La la la

Oh brain of mine, where have you gone?  Why have you deserted me?  Is it because you have not been challenged lately with the things you like?  Is it because I made you read that horrible book?  I’m sorry about that.  I thought it might turn better and, stubborn me, kept going even when I should have just said enough.  Is it because I haven’t been running?  I have been riding horses. That’s some exercise, don’t you think?  Is it because I haven’t been writing?  I would like to, I really would.  But all I do is run and run and run and run and when it gets to the end of the day, you are tired and I have to let you rest.  When you are tired, you really escape me.  Now it is nearly midnight and baby is asleep but if I do not go to bed now, you will be a disaster tomorrow and desert me even further.  So here I am, wasting time asking you where you are.  La la la…

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