Ducking for Cover

The last time in my life when this many big changes came raining down on my head I wanted to duck for cover and run. Life was collapsing around me and I was stuck just dealing with it as each moment came along. This time, it feels like some of life is falling apart, but I don’t feel as bombarded by it as I did the last time. I recognize some of it is me actively making the changes, like buying a house. Now my work is going to have to change, and even though it was a change I was contemplating myself, I had planned to do it in steps, climbing off the mountain and up the next using lots of equipment and footholds. Now I’ve been pushed and I’m grasping frantically trying to regain my footing. My attention was elsewhere, focused on this lovely new home. I wasn’t prepared and it’s not fun being shoved when you’re not ready. Here I am trying to finish a book and buy a house, going along doing my thing, and wham! I guess that is how it is for people sometimes.

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