Who is Someone?

I don’t like it when people are secretive about who they are, at least when they are following me.  So who are you, Someone? Someone’s email address is yawsimon33@yahoo.com.  I know that much.  Why would anyone want to stalk my blog without admitting who they are?  I have some sociopaths in my past who have stalked me before.  They can’t get a life and so they bother me electronically periodically.  I also suspect a person I know through work, and a previous client.  Creepy. There is something creepy and weird about stalkers who won’t admit who they are, yet want to know what I am up to.  Guess what? weird stalker.  I don’t write about you.  I don’t give a damn about you. Yeah, I don’t like it that you are too chicken shit to own up to your identity, but beyond that, you don’t mean anything in the scheme of things.  So go ahead and read my blog.  More power to you.

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