigned within a month. Without another job lined up. I recently passed by my old BriteSmile location and it was changed into a local company called MySmile. So i got curious and decided to see what happened.

    Apparently, all hell broke loose. I want to apologize to any and all customers who feel dupped by MedSpa. I can only say that when I was there….we just didn’t operate that way. I’m still sooooooo glad I quit when I did. Now, I wonder what happened to my wonderful, hard-working staff. 😦

      • I just signed up for a pkg at Kucumber skin lounge. I was feeling a bit uneasy so started searching on the internet about Kucumber skin lounge. I signed a bunch of papers but I have not paid money yet. I called and cancled my appointments after reading this blog. I am not sure what to expect next.

  48. Dear all,

    I am writing this email because I have been ripped off by Pure Med Spa for $10,000!
    Last year my sister visited Pure Med Spa and got a credit card from them and purchased laser hair removal packages for three people. She was assuming that that place was reputable since other people from her work got treatments there and recommended that place. After she gave those packages out to my family members we all found out that the Spa closed down. Not to have any debt my sister paid off the credit card debt.
    DID anyone get your money refunded? How did you do it?

  49. Wait a minute I know who you are!

    Yes Larry David 5th Great Grandson of Anthony Drane- how’s the RE market treating you?

    Do you think your clients would want to know about your racist comments?

  50. New beauty med spa at southcenter mall is the latest incarnation of Louise Talbot and Jeff Nourse. Louise has her sister front the company now.

    They are formerly brite smiles. pure med spa. kucumber skin lounge is another one they own in Seattle.

    They will defraud you ANY chance they get


    They have cheap prices and groupons to lure you in.

    NO ONE comes back

  51. Yikes, I just did a search on this because back when they were Brite Smile, I purchased $1,000 worth of services. They then left all of the client files at the last location they were renting from as iMed Spa and the new renters called all the people with files there. I’m appalled. This is personal identifiable information! How is this legal?? I’m not sure how to proceed.

  52. I was an manager of lumity, puremedspa, Britsmile . I worked for Jeef nourse,Louise talbot and Shay sim and Dimitra walking were active supervisors . I can tell you without a doubt that the only crooks in this are Jeff and Louise ! I am owed monies in the amount of $20k for wages unpaid, and I can tell you this with100% certainty that Shay and Dimitra are owed much more then this. They were not paid as well. Kucumber has no ifiliation with Jeff nourse or Louise talbot.

  53. So curious ? When 10s of thousands of dollars are owed to Britsmile employees .. Would any of you place blame on the sales people who bought from.? We were scammed as well please point blame at the correct people .. Jeff and Louise ! They are the criminals here . Seattle wash

  54. I am in Seattle and went to the SOuthcenter Renew beauty med spa Mon and there was a sign up stating Louise Talbot was not allowed on the premises and then on Wed there was a police officer guarding the store…

    • Does Louise still have Renew in Texas? How do these people get away with continuing to do the same thing in a different state?

  55. Looks like these two con artists Jeff Nourse & Louise Talbot are running their scams yet again! Just by a quick Google search I see Nourse is back doing business in the local Toronto area as Renew Beauty Med Spa / Pure Laser & Talbot is still in the Dallas area now going by the last name Proulx.

    We need to nail these two already! They just keep closing up shop and re-naming & scamming people all over again. They should have been locked up for good a long time ago!

    Anybody have any updates on any litigation against them? Please contact me by email if you have any info about a lawsuit. They took me for a ride for several thousand dollars and I plan on getting it back! amy_koz@hotmail.com

  56. Louise Talbot FOUND partners in crime and their names are Carolyna and Natasha from Skinful Med Spa in Toronto. They are nothing but a FLAT OUT CROOKs and PATHOLOGICAL LIERS!! Hopefully justice is coming and they will deserve what any criminal deserves – JAIL TIME!

  57. Louise Talbot is a nasty woman! I got a package for the green peel treatment and had to purchase products not including the green peel treatment. I ended spending over $1500 and the green peel did NOT work, my face broke out terribly with huge bumps and I let her know I wasn’t going to continue with treatments after the second procedure, Well she gave me a “complimentary” laser facial or whatever she called it and it was done in less than 3 minutes! I knew it was just to shut me up as that did not help my face recover from the breakouts. I was told they would credit my balance and give me a store credit, I left the country and got back about a year later called to ask for my balance at first they tried to pretend like I didn’t have any, I told them I had proof. Carly then told me to look on their website and choose services to use my balance for, I was too scared to let them touch my skin again, I went on the website and nothing looked safe to me. I called to let them know I just wanted a refund for my balance that I never used and they could keep the rest of the money even though the treatments didn’t work. Well we don’t offer refunds carla said, I asked if they did sew in extensions and she said no, I told her that was the only thing I needed to do and that they couldn’t force me into using their services, she had Louise the owner give me a call back and Louise was bent on not giving me my balance she even told me she would ask their hair stylist if he could do my hair after telling me they don’t deal with ethnic hair. she kept trying to push things on me to use and even told me to gift my balance if I couldn’t use any of her services. Then she goes “I am not going to keep arguing with you” I was not arguing I just wanted my balance back. She told me I signed an agreement that states NO REFUNDS. I would have taken her to court but my balance is not outrageous so I’d let her have this one, Ill make sure I use my store credit for a couple manis and pedis and get also get the brazilian blow out she kept pushing on me!I was just going to tell her to shove my balance up her butt, but I realised she would be keeping my money, so I would make sure I use it to its entirety, I wish I did some research before using her services, but since I didn’t, I’ll take a hit on this one. I definitely would not be going there EVER again! She is so wrong for taking people’s hard earned money without remorse and obviously has been getting away with it for wayyy too long. Karma is definitely lurking her corners from the look of things.

    • Something I have thought of with these situations is that a refund is money you get back for a product or service you received. A deposit is money you pay toward something you get later. If you have not gotten the product or service, then you aren’t getting a refund, you’re getting your deposit back. Since you didn’t get your product or service, you should get your deposit back. I would sue her in small claims court. Make this argument when you’re there. You may have agreed to no refund, but I doubt you agreed to getting money back for a deposit. In addition, most states have laws that mirror the UCCs. The UCCs govern transactions, and if you don’t get what you paid for, you’re supposed to get the money back. You could cite these laws in small claims as well. Someone needs to take these creeps down.

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