Bombing the Moon

Ever since I heard about NASA’s intention to bomb the moon (see the story here), thoughts and reactions to the news have been flittering in and out of my head.  There are so many, I have had difficulty articulating what one definitive thing bothers me the most about it.  Yet conclusively, my overall sense is that it is WRONG. s_full-moon

Cost:  Why is it we spend billions on crap like this, chasing water on the moon, when we can’t (or won’t) spend the same amount here to conserve water?  Senseless stupidity.  I won’t even get into the waste of money when unemployment numbers are higher than ever and we are in two wars…

No Choice:  NASA does what it wants.  We might vote in a mostly new Congress every two years, but we have such little control over how they spend our money, ultimately, what difference does it make?  Legislators on both sides of the aisle are unwilling to underfund NASA.  I’ve heard all the arguments about how NASA research benefits us all, and I’m sure there are aspects of their research that do, but this is just silly.  There might be the claim they are looking for water, but it’s really a bunch of grown kids who think it’s cool to go bomb the moon and there isn’t a damn thing any of us can do about it.  If they really wanted to conserve water, just as much would be spent on the very real climate and water problems we are experiencing right here on earth.  Plus, as silly as it sounds, the moon belongs to all of us, collectively.  What right do a few have to go and harm that which isn’t theirs?  They don’t.

The Unknown:  Scientists can conduct all the earth bound tests they want to.  The simple fact is there is no way of knowing what ramifications this will have on the moon and the earth.  These planets are inextricably linked.  The earth and moon are connected gravitationally and energetically.  Messing with these forces could alter our tidal patterns, weather patterns, and who knows what else.  It’s just foolishness.  And dangerous.

I don’t know.  If enough people feel about this as I do, then perhaps we could turn public opinion against it enough to get the government to stop it.  My inclination is though, that a bunch of idiots who like movies by Michael Bay would think it’s “AWESOME” and think that naysayers like myself are just a bunch of fuddy duddies.  American ignorance is so prevalent on so much else, I would not be surprised.  On most issues, I consider myself very forward thinking.  I’m willing to try most things.  But not this.  Bombing the moon isn’t only silly, it is scary and wrong.

8 thoughts on “Bombing the Moon

  1. Uh, “Sonic Charmer”, I sincerely hope you are joking, otherwise you just proved to Lara’s readers that you are a moron.
    Ok, who cares if there is water on the moon? IT DOESN’T MATTER. The moon is doing exactly what it is supposed to do already. There is nothing wrong with the moon. If it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it. I would suggest that “Charmer”, along with the NASA “scientists” in charge of this ludicrous operation, purchase some 3rd grade science books and read the “Moon” section. Perhaps doing the exercises at the end of the chapter would also be helpful to them. I, too, am rendered almost speechless just thinking about this subject.

  2. I think what frightens me the most is that, once again, scientists are playing around with nature without any idea as to what will happen. Perhaps they think this is a fun experiment. However, the reality is that, as Lara put it well, the moon and earth are gravitationally linked: moon rules the tides, Astronomy 101. How can these scientists believe that this little “operation” will have no effect? The lack of concern for unknown outcomes boggles me. But, I’m sure those who enjoyed the movies “Armageddon” or other similar Hollywood atrocities will consider this just another video game. We shall see, unfortunately….

  3. OK, so le’s break this down…

    1. There in no way is a bomb mentioned on the mission… The mission is to launch a Centaur Rocket (it is not a bomb and no fuel in it on impact) into the surface of the moon at twice the speed of a bullet to create a ploom…

    2. Yes this will certainly make a crater the size of a large warehouse building and probably quite deep but to effect gravitational pull Newton’s Law says there would have to be a significant loss of mass on the moon which will not happen. They have calculated approx. 500 metric tons of cleared debris but the moon has a mass of 7.3477×10^19 metric tons and therefore less than a 6.8×10^-20 percent of the total mass of the moon and therefore significantly insignificant to gravitational pull or phenomena that are a result of gravitational pull.

    My feelings are still up in the air about it, but the concern should not be catastrophic changes in planetary behavior… The cost – benefit ratio on that price tag should be examined…. so if we do find ice up there and a supply line of water then what? We excavate the water? If so then we should maybe be concerned about that mass thing mentioned earlier… removing large quantities of water from the moon maybe not such a good long term plan…

  4. Thanks for calling attention to this needless destruction of a world-wide treasure, Lara. I have started a campaign to protect the Moon as a Wilderness Park ( Lunacy? Maybe. But I hear the voice of John Muir calling out, “Preserve the Wilds!”

  5. I am telling at least 10 people a day about this moon bombing crap!! I even went to a couple concerts and told several people there.Nobody has even heard about this!! This is crazy to me. I think we should have a huge protest in NY but who the hell is going to come?How will our voices be heard?

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