A friend of mine called me about this blog.  She read it and saw today there is a password protected post.  I told her there are a few.  She wondered why.  I told her it is because there are some things I need to write but cannot share with anyone. She laughed, surprised I had a filter, considering some of what I’ve written and shared.  Ah yes…it seems I share so much, but some of me remains hidden.  Part of me is not for consumption, the secret place in my head. I have to write about some things, to work them out for myself, but I do not want to share them.  Maybe someday when some of it isn’t so fresh, I will remove the password, but by then the post will be so far back no one will read it anyway.  Perhaps even I will have forgotten it was written.  For now, however, I am filtered.  in a tiny way, I have to do this.  The writer needs the expression; the person needs the cloak.