Watching Tom Hardy

My boyfriend caught me watching Tom Hardy videos. Lots of them. In a row. My bestest friend and I are somewhat obsessed. Oh, okay, so I suppose “caught” implies more there was something naughty in the viewing, or that I’m not allowed or something, but it was rather funny when he came upon my watching them.

“What you watching there?”

Oh, nothing much.

“Really? That looks like Tom Hardy.”

Well, yes, it is.

“You like Tom Hardy then?”

Um, well, yes. He’s a very good actor.

“Is that it? You sure it has nothing to do with that little Aussie accent?” (Or the big lips, or that crooked smile…)

Oh, well, (hemming and hawing), it doesn’t hurt.  But honey, YOU have an Australian accent!

“Yes, yes I do.  But I am not making big movies, now am I? You aren’t watching me on video.”

No, I said, thinking just how adorable it was he said, watching me on video. But if you video yourself saying something cute over and over, I’ll watch you instead.

That seemed to cheer him up.

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