My Views Have Changed

I’ve written other online essays, but most of them came before I realized just how rigged for this imperialist empire everything is, and now I find them frankly somewhat embarrassing. I was taking sides as part of the empire and making my case. I guess I should be grateful to Mr. Obama for slashing those beliefs. I bought the marketing behind the “Hope” campaign. I cheered in the streets one cold November night in 2008. I really thought there would be change. What a laugh. The saddest part is watching my friends continue to participate in the charade, ignoring what is right in front of them rather than admit how enmeshed in imperialism we all are. If a reader happens to stumble upon this blog and reads old posts from those days, it’s likely they will find me to be a good progressive, out there doing the dirty work for the empire, oblivious. There are also old Huffington Post essays that can be accessed here. Just please realize, my views have changed.

2 thoughts on “My Views Have Changed

  1. Lots of things, but what really pushed me over the edge was Obama. See the bio for greater detail, but at some point I realized his campaign was just an ad campaign and that it was all bs, especially after he did nothing about Guantanamo, and maintained the wealthy tax cuts, and the whole charade on healthcare. I also was getting disgusted with so much that seemed to be about making me feel better about my capitalist light choices, such as wind and solar energy, knowing how bad these things are for the planet also. Then I found some books and read some articles that articulated how I was feeling and I started to get it.

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