Okay so I’m completely addicted to the television show Weeds.  BF has it saved on his hard drive so we watch it on his computer.  I think we’re nearly through with Season 2.  I love it.  I avoid getting into these cable shows that have been put on dvd because if I like them, that’s all I want to do.  I watched the entire series of Six Feet Under, like the first four seasons, one after another after another for weeks.  I stayed up until all hours.  I ate, slept, and breathed it until I finished it.  Then I had to wait for the final season to come out, and rented it the day it showed up at the video store.  It had an original release date that never happened and came out a few weeks later.  I was BITTERLY disappointed on that first date when I ran down to the video store at the butt crack of dawn and my show was not there.  When it finally arrived, I watched the entire season all in one sitting.  How sad is that?

So since then, I’ve avoided serial shows.  But BF suggested Weeds and after his description, I was intrigued.  We have spent literally HOURS watching it.  I’m thoroughly addicted.  I think about it when I’m not watching it.  Good times.  Isn’t it fun to waste hours on something like this?  I’m being a productive, useful member of society, staring at a screen and having it entertain me.  I love it.

One thought on “Weeds

  1. Early Weeds – the first two seasons – were genius, I thought. By the third I found it was getting quite strained and I gave up on it for a while. I’m about to start the fourth season in the hope that it’s back on form.

    Also a massive Six Feet Under fan – once The Shield has concluded I’ll decide which of them is my favorite show ever, but Six Feet Under will probably win.

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