It Continues Unabated

I have believed my entire life that good will prevail, that the greed of imperialism and corporatism would fail, that eventually in the battle against those who seek power for its own sake, who destroy this lovely planet for their own narrow gains in the moment, would all lose in the end and we would embrace one another and our home as sacred.  I have believed that the selfishness of the individual who isn’t at the top of the corporate or power ladder would somehow dissipate and there would be more balance between feminine and masculine energies.  Even though imperialism has spread from one place to another and destroyed entire populations on every continent, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake, I thought ultimately, those who seek harmony with our earth and one another would ultimately prevail.

Yet I realize that it continues to get worse, as it always has–Europe stole Africa, North America, South America, the South Pacific, India, and Australia. Europe’s North American protege steals from Asia and the middle east. Imperialism has taken the entire planet.  My country is killing people all over the world.  My country takes what it wants and cares not for the consequences to the people from whom it takes or the planet from whom it takes.  My country steals from this planet, all in the name of greed and power, regardless of the long term result.  My country does all this while waving its flag claiming its superiority over everyone and everything.  What a mockery of true superiority.  What a mockery of all that is decent and good.

The reality is that imperialism and greed have won, are winning, will continue to win until there is nothing left.  Our race learns nothing from the mistakes of the past, because we as individuals did not experience them.  The last victims of the Holocaust are dying off even as new versions of it have continued, nearly unabated.  In spite of all evidence to the contrary, America and its citizens continue to ignore global climate change, pretending it isn’t man-made so they can continue to live as they want unabated because making any changes beyond clicking a button on a mouse or sorting out some recycling is the limit of what they are willing to do.  We take from the Mexicans through imperialism and corporatism, leaving nothing for them in their home place, then beat their citizens in whatever way possible to keep them from trying to escape. We take from China and southeast Asia through imperialism and corporatism, allowing anything that makes us more money, while ignoring flagrant human rights violations.  We take from our oceans. We take from our land.  We take and take, and on, and on.

I look around at the world and, while I recognize that giving up hope of stopping what we are doing to one another and to the planet would be akin to joining the dark forces, I simultaneously realize that those who wish for something different are fighting a losing battle.  I suppose there is some miniscule percentile of a possibility that we can stop them, but reality is grim.  I fear it is going to take a global Holocaust, not just of people, but of the planet, to force people to realize that the pursuit of wealth and greed will destroy us.

3 thoughts on “It Continues Unabated

  1. Don’t you think a ‘global holocaust’ has already begun? We are well into the process of destruction through greed and self-interest.

    But I don’t see this as a reason to be fearfull or gloomy. When people get stupid and fuck with the natural way of things, a natural cleaning-up cycle begins, and it will end with the destruction of all that is wrong. This allows for a fresh start, a new system, that is much better than the previous one.

    You can observe this cycle of destruction and renewal constantly taking place in isolated instances, but it now appears that we are heading for a universal clean-up.

    There is no point in resisting this or getting upset over it. In fact I look forward to the collapse of this screwed up system so that a new abetter world can replace it.

    • I do believe one has already begun. I actually agree with you that if the earth returns to stasis, it will be for the best. I guess my fear is that all will be lost, that it will return to a fiery rock, rather than to a system of life. Yet I don’t really believe that will happen, it’s just there. Thinking on it further, I have presumed that we are killing the earth, as if we have the power to do that. But honestly, I don’t think so. If we destroy ourselves and most of our planet’s creatures in the process, I still think the earth will take herself back to where she belongs. it might take a few million years, but it will happen.

      • Your intuition tells you that man does not have the power to destroy the earth, it’s our human arrogance that sometimes creates that belief. The earth is far more powerfull than us, what we are seeing is a natural process that we need not be in fear of.
        I think all we can do is follow a value system that contributes to quality of life for ourselves and all living things we come into contact with. That has a lot to do with putting our energy into the present moment so that we can enjoy our gift of life and connect with integrity to the universe, which will take care of itself (and us)

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