My Public Service Announcement for the Day

I have figured something out about blow driers. You know how when you go to the hairdresser and they blow out your hair and it has this amazing texture? I figured out today that it is the blow drier. Blow driers have these nets that catch the dust from the air circulating through them. The dustier they get, the worse the blowing. Apparently, the worse the blowing, the worse the texture of your hair too, because mine was looking and feeling seriously shabby. Today I couldn’t stand that it was taking me twice as long as it should to blow dry, and I got the clue that I hadn’t cleaned the dust thing in months and months, so I cleaned it. Voila! Not only did my hair dry quickly again, but my hair had that texture I get at the hairdresser, a texture I have been only intermittently able to achieve at home. Well, duh. It’s the blow drier. Now I know and if you’re reading this, so do you. Clean the lint trap on your blow drier, experience a new level of great hair texture at home.


I have for most of my life had the unerring sense that things in this world would turn out all right. There would be moments when certain events would not be okay, but generally overall I did not view this as the way of things.

Then today I realized that I quite the contrary, that the opposite is true, that in my heart I do not believe that things are not going to turn out fine. The rich are winning. People who cause harm continue to cause harm and are not stopped. Patriarchy is winning. The world over, men and women and children and the planet suffers.

I do not know how to regain my optimism. It all feels so overwhelming.