January showers bring…February flowers?

Today I drilled holes in pots to make olla pots for my garden to water more efficiently. My greenhouse is THIS close to being done, but there is still a hole on one wall up top and today was windy and stormy, so I climbed up and tacked up a piece of plastic to stop the rain from blowing in. While I was perched precariously on the edge of the fence, small nails held between my lips, a hammer balanced in one hand as I held on and attached the plastic there, I saw a honeybee. It was quivering on top of the greenhouse, doing that weird honeybee dance they do, wiggling its back end. I wasn’t sure what it was doing sitting on top of my greenhouse in the wind and periodic rain drips. No other bees were in sight. There were no flowers near it. It looked fragile, there in the wind in the wrong time of year. It was too warm outside for the time of year. Balmy and weird.

My raspberries are coming up. The tulips and daffodils are fully bloomed. The cherry trees in my yard are bloomed. My lilies are popping little points up through the soil. Usually in February I spray my fruit trees with dormant spray, but you’re supposed to do it when they’re dormant, and little buds were already present, so no dormant spray. They’re young and I’m sure they’ll be fine, but there aren’t many pollinators out in this bizarre weather, which means likely little fruit this year. This is not normal and not a pattern from the past. Humans have caused this and humans want to ignore it in favor of the latest football scores or whatever else that helps us to ignore the obvious right in front of our faces. It’s like we have a tumor on the side of our head and want to just look around it and pretend it’s not there. The spring rhyme goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” It’s not January showers bring February flowers, and these flowers that are here in March were here in February. We don’t give Valentine’s lilies, we give Easter lilies. At Easter. In actual spring. It isn’t spring in the northern hemisphere where I live. We haven’t had the equinox yet. It is still winter here. So many seem to forget this while infatuated with the sunny weather. This isn’t normal.

If your children were in harm’s way, you would try to help them regardless of the outcome because you love them. Shouldn’t it be the same for the Earth, which is us? We are the Earth. We should help her instead of committing slow suicide (though not so slow anymore, it seems).

I’m writing this sitting in warm covers in a snuggly bed. I washed all of my bedding today and it smells fresh and clean, and it’s soft and cozy. I’m so grateful to have a warm bed in a warm house, my dogs snoring softly near me as I write. I’m lucky, and I’m grateful for what I have.

April 80 Degrees

Yesterday it was over 80 degrees. It was April 12. Pretty warm for mid-April in Oregon. My little cold-weather primroses and pansies look like they were lost in the desert, and they were wet to begin the day. They just can’t handle that amount of heat and direct sun. They have spent the last two months all perky and happy because it has been damp and cold, but not too cold. I moved them out of the sun this morning, but the damage is done. I can plant them in the ground and they will come back next year, but for now, I’m going to have to move some Gerber daisies or something to the front.

I finally remembered to buy rings for the peonies NOW instead of after they are too big to do anything with except tie yarn around their middles.  I got a great deal too.  One of the quilting rings at the fabric store was missing a little screw so it only cost $1.74.  And it was one of the really big ones that would have been $7 new.  I also got a mid-size set.

The night before last the impending warmth was in evidence. I mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, and put some grass seed on the bare patches. I’ve had the seed for a few months now. My front lawn is frustrating. I put in sod the year before last and it looked great until the very end of the summer. It just died. Last summer it came back thinly, but I never got around to reseeding. This winter, it just looked all patchy and awful. It’s been a really wet winter and you wouldn’t think that would matter, but it seemed to just create mud, even with decent drainage.

So last February in a fit of hope I bought the seed. After I discovered temperatures need to be consistently over 58 degrees for it to live, so the bag has been sitting on the back porch waiting patiently for its time to come. The other night it felt like it was going to be really warm the next day so I went ahead and did it. Yesterday was so warm I actually had to add water. Weird. 80 degrees in April. Global warming must be a myth. Good times.