Mass Shootings and Profit

After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, I wrote this article for Huffington Post about the reason we can’t get changes in gun legislation is profit. The profiteers exploit the fear of citizens to ensure legislation never passes and the deaths continue. Here we are again over three years later! and STILL no changes. Every time one of these shootings happen, the weapon profiteers make a killing.

I get the fear of our government. I understand the anger and frustration Americans feel as those in power take from all of us, but gun protection legislation needs to happen. Stopping it just keeps the wealthy coffers full and decent people end up dead.

To read the article, go here…

One thought on “Mass Shootings and Profit

  1. Everyone exploits the fears of everyone to keep the stupidities working.

    If you start a war on guns, expect it to work like any generic War On Badstuff; people who like Badstuff will start up a black market where they will shoot each other over business disagreements, feed enough small-time competitors to the police to nourish both sides of the criminal/cop symbiotic system, make lots of money with no discernible reduction in the quantity of available Badstuff.

    And meanwhile our mutual fears and alienations and socioeconomic systems of cruelty will continue to produce tightly-wrapped potentially-violent individuals, who will now & then explosively decompress all over the nearest bystanders. Offhand I still think we’re in more danger from our protectors, who are more common, and even more armed-and-dangerous than the lone crazed amateurs.

    Yes, I would certainly like to see fewer weapons in circulation. But for that to happen, something needs to reduce the fear, and the anger, and the basic defensive coldness between people that could lead anyone to even want a weapon.

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