Bad Music

It does seem that we humans want others to hear us.

I can’t imagine though that the people who made the noise emanating from the speakers near me did so with any desire to connect with anyone. I cannot put myself in the place of the person who conceived it. It is so awful. Did they hear something similar and they liked it and they wanted to make something like it? Toneless repetitive beat beat beat. I don’t think it moves up or down enough notes to constitute an octave. Gads it’s awful. Now it’s playing a “slow” song version of the same crap.

It’s too distracting. It’s so bad.

One thought on “Bad Music

  1. Hypothesis: People like music that brings out the way they feel (or think they should.) If they are sad, they will find sorrowful sounds beautiful. If they’re pissed, and think that makes them ‘more powerful’, they’ll go for angry sounds. And if they believe in being blah…?

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