Needle’s Eye

The “Needles Eye Tunnel” should be called the Needle’s Eye Tunnel. The eye belongs to the needle, therefore the “s” should be possessive. How hard can it be to figure out? I don’t understand why it’s so bloody hard for people.

Oh, I hear it now, the naysayers. What difference does it make? It’s called clarity. It makes a difference because it is for clarity’s sake. (See there, how I did that? The “s” is possessive because the sake belongs to the clarity. Sheesh.) We know there isn’t more than one clarity, any more than there is more than one needle. The point is to let the reader know that we are discussing one needle and the eye belongs to that needle. It isn’t multiple needles with one eye, which wouldn’t make any sense anyway. Perhaps the naysayers would point this out, that since there is only one eye, it must belong to the one needle and not to multiple needles.

How needling. And needless.

Make it clear by adding the proper possessive “s” and then, needless to say, there will be no possibility of confusion. (Unless of course the reader is one of those people who puts an apostrophe on simple plurality. Then that person is living in confusion anyway.)

Enough soapbox.

I’m going to have to go to this park and paint on the apostrophe on the sign so it’s proper.


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