Sleep or work on the book? A deadline is looming. Usually sleep wins. Tonight book is going to win, at least for a time. I managed today to channel some irritation into my character who is feeling a bit pissy herself. It was a useful tool, this directing of energy into someone in the book. I’m tired though, so eventually sleep will win out and it is therefore necessary to sign off from this now.

Logging into wordpress, I realized today just how shitty my stats are lately. Used to be 100, 200 readers a day. Now I’m lucky to get up to 25. I suppose that’s the consequence of rarely writing on here and even more rarely writing anything beyond stupid little quips like this one. No one bothers to notice. But honestly, I don’t care much, not much at all. Baby, teen, book. These are the priorities. Typing that last word less than 8 times would be nice too.


Funny Comforts

Funny the things that comfort us. Today in my bug of the day email, the photo was of a smart looking little, yellow plant bug. Something in the light and the color of the wood of the post on which the bug was resting brought a sense of peace. And then there was that bright, calm bug. I’ve felt that seeing a house that looks familiar, even though it’s like no house I’ve ever lived in, at least in this lifetime. Maybe in my dreams?