I’m completely smitten.  Okay, here’s an aside.  How is it that a person who reads as many books as I do, who loves words and word origins, who loves language actually, can have gone through life and not known that smitten is a past participle of smite?  How is this?  I am completely pitiful.  I should have known this.  I knew its use as an adjective, as in struck with a hard blow, grievously afflicted, and very much in love.  I knew these definitions.  I did not put together that the very much in love use was metaphoric for being struck.  Cupid’s arrow and all that.  I make these discoveries that there are so many things I do not know.  Sometimes they seem so obvious, I wonder how it is I came this far in life and did not know them.  It’s like driving down the same road every day your entire life and suddenly noticing a gas station that has been there for years.  Duh.


I love that word.  Concatenation.  It just rolls off the tongue.  And I love its meaning.  I love its use in Little Women.  It is a great word.  One of those words I pray is not lost in the mundanity of modern word usage.  I hope that since so many people are posting blogs, it means there are enough lovers of the English language that words such as this one will not die for centuries.

I did a google search for language lovers and discovered that there is a website dedicated to links to websites for language lovers.  I also discovered a site called, belonging to the Society for the Preservation of the English Language and Literature.  Very good!  Very good indeed.  Keep concatenation with us, as well as many other brilliant and uncommon words.