Take Your Version of Commitment and Shove It

I got this comment on my post about television from some woman named Kristin who appears to think she is part of the morality police.  She thinks my not being married causes my daughter more damage than allowing her to watch television.  Riiiight…I am so damaging my daughter because I have actively chosen not to partake in an institution based originally in the ownership of women (I was married once, but we did it because the government would give my partner financial aid if he was married and would not if he wasn’t.  Government likes marriage too)?  I am worse because I do not follow her version of morality?  All I can say is, it is nice for you Miss, that you can cut the world so neatly into black and white little boxes.  Bad people don’t get married.  Good people do.  Where does television fit into this exactly?  You’re probably one of those people who wanted to keep their children from watching television, but realized it was such a great babysitter, you found excuses to allow it and now you are jealous because I have managed to keep it out of my home when you weren’t able to.  Sour grapes to you, Sour Puss.

I have made the choice not to be married rather than allowing people like you to dictate my morality.  There are many reasons for this, chief among them the lack of necessity of having my relationship sanctioned by bigots like you.  In addition, I refer again to my refusal to take part in an institution that was created by men to improve the likelihood the children to whom they passed their worldly possessions at death were in fact their children.  Women were property and religions sanctioned it.  I am not interested.

I also gather from your nasty comment about the child in my belly that you think I am a big, bad person for having sex (GASP!) before having a religion or the government sanction my relationship.  Guess what, Chica?  This is my body.  It does not belong to the government or to any religious organization.  If I want to have sex without a marriage certificate, I will!  I am fully apprised of the risks and benefits in doing so and take action with full awareness of the consequences, including pregnancy.

So take your little version of morality and keep it to yourself.  I don’t need for you to read my blog.  If you don’t like what I have to say, go somewhere else.  No one asked you for your judgmental bullshit, least of all me.

3 thoughts on “Take Your Version of Commitment and Shove It

  1. Lol, ok. But I am not married and I don’t agree with it either. Personally, it’s not for me and I agree completely with you, albeit the immature and ridiculous jackass assault. However, your daughter is not only writing a play or story, but getting you and everyone else to stage it into reality for her entertainment. You could have not participated in such outlandish archaic mockery of such and such rant rant rant….but you chose to indulge her. Just like her father does with TV.

    Chill out.

    • I chose to indulge her because watching her plan and execute the dog wedding, design the program and dress, and put it on the dogs was hilarious. The music choices were fantastic…Nina Simone’s Be My Husband and I Put a Spell on You. This was just the latest in a long line of incredibly well-thought out productions by a child who uses her imagination. Good time well-spent and skills that will actually bode her well in her life, skills she would not necessarily acquire by sitting in front of a television being told how to think.

  2. i have to agree with you also! if you have a proper reason as to why you’re not wanting to do it then i commend you!

    fk what other people say, at the end of the day it’s your life not theirs….it’s none of their business!

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