End of the Day Pointless Rambling

I love how every time I log in to my yahoo account there is some ad for online dating with all these photos of hot men. I’ve online dated before (NEVER again) and I can say without equivocation that the men on the online dating site were never as hot as the ads. If anyone thinks they would get what is on those ads, they are smoking crack.

Today it took too long to get one of the 8 dozen things I wanted done finished.  I didn’t even get to most of what I wanted to do and now I’m really tired.  I thought of a few things to write today while immersed in the aforementioned took-too-long activity.  I don’t remember any of them, dang it.

Isabel fell asleep next to me. She is so dear. She sprouted a little tooth on the top today. So sweet!

I just want to brush my teeth and go to bed. I wonder if I should just skip all of the before bed stuff I usually do and go to bed, but I’ll pay for it if I do that so I won’t. Dang, again. Soooo tired.

One thought on “End of the Day Pointless Rambling

  1. It’s not as bad as the late night commercials to chat on the phone with sexy singles near you haha. They always show beautiful people when it’s probably from 50 year old woman from russia or something.

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